Dolphins, Broncos working to get Kyle Orton deal done

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Kyle Orton is getting closer to becoming the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Broncos are in serious trade discussions with the Dolphins about Orton. And multiple reports out of Miami indicate that the Dolphins seriously want Orton.

The deal isn’t done yet: It does not appear that the Dolphins and Broncos have agreed on what a fair price for Orton would be, and Orton, who is due more than $8 million this season, would likely need to agree to a new contract with the Dolphins. So there are some potential obstacles.

But the indications are that Orton is on the way to Miami, and it’s close enough to done that the Dolphin fan backlash has already begun, and there’s even a backlash against the backlash. That’s a fine way to welcome Orton to Miami.

66 responses to “Dolphins, Broncos working to get Kyle Orton deal done

  1. As a Fin fan of 29 years, i have to admit that I am really getting tired of screwing up the QB situation…and I see its about to get worse

  2. Orton is an upgrade over Henne, but he’s being overrated.

    Look at his situational stats. He crumbles when the game is on the line, as any Denver fan can verify. He’s already maxed out as a player, and he’s not as good as his QB rating says he is.

  3. hopefully we trade a 3rd round pick for him………because we have had so much success trading 2nd round picks for QBs that it would just be unfair to the rest of the league if we gave up a 2nd!!

  4. Kyle orton is taking his talent to south beach.. in return for Heat season tickets for Fox and Elway

  5. Hey dolphin fans you should be happy to have this guy. Hes a proven qb and a great guy, hopefully for your sake he will bring some of that ummmm what do you call it when someone does not whine and works hard oh yeah your job.

  6. 5th QB since Parcells and the boys got there… They better make the playoffs this year or it’s over.

  7. Orton is a good player. He’s a good teammate. He’s really good at managing the game. As far as we all know he’s a good guy. He had a good interception to td ratio. After watching him you’ll realize that good isn’t really good enough Miami. We’ll glady take your draft picks (again). It’s time to turn it over to someone who will be great. It’s Tebow Time Broncos! It’s time to leave football purgatory Broncos fans!!

  8. Dear Dolphins: sign Bulger instead. Give Henne another year at the helm. Yours truly, a long time Phin Fan.

  9. Dolphins fans, please show your disdain after the deal is done. I can’t wait to watch Dumervil and Von Miller eff him up all day. At least he can get Marshall the ball though, one touchdown catch thrown from your qbs to BM is a horrible waste of his talent…

  10. I don’t think the “backlash” isn’t directly specifically at Orton (who, personally, I think is a decent option for Miami). Rather, I think most Dolphins fans are simply tired of squandering draft picks for mid-tier college passers and other teams’ QB cast-offs:

    – Kyle Orton (3rd? 4th? round)
    – Pat White (2nd round)
    – Chad Henne (2nd round)
    – Trent Green (5th round)
    – John Beck (2nd round)
    – Daunte Culpepper (2nd round)
    – Joey Harrington (5th round)
    – AJ Feeley (2nd round)

    Hopefully Henne/Orton pan out. If neither do, this regime is gone, and the next one will be tasked with finding Marino’s replacement 13 years after his retirement.

  11. orton is the only thing that made denver halfway competitive at times last year. he’s an upgrade and he isnt stupid with the ball.

  12. Orton is a Pennington type. Smart, very accurate in short area passing, with a subpar arm.

    Henne has a much better deep arm, but is about as accurate as a North Korean missile.

    Orton has a so-so downfield arm, but given time to set up (which he’ll have more of with Miami’s line) and an open receiver (HE’LL be thrilled to see Brandon Marshall again!) he is adequate, with is better than simply missing everyone downfield as Henne does.

    Obviously, Miami’s best-case scenario is that Henne takes the next step. And it COULD happen. But…as long as the price isn’t too high, this is the best insurance they could have gotten.

  13. Saying Orton is better than Henne is like arguing who is the most attractive Golden Girl (a joke for the over forty set). If the Dolpins are serious about Orton it is clear they are not serious about winning.

    Orton is better than the ten worst starting QBs but he is worse than the ten best starting QBs. That isn’t going to add up to a Super Bowl any time soon for the Fish.

  14. bronconation7 says: “Miami. We’ll glady take your draft picks (again).”

    Well…at least we know they’ll be utterly wasted. Hey, maybe Jarvis Moss has a brother coming out…or Maurice Clarett will sue to get back in the draft…he’s worth another shot, honest!

