Jaguars warn fans that blackouts could be coming

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The never-ending stream of free agency news on my Twitter feed this evening was broken up by a message from the Jaguars official site that will probably depress a lot of their fans.

“Just received word that it was a very slow day for the ticket office.  No way to avoid blackouts at this pace.  It’s Go Time!!!” the post read before detailing various ticket plans.

The lockout could hurt the Jaguars considerably. After making progress selling tickets last year, the long work stoppage appears to have set the organization back.

We know that ticket sales are surging after the lockout, but it will be interesting to see if blackouts ultimately increase this season.

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  1. “Jaguars warn fans that blackouts could be coming”

    Nice! Albert Haynesworth and John Henderson are re-uniting back in Jacksonville!

    TV? So, it’s NOT the sun being blacked out…I see.

  2. So the wife has been away for 132 days and the 2nd day back you let her know about the dishes that are piled high up to the ceiling. That’s great.

  3. No wonder Jag Fans don’t show up.

    Management demands people to buy tickets?

    How about your franchise producing some wins and making the playoffs?

    NFL teams serve the Fans.

    The Fans don’t serve the teams.

    No Fans, no salaries.

  4. Jacksonville will not be the only city… This lockout has affected ticket sales everywhere, but especially the small market teams.

  5. I love the Bills fans chiming in. Umm, pot meet kettle. You play games in Canada!!!

    As far as the tarps, I challenge you to look up the size of EverBank stadium, with and without the tarps.

  6. Jacksonville Jaguars: Average attendance of 63,032 per game in 2010. Not as bad as the media morons make it sound…

    This is a fact. Look it up.

  7. Jag fans always say “don’t bust on my team”, but all I ever hear from that place is news about blackouts. How hard is it to buy tickets to the only real game in town?

  8. Nothing says Thank You or I am sorry to the fans than threatening that you wouldn’t be able to see your team unless more start coughing up money.

    Wonder if the fans can form a lockout.. lol.

  9. As an apology for the lockout the NFL should eliminate blackouts for the first half of the season, if not the entire season. The ink isn’t dry on the cba ratification and already these clowns are yelling at the fans for not buying tickets.

  10. @mdnittlion

    That is because the national media is uneducated and just repeats the same thing over and over. Fans are ignorant and believe everything the hear/read.

    Jaguars average attendance was 63,032 per game in 2010.

    That’s 150 tickets less than Buffalo… 50 less than Pittsburgh…
    more than Arizona…
    more than Chicago…
    more than the LA Vikings…
    more than the Bengals…
    more than the Lions…
    more than the Bucs…
    more than the Rams…
    more than the Raiders…

    But don’t let these facts change your opinion…

  11. It’s going to be a long next few years for the Jags.

    They’ve got the LA drama hanging over them. They’ve saddled themselves to a grossly overrated QB prospect in Blaine Gabbert.

    Del Rio could be gone in a year or two, if the Jags struggle. Garrard could be out the door soon, too.

  12. Reduce prices and sell colt 45 and have stripper poles on every exit then they will sell out win or lose every Sunday for the next 20yrs

  13. Jacksonville Jaguars: Average attendance of 63,032 per game in 2010. Not as bad as the media morons make it sound…

    This is a fact. Look it up.


    You realize that’s 24th of 32 teams, right?

  14. LA Riots. The helmet could be the pattern on a bandana. They could alternate Red/Blue to keep gang warfare to a minimum. Snoop and The Game could alternate as celebrity Riot gang members for PR. This can’t fail!

  15. Even with enhanced revenue sharing, won’t the new cap FLOOR increase pressure on small market teams like the Jaguars to move to larger, more supportive markets?

    I M Hopeful
    Toronto DudleyDoorights (formerly Buffalo Billa)

  16. Its a little early to be calling blackouts but the Cincy game could be a tough sell and Houston brings zero fans. Every other game pretty much sells itself.

    And for all the Buffalo haters piling on, look at the scoreboard.

    2010 Bills blackouts: 3
    2011 Jags blackouts: 0

    Once again you lose on the field, in the stands and in the front office.

    Guess it is easier to hate on other teams when you got nothing going for yourself.

  17. @ mellonhead

    “You realize that’s 24th of 32 teams, right?”

    You realize Jacksonville is the smallest market in the league, right?

    You realize that Jacksonville catches for flack for attendance than any team in the league, right?

  18. Del Rio could be gone in a year or two, if the Jags struggle. Garrard could be out the door soon, too.


    The Jags are way ready to float Del Rio down the river, but the with the lockout it actually worked out better that they kept him for one more year. New coaches are going to have an uphill battle this year obviously. Like Frazier in Minn and Gailey in Buff.

    They drafted a QB to replace Garrard, when it is time.

    One thing the Jags have going for them is a very smart front office and dedicated ownership with lots of cash. Which is ultimately going to keep them in Jacksonville for a very long time. Unfortunately the same cant be said for the Bills, Vikings, Bengals, etc.

  19. They need to do what Danny Snyder does in Washington. Tell everyone there is a 150,000 person waiting list for tickets even tho on game day there are thousands of people disguised as empty seats and THEN rip 10,000 seats out of the stadium and put in “party decks” to keep the drunks confined to one area.

