Bucs get agreement from first-round pick Clayborn

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One of the stranger aspects of a quieter-than-expected Tuesday: We saw only three rookie draft pick deals completed, and two of those contracts came from the Bucs.

Tampa G.M. Mark Dominik also became the first decision maker to close a deal with a first-round pick early.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that No. 20 overall pick Adrian Clayborn agreed to a contract early Wednesday morning. Clayborn is the highest pick to agree to a deal.

We anticipate an avalanche of other rookie signings in the coming days as teams get used to the new CBA rules and sort out their other free agency moves.

Then again, it’s possible some teams will put rookie deals on hold for a bit. It’s not like the kids have the option to go elsewhere.

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  1. In Mark Dominik’s press conference he said that Daniel Hardy (the 7th round pick) also agreed to his contract. So that’s 3 bucs players who’ve signed

  2. That’s 3 rookies signed from the Bucs. Perhaps a sign that the Bucs will be keeping Friday open for a flurry of free agent signings and extensions for their own players?

  3. Does anyone else here think that Dominik know’s what he’s doing? Like the Bucs or not you have to give Dominik and his staff props for knowing what they are doing. There should be more front offices in the league like them. The future seems bright in Tampa…just have to live up to the expectations they have set this year.

  4. Bucs D-line is shaping up nicely. Building from the inside-out seems to be a hallmark of good teams.

    @ shallowfan
    I agree 100%. He seems to be putting it together pretty quickly too.

  5. Great work by Mark Dominik and Staff i bet Tampa is the 1st team to have all there rookies under contract and ready for the 1st day of practice. As a Buc fan its nice to finally like the people in the front office and watch them succeed, unlike Bruce Allen that schmuck lol

  6. “oumoonunit says: Jul 27, 2011 2:16 AM

    I will laugh when they have to sign Talib to an extension to fit under the floor.”

    As ridiculous as this sounds…barring some sort of big free agent signing of a player that wasnt with the Bucs last season…I have no idea how that money is going to get spent…The new rule that you cant extend a rookie contract until after the 3rd season really screwed us…My thinking was we would just lock up Freeman and Williams late in the season and that would cover it…but at this point, when you look around the roster, you see two guys who could get a big extension late in the season…Geno Hayes and Aqib Talib…and im not sure that would even cover the deficit…It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out.

  7. thank goodness lock up bowers to a good contract and lets get these guys rolling! so excited for this season we have all the motivation we could ask for in these young guys!! GO BUCS! and thumps up that the bucs are going to definately not only destroy our division but lead the nfl in the highlight reel the guy from espn is going to lose his voice from those jumps n hurdles blount be doing! WHOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

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