Jets consider Randy Moss


With a contract for receiver Santonio Holmes done, the Jets are now looking at signing another wide receiver: Randy Moss.

Oh, how I wish Hard Knocks could give us another inside look at the New York Jets this summer.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Jets may not be able to afford Braylon Edwards after signing Holmes, and now Moss is one of the other options the Jets are considering.

Moss would certainly fit with the philosophy of Rex Ryan, who seems just as happy assembling a roster of guys who are characters as guys who have character. Ryan doesn’t shy away from brash veterans with talent, and Moss is that.

The biggest question about Moss is whether he still has the blazing speed that made him such a great threat for much of his career. The 34-year-old Moss didn’t do much while playing for three teams last season.

We’ve been talking about the Jets’ potential interest in Moss for months, and in May Jets owner Woody Johnson said, “There’s no question that Randy Moss has the capability, has the God-given talent to be a superstar.”

If Moss could regain his superstar form in New York, it would be a sight to behold.

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  1. Called this months ago. Cheaper short-term solution than Edwards… and Rex has a man crush on him.

  2. The Jets just won free agency and the Superbowl in the same week. Cancel the season, ship out the rings, mold the Lombardi into a giant foot.

  3. Word is that the vikes offered to also give the Jets a 3rd round pick if NY signs Moss…

  4. Why is it that the Jets are constantly making moves and the Dolphins stay put? Are they really content with mediocrity? Ndami Asoguahi (spelling?) is also rumored to NYJ. I hate rex ryan, but he knows what he’s doing!

  5. I think if Randy gets his head screwed on right, he’ll be a huge asset for the Jets. Can’t wait to see the Jets/Patriots games this season.

  6. Let me see if I have this right. The Jets can afford Asamougha (or however the F you spell it), but hey cant afford to sign Braylon Edwards????

  7. p4hbiz says:
    Jul 27, 2011 1:04 PM
    The New Redskins of the AFC~

    Ah you stole my thunder…and my question is if the Jets were well over the $120 mil cap how in the hell are they signing or looking to sign all these people and have let none go???

  8. How on Earth can they afford Santonio, Moss, Asomugha + draft picks + other FA’s when they are already over the cap without releasing the rest of the roster?

  9. There have been reports that Moss has been working out like a demon and is in the shape of his life.

    Moss may add two things to the Jets. A deep threat and someone who can catch Sanchez’s high passes. What he lacks is Braylon’s toughness and ability to go over the middle. Not to mention how long it will it take for Moss to start calling out Sanchez’s inaccurate arm.

    While he may be a cheap alternative to Braylon he is cheap for a reason. I may be wrong but he does look like a good fit. If he had something left I am sure the Pats would be all over him.

    Although how much fun would it be to watch the “slouch”practice against Revis everyday.

  10. humpy79 says:
    Jul 27, 2011 1:02 PM
    What happened last time moss was “done” and then signed with a contender


    That team didn’t win a Superbowl.

  11. Being rex cant win to get to the superbowl i guess hes gonna try to buy his way there!

  12. I am not a Moss fan, but his “disappointing” last season was still plenty good enough for him to be considered a solid third receiver on a good team or second on a lousy team.

  13. All you haters, keep following King Rex’ #1 rule: “Hate all you want, but NEVER IGNORE US!!”

    I see you are all obiediently following the King’s rule. Keep the negative posts coming! LOL!

  14. I know how much people like to talk smack, but really, no one in their right mind can say the Jets suck. They clearly do not.

  15. To all those wondering about the Cap….as usual the mainstream press had no idea about the Jets cap situation.

    Jets were really about $7 million under, not $1 million over.

    Per the transition rules, cuts made prior to March 11th (Ghloston, Taylor, Woody) do not count as “dead money” against the 2011 cap. That was about $8 million right there.

    Add in the rookie exemptions ($3 million) the 5 year Vet exemptions (another $3 million) and add in the restructure of guys like Sanchez, Pace, B. Thomas….and presto change-o the Jets are $20 million or so below the cap.

    As everyone previously said, this year will separate the good GMs from the bad GMs. Mike T is not only good…he’s a magician.

    suck it haters!

  16. The jets aren’t the raiders or redskins.
    The players want to play there and are not coming for just the paycheck.
    I hear a lot of jealousy, that’s all.
    Also, they were not above the salary cap. About 8 million under. Plus with harris and sanchez counting about 27 million against it, there is a lot of room to negotiate.
    Plus Mike t is a genius.