  15. dang, i dont want flipper to have an actual qb. c’mon, give henne one more chance!

  16. Worst case he would push henne to do better but orton is still young he’s proven has experience with Marshall come on this guy can play ball I like henne but he needs someone to push him if he beats out orton that’s great but I’m all in go phins!!!!

  17. As a Patriots fan I hope you do not get Orton.

    Kyle has won everywhere has been. He is way better then Chad. No he isnt Marino but he will be the best QB you have said Pennington and about that good.

    I think the Broncos will regret they dumped him since they do not really know what they have in Tebow.
    Anyway good luck I am sure looking forward to football.

  18. why is everyone ragging on Orton, he is an upgrade over Thiggy, our QB depth is getting better, if he wins the starting job then fine, if not then Henne finally earned it.

  19. Orton would probably still be with the Bears if he were a pretty-boy, jersey-selling, marketable kind of guy…

    I say Braylon Edwards heads to South Beach to give Orton a formidable 1-2 punch with Marshall.

  20. I don’t need to see Marino re-incarnate. Just a steady, smart QB who can make the throws and not be a mistake-in-waiting like Henne.

    The defense is very good. The OL needs to be back to ’09 form and this team is back in the playoffs…

  21. What the hell has happened to this once proud franchise? They used to be smart. Now they bite on mediocre QBs in the hopes they will miraculously transform into an elite player.

    The Miami fans deserve better than this repeated stupidity.

  22. Orton can play QB in the NFL in 2011. Henne can’t. He has worked with Brandon Marshall previously and it worked. He’s not elite, but those guys don’t fall off trees. Passing on Arron Rodgers and Matty Ice was the real problem. Orton is the best QB that is currently available. The Cardinals might give up a starting corner and a high pick for Kolb. Orton costs less and can produce 7-10 wins. I don’t think Kolb or Henne can do better in 2011.

  23. The fins know what they’re doing with this. Picking Orton over Henne won’t get them to the superbowl, but it will save some coaches’ jobs long enough to draft and groom the guy who will.

  24. Jeff Ireland, great move. Now we have a QB. It’s not a sexy pick up, but now we have QB in place. A QB who can actually hit his receiver in stride, not throw behind the WR. Ask Brandon Marshall.

  25. conseannery says:
    Jul 27, 2011 9:31 PM
    I don’t think the “backlash” isn’t directly specifically at Orton (who, personally, I think is a decent option for Miami). Rather, I think most Dolphins fans are simply tired of squandering draft picks for mid-tier college passers and other teams’ QB cast-offs:

    The fact that they passed up Drew Brees as a free agent has to make that list even more galling.

  26. Orton is a major upgrade and one of the best play action QBs in the entire league. Fins fans will embrace him.

    I wish Denver could keep him, but with Tebow in the mix and what they have invested in him….they kind of have to let him go.

    Orton was like a freebie given in the Cutler trade and he turned out better than Denver expected…imo. He tends to do that.

  27. anything more than a 4th that can become a 3rd is a waste of draft picks. If he becomes the starter then trade henne and get your draft pick back

  28. How is this guy overrated he continues to put up good numbers with teams that have no offense. Marshalls numbers in 2009 he had 1120 yrds with 101 rec and 10 tds. thats with orton. last year with henne he had 1014 yrds with 86 grabs and 3tds. If we had those extra 7 tds that would of helped the fins so much. Give the guy a chance before you right him off

  29. lostsok – you couldnt be more wrong about Orton and the deep ball . Did you even check the numbers ?

    Big Play Passes
    1 Philip Rivers SD 43
    2 Aaron Rodgers GB 40
    3t Eli Manning NYG 35
    3t Kyle Orton Den 35

    Henne would be tied for 25th with 18

    Orton didnt play the last 3 games either and still finished tied for 3rd

    He had 8 completions and 4 tds over 30+ yards

    Eli had 9 completions and 6 tds over 30+ yards

    Rivers who had 8 completions 5 tds over 30 yards

    Rodgers 8 completions and 4 tds over 30 yards

    Henne had 3 completions and zero tds over 30 yards

    Remember how last year this time people were saying how Marshall made Orton and how when Marshall hooked up with Henne’s arm in Miami that there would be big plays all over the place .

    Well what happened ?

    Orton only teamed with Brandon Lloyd to have even more big plays than he did the year before while neither Marshall nor Henne could ever connect .

