Josh Wilson heads slightly south to Redskins


The Redskins didn’t pilfer guard Marshall Yanda from the Ravens as planned, but they will take one of the Ravens’ cornerbacks.

Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun reports that Josh Wilson will join the Redskins on a deal averaging $4.5-$5 million.  We were impressed with Wilson last year; he was probably Baltimore’s best cornerback down the stretch in 2011.  He ostensibly replaces Carlos Rogers in Washington.

The mid-level cornerback market is starting to thin out slightly with Drayton Florence and Wilson off the board.  This is a strong sign the Redskins won’t go after any of the big cornerback names on the market.

The Ravens may up their efforts to re-sign Chris Carr now . . . assuming they aren’t getting into the Asomugha business.

UPDATE: Wilson’s deal is for $13.5 million over three years, with $6 million guaranteed according to Adam Schefter.

39 responses to “Josh Wilson heads slightly south to Redskins

  1. Glad to see Pistol get a multi-year deal. Still wish that the Seahawks would have kept him. He was far better than a certain starting CB for the Seahawks last year *CoughKellyJenningsCough* Hope he does well.

  2. Josh did some good things for us last year, the highlight being the game sealing pick against the Texans. However, the arrival of Jimmy Smith and return of Domonique Foxworth makes up for his loss. If we can manage to re-sign Chris Carr or somehow sign a guy like Asomugha or Joseph, that will help solidify our secondary.

  3. Any transaction the Racist skins do is questionable at best. They are the laughingstock of the league and a perennial NFC East basement dweller. Can one of these groundhog racist skin followers please tell me(before you people go into hiding when these scrubs start losing again) why you give your money to this 2 bit organization that has not done anything good in 20 years.

  4. Chris Carr is a joke, and the Ravens could have had this guy for relatively cheap. They were willing to pay Dominique Foxworth more than Josh Wilson. That’s really hilarious.

    There’s other corners on the market still, but I bet the Ravens aren’t going to do anything else in free agency except try to sign Haloti Ngata to a long term contract.

    This will comes back to bite them soon enough… just wait for it.

  5. despite all of these moves, the deadskins still have no qb or o-line! they may have a good D though…

  6. Sooo
    A) When do you think the media in the Balt area will quit talking about “how great of a deal” it was to get Yanda done and…

    B) When will the Ravens do something in FA besides sign Yanda…Go get a #1 Reciever make a trade for OSI?

  7. @pnut87

    “And the Redskins continue to screw themselves. I’m all for it!”


    How so? How is this a bad signing….the contract is affordable…it is appropriate for his skill set…and is a position of need. He is more than likely an upgrade over Carlos Rogers and for half the price. If you want to hate….that’s fine…but at least make sense!

  8. pnut87 says:
    Jul 27, 2011 6:49 PM
    And the Redskins continue to screw themselves. I’m all for it!


    Yes, usually when a team signs a better player than the one they have, they ultimately screw themselves… as a Redskins fan, I sincerely hope they don’t sign Tom Brady!

  9. Carr isn’t half of what Wilson is. Stupid move to let Wilson walk and then resign Carr. As I have said a number of times here, this Ravens front office, who typically is highly acclaimed, is making some very critical mistakes this year that are going to cost them trip to the playoffs. Foxworth was injured last year and has yet to prove he is healthy, Webb was routinely beaten (see Pittsburgh game), and a rookie who may have smoked more this summer than a coal fired power plant. The Ravens have to sign a cb back with at least Wilson skills and that ain’t Carr, Joseph from the Bengals is equal to Wilson but will want more money, or Nnamdi, who we know the Ravens won’t get cause they aren’t that smart or good. Like I said, the Ravens front office is going to field a team with a lot of frustrated veterans, a bunch of learning rookies, but no playoff berth. Ozzie must have been smoking something during the lockout, cause I think some of his decision making brain cells went south.

  10. Well, the Foreskins can’t draft their own talent. So they have to swim in free agent waters. Wilson is a good CB. Probably best suited as a nickel where he can match up with someone closer to his small stature.

    I was hoping that he stayed with Bmore. Washington overpays everyone, so he chose money over a winning team and a winning organization. That says something to me and unfortunately, it is not good.

    In any case, I wish Josh well. He is a former Terp and that alone has my best wishes. Unfortunately he plays for the the Danny who is the worst owner in the NFL even over Jerrah Jonz and Mike Brown, so I can’t wish his too well. Won’t matter either way. Shanny is going to screw up that organization even more than it already is, if that is possible.

