Da’Quan Bowers signs with the Bucs


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are acting fast to get their draft picks signed, with Da’Quan Bowers the latest to reach a deal.

Bowers confirmed on Twitter that the deal is done.

“Feels good to finally be a buc officially,” Bowers tweeted. “Dotted line signed.”

A defensive end from Clemson, Bowers was projected by some as a potential first overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft. But after questions surfaced about his knee, Bowers’ stock plummeted, and he ended up falling to the Bucs in the second round, at No. 51 overall.

The Buccaneers haven’t been active in free agency, but they have been active in signing picks. They were the first team to sign any draft pick when they reached a deal with Mason Foster, and they were the first team to sign a first-rounder when they inked Adrian Clayborn.

11 responses to “Da’Quan Bowers signs with the Bucs

  1. Assuming that injury of his doesn’t turn out to be a huge issue, Bowers might just be the steal of the draft. Can’t believe he fell that far.

  2. Bowers should have been in the top 10 and is far better then Clayborn His knee is fine and wont be a issue so great job Bucs

  3. I think a lot of you need to look at this a little bit broader. The bucs most glaring weakness was adressesd in the draft, but that does you no good unless they are in camp on time. Kudos to the bucs, more teams should be following this approach… ahem… buffalo….. Look for this team to take the next stp this season, good luck.

  4. Can’t Really say Bowers is Way better than Clayborn, but Bowers rushes better and Calyborn should be better against the run…

    Sounds a little like Rice and Spires!

    I can dream…

  5. can ANYBODY tell me why the bucs have not attempted to sign any free agents besides doug free (fail)??? I thought we had to spend “soooooo much money” to reach the cap? I dont get it.

  6. The Buccaneers are sticking to a game plan that they have in place, building through the draft. They like who they have. My only concern is depth.

    They have a good front line (they better sign Joseph) a franchise QB, they fixed their DL, as much as you hate to admit it, a good secondary, a very good TE and WR group. They need to pick up some depth, and another RB. Still plenty of talent out there. They were 10-6 with the lowest payroll. You don’t have to spend big to win, you have to have the right pieces, which they have.

  7. Im not concerned with our offense as much as our defense. We could use another WR (james jones, roy williams), it would only given Freeman another weapon. I like Briscoe but from what ive been hearing, his lazy offseason might affect his production.

    I think all of our positions are good except for CB and depth on the O-line. If we make a move on J. Joseph, ill be content. But there is no way that we can compete in our division with the other 3 teams ( yes, even the panthers!!) making moves like they have been. Too many good receivers for us to cover. Atlanta will beat us by 40 if we stick with the CBs we have.
    Ronde is great in zone, but is too slow to keep up with top end receivers. Talib may get suspended (that will deff hurt us). Sean jones is avg (2 pass deflections, 1 pick). Biggers is has his flashes but allowed 150 yrds to calvin johnson last year. Myron Lewis has serious potential and im hoping he steps up to the plate this year.

    Ah – Frustrating to see all of these teams adding quality, besides us.

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