NFL’s first trade: Broncos send Gaffney to Redskins for Jarmon


We have our first completed NFL trade since the league got back to business this week. It involves the Washington Redskins. But it does not involve Donovan McNabb.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Broncos have traded wide receiver Jabar Gaffney to the Redskins in exchange for defensive end Jeremy Jarmon.

Gaffney played in all 16 games for the Broncos last season and started 11, catching 65 passes for 875 yards. His acquisition shows once again that the Redskins considered upgrading the receiver position their top priority: It’s the third move the Redskins have made at the position, following the signings of Santana Moss and Donte Stallworth.

Jarmon joined the Redskins as a third-round pick in the 2009 supplemental draft. In two seasons he played in 16 games, starting one and recording 0.5 sacks.

73 responses to “NFL’s first trade: Broncos send Gaffney to Redskins for Jarmon

  1. I like it! Jarmon was there for depth only. Gaffney could be a potential #2 or #3 WR. I would like to see a trade for Orton happen next. Haynesworth for Orton?!?!

  2. I hope Armstrong makes the cut, fans loved him last year….other than that, yawn…..a nothing for a nothing…

  3. Jarmon is going to be a very good player if he’s given the chance. He did not fit our 3-4 defense though. Good trade by both teams.

  4. It’s a great deal for both sides.

    Broncos have a loaded receiving corps with Lloyd, Demaryius T, Royal and Decker. Gaffney was expendable.

    Brconso get a guy in Jarmon who’s a much better fit for their 4-3. He can utilize his talents in Denver.

  5. Jarmon got screwed last year because he was forced to play OLB when he was too big for the position!!!

    I hope he makes Shanahan and Haslett feel sorry!!!

  6. Good Luck Jarmon.
    I’m fine with this trade. Jabar is a solid 2 or 3 wr. Jarmon’s not doing anything for us in a 3-4.
    More competition in the WR ranks will make for better WR’s

  7. broncos have royal, lloyd, thomas, decker – someone had to go. they chose the one with the least potential.

  8. #1 – Braylon Edwards?
    #2 – Santana Moss
    #3 – Jabar Gaffney
    #4 – Donte Stallworth

    I think our WR issue would be resolved at that point! Trade Haynesworth for Orton. And make a run at Nnamdi…Imagine him and Hall with Atogwe and Landry at the safety spot! Nasty!

  9. blackqbwhiterb says:
    Jul 27, 2011 2:35 PM

    I hope Armstrong makes the cut, fans loved him last year….other than that, yawn…..a nothing for a nothing…

    Waddya mean? That’s like saying that John Beck for Doug Dutch was nothing for nothing!

    [Although this Skins are kings at nothing for nothing trades, like fabled Taylor Jacobs-Mike Rumph trade. Or Erasmus James for some magic beans.]

  10. Meh. Gaffney’s kinda old. Jarmon obviously has way more upside at this point in their careers.

    Was Gaffney in Denver or NE when Shanny Bronco’s HC?

  11. People in Denver, ok so like the post says Jeremy Jarmon was picked up in supplemental ummmm I think 2 years ago. He always looked decent in preseason and I believe he got hurt before the year actually started last year. So he has not seen the field. Come of the cliff, basically an even trade except we actually need wideouts.

  12. Broncos fans, you got a diamond in the rough there. Jarmon was buried under the depth chart, and was kind of the odd man out when the skins switched to the 3-4. He’s hungry and got a nice motor to him and will fit your scheme nicely.

    The skins got a formidable #3 receiver in Gaffney so I like the trade. Nothing against Austin or Roydell, but it’s time to move on, in my opinion. Now it’s time for them focus on both sides of the line.

  13. Fairly good trade for the Redskins. Makes some sense for the Broncos as well … but I like this deal a bit better for the Skins.

    As ashburninsider notes above, Jarmon isn’t a fit for the 3-4. He was drafted as a power end for Greg Blache’s 4-3. He lacks the athleticism to even ponder a change to linebacker, lacks the power needed for the 5-technique, and is simply not even a consideration at NT. He’s just a depth player for them, and the signing of Barry Cofield pushed him further down the charts. They get a solid, steady WR, someone that won’t be flashy, but will help John Beck move the chains, which was needed.