    Orton has shown himself to be a underrated adaptable qb and while hes no HOF’er he is at this point a huge upgrade in all aspects over Chad Henne.

    Henne could still improve I will in no way dismiss someone so young but we are not talking about Henne in 4 years vs Orton in 4 years we are talking about Henne next week vs Orton next week .

  30. @ conseannery

    That’s not exactly fair is it? I mean Pat White in college was on a team with a very simple spread offense, I could teach any group of kids at the Pee Wee level in about an afternoon he wasn’t ready to start at the pro level right out of school. He had no idea how to run a pro style offense (see also Heisman winner Troy Smith).

    Anyway I hope Chad Henne doesn’t get hurt holding that clipboard next season. If you looked up the definition of a QB in a dictionary you definitely wouldn’t find a picture of that guy. He can play, not a HOF level, but it’s Miami they haven’t had a guy like that in years. He’s the best choice unless you want Vince Young and all his issues along with it. By the way did Pennington retire?

  31. Decent move…the biggest issue is if the Dolphins don’t make the playoffs this year, we will more than likely have a new coach/gm. So if we get a new coach next year, will he want Orton? Or will we be starting from scratch….again.

    Making the playoffs this year is going to be difficult. As long as Tom Brady is QB, the Patriots will be tough to beat. And the Jets defense is killer. Then throw in the fact that the Bills were much better than its record last year….the AFC East will be fun to watch.

  32. It’s gonna be a good pickup. Orton throwing to MArshall produces good numbers. Sign Aso, too.

  33. Orton is definitely an upgrade over what they have, but he is at best a game manager.

    Sure, his record is good, but if you watched the games he played with Denver when they started out hot, they won several of those games with smoke, mirrors, and luck.

    But compared to what Arizona is reported to be giving up for Kolb, Orton would we a steal. I don’t understand Kolb love at all. He had a chance to distinguish himself, and failed miserably. And now he’s going to get a big payday.

  34. Forgot about Brees. They passed on 3 top 10 QB’s. The rams were pathetic and at least managed to get Bradford. Rebuilding with a legit QB is a lot easier.

  35. I think it’s going to be a pretty good fit.

    The problem for the Dolphins is that no matter what they do at quarterback, they’re too far behind the Patriots and Jests to really challenge for the division.

  36. Not going to happen but…

    Palmer seems like a better fit in Miami the Orton.

    Orton is a good fit for the Cards. He would make them instant contenders in the weak NFC West.

    And Kolb should stay put and back up Vick. Vick is bound to end up in IR and the Eagles will need a solid backup behind him… Rumor is V. Young to Philly.

    * While this makes sense, none of it will happen.

  37. lostsok says:
    Jul 27, 2011 9:34 PM
    bronconation7 says: “Miami. We’ll glady take your draft picks (again).”

    Well…at least we know they’ll be utterly wasted. Hey, maybe Jarvis Moss has a brother coming out…or Maurice Clarett will sue to get back in the draft…he’s worth another shot, honest!
    Or Miami could advise the Broncos on how to use their 2nd rounder on a 180 lb baseball player, right jack ass? There isn’t a team in the league that hits a home run every time. Speaking of wasted draft picks, haven’t the Phins wasted five 2s & two 5s on QBs that haven’t worked out? Look around you, your house is made of glass.

  38. “Wilie Beamon says: Jul 27, 2011 9:54 PM

    lostsok – you couldnt be more wrong about Orton and the deep ball . Did you even check the numbers ?”


    Not your numbers. Not sure where you got yours. Specifically, however, I was talking about actual arms…not stats. Henne was miserable statistically on the deep throw.

    I show he completed only 25% of his deep throws, which ranks 29th in the NFL, compared to Orton at #11 overall with 36.99% completion.

    That said…Henne has a WAYYYYYY stronger arm than Orton. Not even close. Stats lie like Republicans.

    The difference is that Orton can complete a pass over 10 yards. Henne cannot come NEAR a receiver on 75% of deep passes. Most of them, from what I’ve seen, he over-throws (perhaps being to cautious, or perhaps…just not very accurate).

    My post was not really based on stats, however, just watching games. I saw all 16 Dolphin games last year (watched several 2-3 times on TiVo), and was unfortunate enough to endure about 10 Donkey games. I live in Boise, Idaho and my best friend is a Donkey fan…so I get stuck watching most of their games except the rare instance they’re on at the same time.

