Panthers continue to work on re-signing players


A cynic might say that the Panthers are spending an awful lot of money to keep a 2-14 team together.

We actually think they have the core of a potentially solid team, and there is no shame in bringing back two of the top six free agents in the league.  It sounds like their spending isn’t over yet.

The Charlotte Observer reports the Panthers have started contract negotiations with linebacker Jon Beason and linebacker Thomas Davis. Both Beason and Davis are under contract; Beason could become one of the highest paid linebackers in football.

“We will have probably, very quickly, our core players and we’re able to do it because we’re willing to be competitive and pay what it takes,” G.M. Marty Hurney said.

As our transaction page shows, the Panthers have done a lot very quickly.

6 responses to “Panthers continue to work on re-signing players

  1. Get it done fella’s. Lets show the rest of the NFL last year was not the norm. We aren’t the Bills. We aren’t the Lions. We aren’t the Bengals.

  2. Panthers will be a decent team this season. I could see us going after joseph, malcom floyd, and maybe bulger. Bulger knows he is a backup and could help Newton along and give him some great veteran advice. M. Floyd was on the chargers and is familiar with Rivera and Chudd. I think our biggest signing opposite johnson/deangelo will be a CB. I would love to see John Joseph in some carolina blue

  3. Defense was great. The Panthers offense got off the field too quickly, which got the defense on too much and wasted energy and it showed in the second half.
    If Cam Newton can keep the offense in there for 8-14 plays, good.

  4. I loved all the talk last year that the Panthers were being “cheap,” when Richardson let it be known he was saving $ to pay his employees during the lockout, as opposed to his ownership group brethren. Maybe Michael Silver now thinks we are “worthy” (his actual words) to have Andrew Luck. Ha.

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