Bucs working to keep Quincy Black, Davin Joseph

The Bucs seem more concerned about keeping their own players than going hard after guys from other squads.

Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times reports that underrated linebacker Quincy Black is closing in a deal.  Black wants to stay put, and it sounds like something can be worked out.

Guard Davin Joseph isn’t sure if he has a contract offer yet.

“My agent, Ben Dogra, is having talks with other teams but I don’t know about any offers yet. I’m just waiting like everyone else,” Joseph wrote on Twitter.

Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik indicated he was going to wine and dine his own free agents this week, so Joseph could at least get a free dinner out of the deal.  Dominik made it clear he wants to keep Joseph.  (Linebacker Barrett Ruud, not so much.)

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  1. I’m a little upset about them not re-signing Ruud, simply due to the fact that there doesn’t seem to be an ample replacement lined up, other than a rookie who has 5 weeks to get acclimated. He played really well in 2008 before the team was gutted and thrown into rebuilding mode. He’s had some lesser moments since, but he’s played behind one of the worst D-lines in the NFL and even spent much of that time lined up not far from Sabby Piscitelli, regarded as the league’s WORST PLAYER.

    The Bucs have proven that they can plug young players in and make it work, I just wonder if it’s a good idea to remove one of the best parts of your rebuilding defense coming off a surprising 10-6 season.

  2. In two years I think the decision to let Ruud walk(if that in fact does happen) will turn out to be a good one. I agree that Ruud has been the victim of an awful d-line in front of him and the secondary has been suspect at times, but even then, a premier LB should be able to rise up and deliver. Look at guys like Patrick Willis or Jon Beason, they havent exactly been playing with studs on their side of the ball, but they still stand out and make plays. Ruud deserves the flak he has received for not putting his nose in there and hitting somebody. Is he good in coverage? yes, no doubt. Is he terrible against the run, filling holes, being consistently physical, etc? You betcha. The fact is, the Bucs see what Shelton Quarles was in Foster and have always hoped Ruud would develop into that….it just didnt happen…..and it pains me to say that…becuase I have a signed Ruud jersey sitting in my closet from a game I went to during that 08′ season. He just didnt make enough plays. Period.

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