  20. @ gojev93

    I meant no disrespect I go to Jacksonville for work from time-to-time, I think it’s a nice town, but the team gets dogged from the press all the time. Although only the Bears & Bucs had winning records from that list, I heard the Rams are actually moving tickets now that Sam Bradford is starting. I did look it up are all the stadiums you listed around the same size? Cause I heard the Redskins & Cowboys have the biggest stadiums in the pros.

  21. So last year when the Bills began 0-8, they still drew more people to football games than you…….And when they got competitive in the freezing weather, they still drew more people to games than you……Not to call out your fans but that’s pretty pathetic…

    If Buffalo fans had half the owner or teams you guys have had over the past decade, attendance would hover around the 99%….

  22. Jacksonville Jaguars: Average attendance of 63,032 per game in 2010. Not as bad as the media morons make it sound…

    This is a fact. Look it up.

    im guessing thats the teams announced attendance just like the “17,000” the marlins get every game

  23. You guys are all just jealous, because Jacksonville has a nice beach and swanky golf courses.

    The team could have folded like the Bucs,Bills, and Lame ass West Coast Chargers did, but they managed to have all their games televised.

    Find another franchise to blow up in L.A. The jags are here to stay and the city will once again step up when its time.

  24. The team has sucked for three years and we just went through a 4 month lockout. What the hell do they think is going to happen? Did management really think the fans would be elbowing each other in the face to pay $75 for the crappy seats?

    In the end Tony Boselli will be sent out to strong-arm businesses into buying tickets, just like he did last year, and there will be no blackouts.

    It’s a big stadium with a bad team – do the math.

  25. L.A. Jags.

    There are an AWFUL lot of Jag apologists on this site that instead of defending their team, should be at the games removing those “placeholder” tarps.

    To move Minnesota, Buffalo, Tampa, San Diego over Jax to L.A. would be a crime.

  26. You realize Jacksonville is the smallest market in the league, right?


    Not even close. Green Bay, WI.

  27. Let’s see, the Jaguars covered 10,000 seats in a stadium that can swell to over 82,000 seats! They brought the number down to 67,164. If I am correct, Jacksonville Metro is 40th in population, NOT TV HOUSEHOLDS which is a stupid number! Lucas Oil Stadium on the other hand has a capacity of just 63,000 expandable to 70,000 for football games. Indy Metro is 34th in population in the nation. Let’s look at Houston Metro. Houston Metro weighs in at 6th with a stadium that is 71,500. They can’t fill their stadium. Nashville is 38th with a stadium of 68,798.

    So tell me again why covering 10,000 seats DID NOT make sense for the Jaguars? And why is an average TICKET SALES of 63,032 NOT good? Facts not feelings!

  28. Jacksonville is larger than New Orleans Metro area right now after Katrina. So no we are NOT the smallest market. Even if you look at Televison Mrket size as reported by Neilson, which I hate, cause it doesn’t show the BUYING market of an area, Jacksonville is not the smallest. It is larger than Buffalo, New Orleans and Green Bay. Here is a link to the latest list from Neilson.

  29. First of all,
    The jags are a playoff contender. GM Gene Smith has completely redone their roster and filled it very good players and very high class players.

    They have a solid young QB in Gabbert getting to learn the system for a year. Two stud RB in jones drew and rashad jennings who averaged 5.3 yards per carry last year. Two young offensive tackles who are starting the prime of their career. Young underrated WR and an all pro TE. And i forgot the All pro and best blocking FB in the league in Greg Jones.

    The defense has two of the games young rising stars in Alualu and an all pro snub Terrance Knighton. Dont forget Aaron Kampmann also.
    LB’s have the most underrated player in the league in Daryl Smith, just got Poszlusny and in negotiations with Clint Session. That could give them one of the best LB core in the league. S & CB need work and are being addressed in FA.

    Dont forget the Jags were Top 5 in the league in special teams with Josh Scobee with a monster leg. and oh ya All pro Kassim Osgood and Montell Owens.

    Seems like a playoff contending team to me.

    The fans. Not one game blackedout last year. Sold out monday night football game.

    There is a reason we have two monday night games this year and thursday night because the networks obviously like what the team brings.

  30. You have 2 MNF games for 2 reasons — The Ravens will be in the playoff hunt and the Chargers will be attempting to make the playoffs……Lets be honest, you aren’t making the playoffs, you overpayed Poz (I can sell you a jersey real cheap), but have a stud rb and a few bright spots in an Indy dominated division

  31. Why would they put them in jacksonville then? To showcase the city and team and show we have fans. if i remember correctly we sold out the MNF games last year.

    We wont make the play offs this year, yeah definitely we have only been in the division lead until week 14 then choked.. ya but we wont make them or even be in the hunt..

    poz we might have over payed but who cares we are 30 mill under and required to spend 23 mil so might as well lock up a solid LB.

    Remember three years ago when no one said wed make the playoffs after cutting leftwich we did. then they said we wouldnt beat the steelers. oh wait we did in pittsburgh.

    The jags have the most complete LB core in the AFC South with addittion of session.

    Jags have a bright future buddy..

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