    I saw most, if not all, of Orton’s games. And, regardless of the stats, his arm is, at best, average.

    Please don’t assume I’m saying that as a negative. I’m not. Pennington had a subpar arm, as did Rich Gannon…both are miles beyond Henne at this point.

    I still hope Chad makes it…I like the guy…but I think Orton is a huge upgrade…whatever you say about his deep arm.

    Thanks for the well-thought-out reply.

  39. Henne had issues last year but the offensive offense was not completely his fault. The OC was horrible, the O-line was sub-par, and the receivers had key drops and tipped balls that turned into INTs. Henne deserves a fresh start this year but it is put up or shut up time for him.

    Orton is a good QB. My issue is I believe he is essentially Henne with more experience and a weaker arm. Orton has issues in the red zone like Henne does. Why give up $7+M and at least 1 draft pick for essentially an older (and somewhat wiser) version of the QB we already have?

    I like Orton but he is being shipped out in favor of Tebow (who many experts say is not a viable NFL QB). Why wouldn’t they keep Orton and trade Quinn? The Broncos realize something that we have yet to learn.

    We need a vet like Bulger to push Henne rather than Orton–a much cheaper option. They need to go after Zach Miller and a speed back like Bush rather than give up picks and cap space for Kyle.

    That being said, as a Dolphin fan of over 40 years, I will root for the team and whoever the QB is. I just wish they could find a capable QB and stick with him even when things aren’t optimal and the fair-weather fans start sniping.

  40. Not really understanding the hate for Orton. Denver had the worst defense in the league and no running game. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do. All he did in Chicago was win games, and he was still very unappreciated, and he’s silently had some of the best seasons of any QB the past couple seasons. With Brandon Marshall and hopefully and decent running game and defense, he could have the Dolphins headed in the right direction

  41. At least now you’ll get a return on your huge investment of Brandon Marshall.

    I don’t know why Phins fans are pissed at Orton.

    1) He had the worst D in the league

    2) He had one of the worst running games in the league

    3) He had a horrible coach who was in over his head and called terrible plays over and over again

    4) 2 Rookies on the O-line gave him zero time to throw.

    Orton is a good QB and on a good team he is a playoff caliber QB.

  42. In conclusion, the broncos shouldn’t even be in this mess. They should be owning the division with shanahan, cutler, Marshall, and the te mcdaniels pissed away.

    As a bears fan, thanks mcdaniels. The NFC championship game is the tip of the iceberg.

  43. And hahahahahahahahha at all the “Orton is a winner!” proclamations.

    His defense was insane in Chicago. He got benched for grossman twice. He put up his numbers in throw-it-non-stop because were so far behind games in Denver.

    Neckbeard blows.

  44. What does Bill Cowher think, as he will be running the show in Miami next season. This is a lame duck season in Miami. They are not a good enough team to have a realistic shot at the playoffs in a deep AFC. Ross wants his own legacy with his pick not a holdover from Wayne. Sure he will take winning now but don’t expect big things from them this season.

  45. Watch and see, you won’t regret this pickup… Orton is the man… All Denver had was his arm, no D no running game.. He got benched for Grossman, but it was due to injury.. This is gonna be awesome for the Dolphins..

  46. I think it’s ironic that there is backlash about the Phins bringing in the best QB they will have had since Marino left.

  47. The Broncos will probably sweeten the deal with the Dolphins and add Quinn in exchange for another pick. Delhomme’s going to be Denver’s new clipboard holder.

  48. “philriverslovespenis says:”

    This is where I was going to have a quote and refute it and so on…then I saw the nick.


    Yeah. Gotta love those classy Bronco fans! Not even going to waste my time.

  49. Jul 27, 2011 11:02 PM
    mojosmagic misspoke himself and hurled

    “Should have gone for Kolb because Orten really sucks.”

    Orton 2010 20 TDs, 9 INTs, 87.5
    Kolb 2010 7 TDs, 7 INTs, 76.1

  50. Seriously…I just can’ get over that someone would chose the nick “philriverslovespenis.”

    Turns out…there IS something gayer than Twilight!

  51. @ lostsok:
    Lol, seriously? You can’t come up with anything better than to comment on a smart ass username? Are you really dumb enough to think that I don’t know that Phil Rivers is a happily married father? Or you just don’t like the fact that I’m right about Miami being as dumb as you are when it comes to their draft picks and how they waste them on QBs of late?

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