  17. Good for them. Randy is a Hall of Fame WR, he just wants to be on a team that can use his 34yr old skills. Any team that has a realistic shot at a SB this season should be considering him.

  18. The goal each off season is to get better, Holmes = no change, where is the pass rush or O line?, not to mention Moss for Edwards = down grade.

    So far I see the Jets as going in the wrong direction, hope they keep it up.

  19. At the end of his career, Rex Ryan will go down as an arrogant, classless coach who had zero standards when putting a team together, and yet still managed to NEVER win a superbowl.

  20. the most important thing for the Jets is that he will be a lot cheaper than Edwards + they are also trying to bring in the you-know-who stud CB from the Raiders

  21. Moss is motivated!!!!!! What Randy is– is what makes Randy GREAT! Having watched him in nearly every NFL game since he was drafted by the Vikings forward… I am just amazed at the number of times he brought myself and the fans to our feet….. Whether it was a spectacular catch (many) or just another deep route touch down catch …… he thrilled the fans……. Make No mistake, there is still plenty of gas in his tank and Randy is capable of being the best WR of 2011…Watching this talented individual take to the field is well worth the price of any ticket….
    I only wish that poor excuse of a coach at the time for the vikes had welcomed him back in a respectful manner and he would still be on their roster….
    A Moss fan forever- never forgiving the repugnant Joe Buck wouldn’t have the job except for daddy…

  22. snnyjcbs says: Jul 27, 2011 1:50 PM

    The goal each off season is to get better, Holmes = no change, where is the pass rush or O line?, not to mention Moss for Edwards = down grade.

    So far I see the Jets as going in the wrong direction, hope they keep it up.


    Now there’s a brilliant comment. In a year without camp or communication, keeping your core in tact is going in the wrong direction. Gotit.

  23. I really don’t like the Jets, but I give them credit for doing what they think they need to do to become winners.

  24. bhindenemylines says:
    Jul 27, 2011 1:18 PM
    humpy79 says:
    Jul 27, 2011 1:02 PM
    What happened last time moss was “done” and then signed with a contender


    That team didn’t win a Superbowl.
    I’m a Pats fan and that is EXACTLY RIGHT. What that offense became with him is NOT the type of offense that wins SBs (finesse, one dimensional).
    He’s DONE…really and truly done. He’s NOT a deep threat anymore.

  25. This is ridiculous, where the hell are they getting all this money? Revis, Asomugha, Moss, Holmes? Like where is this money coming from. Asomugha wants like 16 million a year. How on Earth can they afford this?

  26. Best spectacular catcher and receiver of all time.

    Really. All time receiving yards, Randy is 8th. Above him: Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison, Cris Carter, Tim Brown, Terrell Owens, Tony Gonzalez, Isaac Bruce. Of those seven, only Rice is in the HoF. Top eight receiving touchdowns: Rice, Moss/Owens (tie), Carter, Harrison, Brown/Largent (tie), Hutson. Of those, only Rice, Largent and Hutson are in the HoF. Hutson won eight receiving titles. Moss has zero.

  27. Best part about lockout was not having to listen to their fans celebrate their April win in SB…for the 43rd straight year.

    jet fans??..How could ANYONE be jealous of your franchise???..You haven’t won a thing, other than 2 division titles in 43 effing years.

    Theres a reason jets rated 5th worst franchise in NFL history…they can talk, but never win anything..hapless.

  28. The jealousy is so thick I can barely breathe. Rex is the coach in the league that players want to work for. Even during the strike this team was staying out of trouble and training together. Its going to be a great football season, folks!

  29. p4hbiz:

    Yea, the Redskins are a great comparison!

    The Redskins are a team no free agent wants to play for (they might give in if Snyder vastly overpays them), havent won a playoff game in years, and have been the doormat of their division in recent memory.

    How exactly again are the Jets like the Redskins?

  30. Can’t wait to see those locker room interviews where Moss talks about how much he loves the Patriots.

  31. 65th response and guess what you Sanchez haters…he made it to the championship game not once but TWICE in only his second season and he started from the get-go, right after college, there was no down time, there was no QB he could’ve gotten tips and advise from. Focus on how crappy your team is going to be this season with your GREAT qb!…lol

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