Justin Durant is headed to Detroit


After making a big splash on the first day of free agency last year, the Lions have been more cautious this time around.

Until Wednesday night, they had re-signed three players: A kicker, a special teamer, and a No. 3 quarterback.  Until tonight.

Free agent linebacker Justin Durant, formerly of the Jaguars, announced that he’s joined the Lions.

“Now everybody from the 313, put ya muthaf***in hands up and follow me!!!” Durant wrote on Twitter.

Now that’s how to announce a move in style while confusing all the old folks.  This one is more clear:

“Haha my mentions goin CRAZY right now!!! Detroit what up doe!?!?” Durant wrote.

ESPN quickly confirmed the story, saying it’s a two-year contract.  We mentioned a few weeks back that Detroit was high on Durant, and they showed it quickly.

It’s uncertain if this knocks them out of the running for linebacker Stephen Tulloch.

22 responses to “Justin Durant is headed to Detroit

  1. Maybe Suh was right and players do want to start heading to Detroit? It’ll start to look like “The MFing Jets Mid-West” I’m starting to buy in a bit. Still not drinking the Kool-Aid on 16-0.

  2. Oh K once again a football player that needs to take english lessons. What the hell is “doe” ? a missing person

  3. Durant is a huge pick up, Im sure that they can still make more moves to get more impact players like him. This team just go better. Go Lions!

  4. Who? Seriously? You stumble on this site while looking for figure skating news?

    Rejoice Lions fans, another Olb and a Cb and this defense gets scary quick.

  5. I want to know wh0’s getting cut/restructured for these moves. Tulloch has an offer and Clayton reports that Johnathan Joseph looks likely to Detroit too.

  6. larrydavidstern…..you must be joking….You say who….well, aside from Tulloch, the best LB on the market….He’s young and only dropped in popularity due to being injured last year…He’s a beast….If the Lions can land Tulloch too now, they will officially have the best front 7 in football…. Bring on all the comments after saying that last line…LOL

  7. Excellent move, this defense is going to be good. Justin Durant is an above-average player and was on a below-average defense. He will fit right into their youth movement, and be great on the outside. He is good against the pass, and better against the run. He hasn’t posted up a lot of sacks, but on a better defense he might blitz more.

    Detroit has a good defensive line that can make the back 7 look better they than are, making life a lot easier for the team. Detroit is building their best team in years, and it’s good timing because 2nd place and a wildcard spot is not entirely out of reach. It would be somewhat of a stretch in their division, but I’ve seen too many “miracle” or “destiny” stories to discount it.

  8. “doe” lame. Screw the “D”. Its “what up Jo!” if you from the Chi!

    That defense isn’t scary, its trying to get on par with the rest of the division.

    The Lions are trying to get on our level. It only “scares” people because they haven’t seen Detroit step up they game.

    This squad ain’t scary it’s one wrong tackle to Matt Stafford away from another top 5 pick in next years draft. (yea I know they didn’t have a top 5 pick this year)

  9. Love that Chicago swagger after their one (in 10) good season.

    Packer fans have room to talk…. You guys… Not so much…

  10. Durant is a solid low-risk, upside-laden signing, for a Lions team that is currently devoid of capable linebackers. He is by no means a Stephen Tulloch or a James Anderson, or even a Stephen Nicholas, but he is a young, athletic guy built for a scheme like Detroit’s.

    Make no mistake, though, the Lions aren’t done. Durant is merely a small piece to Mayhew’s offseason plan.

  11. Justin Durant ……
    In four years …… 2 sacks ……. 2 picks …… 1 forced fumble ……..

    And his impact will be ?? ….. Lions ….. Try again …… Durant’s just another warm body …..

  12. Durant’s a good guy, but an average player. Still young though, so he’s got room for improvement. Good luck to Durant in Detroit, but I don’t think he’ll leave a huge hole in Jacksonville’s defense.

  13. 1) Packers – good draft, lots of guys coming back from IR last year. 13-3

    2) Lions – They’re coming. 9-7

    3) Bears – they’ll revert to mediocre after being decent last year. 6-10

    4) Vikings – trainwreck 3-13

  14. @ robigd

    If that was true no one would ever want to play for the Pats, cause they don’t really pay anyone. And many players just want to be on a contender.

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