Eric Weddle stays with the Chargers

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With several teams pursuing him aggressively, the man who has sued Alka-Seltzer probably needed a shot or two of the bubbly stuff to calm the contents of his stomach.

In the end, he decided that home is where his heart is.

Safety Eric Weddle has agreed to terms with the Chargers, the team with which he has spent all four years of his NFL career.  The news comes courtesy of Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The Jaguars, Browns, Vikings, Cowboys, and Texans were all reportedly interested.  At one point, erroneous reports surfaced of a deal with Jacksonville.

The deal was accomplished despite public barbs between agent David Canter and Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith over which man was “baffled” by the lack of pre-lockout contract talks.

At least they weren’t debating the question of which guy is actually Shmoopie.

UPDATE:  Canter has declared on Twitter that Weddle is the highest-paid safety in NFL history.  Until we see the contract and compare it to the likes of the ones signed by Troy Polamalu and Antrel Rolle, we’ll opt for skepticism.  Acee reports that it’s a five-year, $40 million deal with $19 million guaranteed.

34 responses to “Eric Weddle stays with the Chargers

  1. But I thought no players like or want to play for AJ Smith!? But yet we’ve had 5 FA signings for the Bolts in 2 days!? I’m so confused! 😉

    Glad to see Weddle re-signed, was really nervous he would leave.

  2. What’s baffling – Oh Lord of NO RINGS.

    AJ – what a sorry piece of work. Chargers won’t win a SB as long as he is GM, but Spanos the younger likes a kiss-ass.

  3. Love this move. Weddle, Bob Sanders, Jammer, and Cason is a solid secondary. Adding Takeo Spikes leadership will help also.

    Still don’t know where we’re going to get our pass rush from other than Shaun Phillips. Would love to see the Bolts re-up Antwan Barnes or go after a guy like Manny Lawson.

  4. I cannot shake that picture of D Mac knocking Weedle out and running over him at the Goal Line scoring or Bush taking his head off play after play. Highest paid Safety in NFL History?, you are joking right?

  5. With the contracts that Weddle, Charles Johnson, Santonio, and Free signed, does anyone think the players lost in the CBA negotiations? Now that teams have to spend up to 90+% of the cap, some have to pay ridiculous contracts to get up to the $120M cap leading to some truly baffling decisions/contract offers. It’s never the superstars that drive up the price. It’s the middle of the road guys who get dumb contracts driving up the numbers for the superstars. If Marshall Yanda gets $6.5 per year, then what does Logan Mankins get?

    It’s being reported that Weddle got 5 years $40M. Are you effing kidding me? Awful, AWFUL contract from SDs point of view. Good for the player. I don’t begrudge him, but $8.5M for Eric Weddle? For a SAFETY? What’s Nnamdi worth if Eric effing Weddle gets $8.5M per?

  6. This is an ascending player going into year 5. The SD secondary was #1 in NFL last year, and Weddle can also defend the run. Add Sanders (if healthy) and this is an excellent secondary. It is an expensive deal, but this is one of the better young safeties in the game.

  7. On a side note, Deangelo Williams has agreed to terms with the Panthers. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years, $40+ million and $21 million guaranteed.

  8. A good step in the right direction. Hopefully we can lock up Burnett or even get Nick Barnett for ILB. Would like to see more insurance on the WR end, get Floyd back and possible trade for Steve Smith. Some wishful thinking on my part.

  9. WWOOOOW! Troy Polamalu’s next contract will be a doozy.

    Spare a thought for Quintin Mikell, he could be regretting his hasty signing with the Rams. (4 yrs 28 mill)

    Weddle’s a good player, but overpaid as hell.

  10. Yay!!!!!!!!!

    I’m soooo looking forward to seeing Darren McFadden run his sorry butt over again!

    Today is a good day.

  11. LOL,…..that’s Namdi money.
    Just think this year Weddle will be the highest paid saftey and he will still get run over by DMAC and BUSH!!!!

  12. Relax ladies, it’s really only $19 mil guaranteed.

    Also, everyone bagging on Weddle clearly don’t know what their talking about. Dude is solid and getting better.

  13. Troy Polamalu might get more guaranteed money, but he’s 30 years old now, and he’s had a couple of significant injuries in recent seasons. He missed 11 games in 2009 with a knee injury, and even though he played through his hip injury late last season, he clearly wasn’t the same player after it happened. Durability concerns could reduce the value of his contract, especially given his age.

  14. Weddle’s agent is douchey. He probably encouraged Weddle that he had a case against Alka Seltzer. Sounds like his kind of move.

  15. LOL @ the Raider fans coming out the woodwork, you should be worried about shoring up your atrocious line and now 4th best secondary in the division

    Wow. Actually now that I think of it, I am simply surprised most Raider fans know how to use a keyboard.

  16. I think the Chargers are hoping Larry English can stay health. He has not been fully health from the start of his pro career with the Chargers. I have heard he is a good kid and smart, ( my buddy was one of his teachers in high school).And also the are hoping Cory Liuget will draw blockers freeing up the Outside linebackers.

  17. Demaurice Smith just announced that THIS IS NOW the worst deal in the history of sports. LOL

    Raider fans not coming thru the woodwork loser, you may have run this division and owned our team but your window closed for your franchise 1st superbowl ring. OAK swept you, as a raider fan were are getting better but were not even close yet and we still swept you with Campbell lol #1 OFF #1 DEF wow, were did that get you, 9-7 and no playoffs?

    Stop being blinded by lighitng bolts or charges? chargers? whatever the F that means?

    Professional sports teams are judged by one thing only, thats championships. So don’t worry, no one is judging you by default lol

  18. “dannymac17 says:
    Wow. Actually now that I think of it, I am simply surprised most Raider fans know how to use a keyboard.

    That’s because they can pay other people to do it for them, while they’re polishing their 3 Lombardi Trophies.
    Boom. Roasted.

  19. If Weddle wasn’t good than why were so many teams interested in him? He isn’t flashy but he does all the things that usually go unnoticed. Yes its a huge contract but that’s how the NFL has always gone in terms of free agency.

  20. dannymac17 says: Jul 27, 2011 3:08 PM

    LOL @ the Raider fans coming out the woodwork, you should be worried about shoring up your atrocious line and now 4th best secondary in the division


    “Atrocious” line? Is that what you’ll be saying when Lamarr Houston and Richard Seymour have their way with Rivers two years in a row?

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