    For the Broncos, it’s an interesting gamble. Are they using him insider or outside? He does somewhat fit the power end mold that Allen and Fox have operated with at previous stops (see Mike Rucker, Charles Grant, not saying Jarmon is anywhere near that good, but he has some power end traits). He can also kick insider to be a pass rusher at times, but I have my doubts that he can handle a regular role inside. This adds competition and decent talent at DL, something they needed, and the cost was an aging WR who wasn’t going to make big plays. Conceptually, they probably feel like they can find a safety valve, Gaffney-esque WR, so the gamble made sense, particularly with the top 3 WR slots taken. That said, with Tim Tebow likely taking over, wouldn’t it have made some sense to keep a security blanket that you know well.

    Overall, sounds like a decent deal for both sides.

  14. Wow – either the Bronco’s still owe Shanahan somehow or maybe it wasn’t Josh McDaniels making the bad trade recommendations last year…

  15. They drafted 3 WR’s too. Cause that’s how you build a winning franchise- Through Wide Recievers.

  16. trbowman says:
    Jul 27, 2011 2:33 PM
    Gaffney is one of the most underrated receivers in the league.
    Agreed. One of the few times I have gotten pissed as a Pats fan with one of their moves was when they would only offer him a 1 year deal before 08. I wanted a 2 year deal. He was THE perfect #3 WR who could be a #2 in a pinch.

  17. so in other words, shanahan didn’t feel jarmon was going to make the team this year based on his skill set not fitting our system. So he got what trade value he could for him while creating competition at WR.

  18. The last time the Broncos and Redskins swapped players, Champ Bailey became a hall of famer and Clinton Portis started dressing like a clown.

  19. As a Skins fan, I wish Jarmon well. I think he will make a solid 4-3 end, nothing spectacular but a useful player.

    He just didn’t fit with the 3-4. First they had him shed weight to try out as an OLB (how they thought that would work I never know). Then when it was made blindingly obvious that hadn’t worked they asked him to bulk up to close to 300lbs so could play DE on a 3-man line.

    Towards the end of the season he got a tiny bit of game time and it looked that he might just be able to play in a 3-4, but he still looked undersized.

    The best thing for him was to get traded to a 4-3 team, but why did we swap him for Gaffney? First we get Stallworth, now Gaffney, what next, Randy Moss? I hate to break it to the Redskins front office, but it’s not 2007 and we don’t have Tom Brady.

    Also, why did we draft 3-receivers if we are going to start picking up a load of mid-tier (at best) veterans. Are Gaffney and Stallworth meant to serve as benchmarks, to determine whether any of the young players we have are worth a shot, or are we really planning to surround a shaky QB with the sort of mid-level veterans? They’re used to not being the focus of an offense, so maybe they wont bitch and moan when they aren’t getting a lot of receptions or making it on highlight programs.

  20. WRS

    3 rookies
    & now Gaffney

    (9 WRS for camp?)

    Moss, Armstrong, Hankerson are locks.
    I’m guessing two of the rookies are fighting for practice squad and Kelly is fighting with Banks, Stallworth, & Gaffney for #4 WR spot.

  21. Skins got the better of that trade — if only they had someone who could throw Gaffney the ball!

  22. Missing the bigger point. This trade was about cap space for the Broncos. Gaffney was due 2.5 million and 2.654 in the next two years. Jarmon is due 480, 000 and 565,000 in the next two.

  23. @bturnero – What about him??? What do you expect him to prove in his first year?

    @bejim – Kelly can’t stay healty. You see what happened to his boy Thomas drafted that same year. Armstrong is solid. And Banks is a KR. Enough said there.

  24. Good deal for Denver, so-so deal for the Skins. Jarmon is a 4-3 end and the kid has a lot of upside. That, and he is extremely intelligent.

    Gaffney is an average #3 or #4 reciever. Possession guy that the Skins could use I suppose.

    Considering Jarmon fits no where with a 3-4 defense its good the Skins got something for him because he was going to be cut.

  25. Why did they wait until McNabb left to sign WR’s? Maybe McNAbb is on the decline and maybe he just had horrible targets last season.

  26. bcjim says:
    Jul 27, 2011 2:52 PM
    WHat about us?

    Malcolm Kelly
    Anthony Armstrong
    Brandon Banks

    I know it’s a joke but –

    Malcom Kelly – cut or cut/injury settlement – the dude only has to sniff traning camp before getting an injury. Even if Shanahan was dedicated to naming him as our starter, he wouldn’t make it on to the regular season roster because he wouldn be on injured reserve before the second pre-season game.

    Armstrong – stays.

    Brandon Banks – cut – was a great kick returner last year, but he wasn’t quite the same after he had knee surgery.

    His ball security was much better than anyone expected and he proved that his lack of size was more than compensated for by an excess of speed. However, he didn’t add much on offense. I also wonder whether that stabbing is going to cause long term issues. He spent an awful lot of time in hospital.