  11. He’s supposed to be the Raven’s best corner. I’ll take that at only $13.5 over 3 years.

  12. Having family in the area, and graduating from Maryland, I had a feeling he wouldn’t go far (if he were to go anywhere). He was a “baller” and a good corner, and that, for the moment, is a loss for the Ravens.

  13. offsideburns says:
    Jul 27, 2011 6:42 PM
    Ravens knew this was coming so they drafted someone better.

    Ravens had no idea this was coming. Search the internet and see that this was their next most important move in free agency behind signing Yanda. Good luck with Carr, hah.

  14. @xinellum

    I would like to copy and re-post your post in December. Ozzie Newsome knows what he’s doing. People that think they could do a better job than the GM get on my nerves. If a couple of personnel moves at the beginning of free agency is enough to have you on here bashing the team, please go find another team to root for.

    P.S. the Ravens don’t need better corners to take the next step they need pass rushers. The two teams in the SB last year lead the league in sacks.

  15. I love the hate on Dan Snyder, the guy is no football guru by any means. He has made mistakes, he learned from them-thats why he isnt in control of football operations anymore. Snyder at least pays money to TRY to improve the Redskins.

  16. How is this a bad move by the Skins? They get a 26 year old CB who has proven he can make INT’s to replace a 30 year old CB who has proven he couldn’t catch a cold if a 2 year old sneezed in his face. And they probably signed him for the same amount of money that “Stonehands” Rodgers will get on the FA market. I am pleaseantly surprised.


    It is clear you a lot about very little, but keep wearing your purple while rooting for your Crows, Hon!

  17. Wilson is a very good #2 corner who is in his prime. Nice deal by Wash

    If the Ravens turn back to Carr, he’s pretty solid also

  18. For some reason this guy just makes plays but yet the team he’s with (seattle last year and ravens this year) don’t quite think he’s worth keeping around. Jimmy Smith better be all that and I’d cut foxtworth immediately and have Ray get on the phone to Namdi! Carr and Webb are decent but there’s no solid #1

  19. The Ravens probably should have released Foxworth then re-signed Wilson to play alongside Smith / Webb / Cary Williams

  20. If you don’t know anything about football, but want to act like you are a “smart” who really “understands the ins and outs of the game,” then respond to any Redskins aquisition as follows:

    1. The Redskins will “always” stink. (forget that teams are bad for 10 years and then are good and it has always happened in the history of football).

    2. They overpay for every free agent. (forget about any successes like London Fletcher).

    3. They don’t draft any one of their own. (forget that this year they focused heavily on drafting a lot of young talent).

    In other words, just spew the same ole stereotypes instead of evaluating the move that was just made. Then everyone will think you are “football smart.”

  21. Some statistics on Wilson vs. Rodgers:

    Josh Wilson allowed 46.9% of passes into his coverage to be complete in 2010, Rogers 69.4% –

    QBs throwing at Carlos Rogers last season had a 95.2 rating. Throwing at Josh Wilson they were just 67.8 –

    The Redskins obviously “screwed themselves.” You guys are obviously tremendous football minds.

  22. It’s a shame to lose Wilson, because I did like him. People really need to realize that that Wilson isn’t exactly Revis, the Ravens haven’t killed themselves by losing an above average CB, and the redskins haven’t solved all of their problems by signing him. This reminds me of losing Jim Leonhard, good player, would like to keep him, but unfortunatly we have a replacement and a team that builds through free agency values him more than we did. Carr is a equal to or better and a healthy Foxworth is better.

  23. Looks like the skins want to use the Ravens as a source for players. Interested in Yanda, get Donte Stallworth, get Josh Wilson, who’s next? Todd Heap! Ain’t gonna help……………………..still the Redskins!!!!!

  24. Anyone who thinks that Dan Snyder is making FA signings, or that the Redskins ignored the draft this year, is not paying attention.

    1.) You need to understand this: Dan Snyder has turned the football operation over to Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen. The team will win or lose by their decisions.

    2.) Did you watch this year’s draft? The Skins traded around aggressively and wound up with MORE picks than they started with, then they proceeded to draft quality players with those picks.

    3.) You may notice that the Skins did not go after Nnamdi Asomugha, the highest-profile FA in this year’s class. That would be Dan Snyder’s way of doing it, but not Allen or Shanahan’s.

    4.) They are wisely using their plentiful cap space to sign good young FAs who have the potential to help the team for years to come.

    5.) They managed to trade for draft picks, rather than having to cut, their two biggest headaches: Haynesworth and McNabb.

    If you don’t think things are being done differently in Ashburn now…?

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