    Drafting 3-wrs, and several players with kick returning experience, in a year when they’ve changed the kick-off rules (reducing Banks’s value) makes it look as though BB’s days might be numbered. Pity really, he was the most exciting player the Skins have had for years.

  27. Its a good move for the Broncos, who get depth on the DLine, a guy who can easily beef up and play DT or DE.

    Gaffney was going to be cut, so Denver gets a player of need while cutting approx. $2,000,000 off their payroll, no doubt going to another DT and possibly a LB.

    Skins get another WR who was not terrible in Denver, just no longer needed. They have a strong receiver corp, so the trade made sense. Its not sexy, but its good for both teams.

  28. @sadie

    trust me hankerson will be a beast at WR as long as he has a decent QB…

    barring some fluke injury or snyder having him cut to sign chris carter to a $150 mil contract

  29. sadie753 says:
    Jul 27, 2011 2:47 PM
    #1 – Braylon Edwards?
    #2 – Santana Moss
    #3 – Jabar Gaffney
    #4 – Donte Stallworth

    I think our WR issue would be resolved at that point! Trade Haynesworth for Orton. And make a run at Nnamdi…Imagine him and Hall with Atogwe and Landry at the safety spot! Nasty!


    Why stop there?

    Why not see if you can get Brady? And Adrian Petersen? How about Vinitieri? Then Larry Firzgerald? I hear DeSean is unhappy, trade for him too. You can probably get DeMarcus Ware for all of your next three years draft picks.

    It’s the NFl; not Fantast Football.

    Keep dreaming, Sadie.

  30. dcsween says: Jul 27, 2011 2:48 PM

    Waddya mean? That’s like saying that John Beck for Doug Dutch was nothing for nothing!

    [Although this Skins are kings at nothing for nothing trades, like fabled Taylor Jacobs-Mike Rumph trade. Or Erasmus James for some magic beans.]

    Or coming soon to a theater near you…Albert Haynesworth for a ham sandwich (assuming AH does not eat said sandwich).

  31. If Spurrier was still around, the Redskins next move would be to make Grossman the highest paid QB in the league and he and Gaffney could play some pitch and catch like in the good old days.

  32. Sadie753 “I think our WR issue would be resolved at that point! Trade Haynesworth for Orton. And make a run at Nnamdi…Imagine him and Hall with Atogwe and Landry at the safety spot! Nasty!”

    I like that! All those WRs came relatively cheap, so the Redskins should spend a little more at QB & corner. They also need a quality NT. They would have a good shot at the play-offs if they pulled all that off.

  33. Starting to feel a little better about this trade. Denver just REALLY needs Demaryius Thomas to come back 100% from his achilles injury in the offseason. With Thomas, Royal, Lloyd, and Decker we have a solid WR corps.

  34. bturner032002 says:Jul 27, 2011 3:02 PM

    Leonard Hankerson and Jabar Gaffney on the outsides…

    Santana and Donte working the slot with cooley and Davis at tight end…

    _________ at QB?


    Woah fella, who puts the fast WRs in the slot and the slow guys on the outside? You have that backwards, Moss and Stallworth on the outside with Hankerson and Gaffney inside.

    On another note, Gaffney is not a #2 WR. He’s an average #3 and a good #4

  35. phillyahole says:Jul 27, 2011 3:58 PM

    BIRDS WTF are you doing? Make a freakin move! Trade Kolb to the Skins for Haynesworth straight up and sign Asomugha!


    Dude, go take your medication. That’s an insane idea

  36. The Redskins making a good trade? Now’s as good of a time as any to start I guess, haha.

    I still remember Gaffney catching the winning TD pass with next to nothing on the clock against the Ravens in their perfect ’07 regular season. That was the closest they came to losing that season and Kyle Boller actually, get this, looked like an NFL QB in that game. Then Bart Scott has to go throw a penalty flag into the damn stands, way to go man!

  37. To clarify, yes I meant the Patriot’s perfect ’07 regular season. Didn’t think i needed to but I don’t wanna feed the trolls with my hasty grammar..

  38. Can the Bucs please take Bruce Allen back? Stallworth, Stokely, Gaffney and resigning Moss, any chance we can get somebody under 30? The Shanahan regime continues to be a joke.

  39. Jabar Gaffney ……. isn’t he the Hall of Fame receiver that Colts fans say gave Tom Brady an unfair advantage over Payaton Manning?

    THAT Jabar Gaffney?

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