Panthers keep DeAngelo Williams, $21 million guaranteed


For the second day in a row, the Carolina Panthers have spent big to lock up one of their free agents.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Panthers and running back DeAngelo Williams reached an agreement on a five-year, $43 million deal that includes $21 million in guaranteed money. The deal comes a day after the Panthers gave defensive end Charles Johnson an even bigger deal.

When healthy, Williams is one of the game’s elite running backs. In 2008 he had a sensational year, with 1,515 yards, 18 touchdowns and a 5.5 yards per carry average. But his numbers slipped and he missed three games in 2009, and in 2010 he played in just six games, gaining just 361 yards and one touchdown, at 4.1 yards a carry.

So the biggest question is whether Williams can stay healthy. The Panthers obviously think he can.

45 responses to “Panthers keep DeAngelo Williams, $21 million guaranteed

  1. Excellent. Now extend Beason and Kalil, lock up Anderson, and pick up a CB and a WR.

  2. DeAngelo Williams, a starting running back.
    Jonathan Stewart, a starting running back.
    Hell, even Mike Goodson has good upside…

    Wide Receiver (assuming Steve Smith leaves)… Uh… ?

    Tight End? …

    I’m not hating, I’m just saying, they didn’t NEED DeAngelo, and that money could go to other needs on offense. Am I alone on this?

  3. Good for him. Hopefully they can get Steve Smith to re-sign. The Panthers really don’t seem like a number one pick team. If they can get average QB play, they can win more than a few games.

  4. Richardson overspends again. “It’s time to take our game back” ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Keep paying to preserve that core of your 2-14 team.

  5. D-Will, a lil too much money, but at least we’re being aggressive and still have the BEST running back tandem in the NFL to pair with Cam Newton. Not to mention a couple of Top 3 at their position O-Lineman, Kalil and Gross.
    If only we didn’t have the toughest schedule in the NFL this year I’d say we were playoff bound, but I’ll settle for 6-7 wins.

  6. You can never have too many running backs. Besides, D-Ange is also a QB… He played QB the entire game against the Falcons once and we won. I want to say it was Vick’s last year w the team. Either way, I think that’s a nice price for him.

  7. @onebadace..

    We signed Shockey and presently still have Smitty and LaFell and Gettis, and Armanti Edwards.. That’ll do ’til next year when we draft Alshon Jeffrey or Justin Blackmon..

  8. I read that the Bengals were loOking at him too… He made the right choice.

    Mike Brown probably wanted him to take a paycut lol

  9. It is apparent carolina has to spend a ton of money bc they are so far under the cap.
    The fact that they are overpaying and pissing it away on positions they dont need is laughable.
    Go sign namdi or rice. Gess. Just laughable

  10. This is good news. We had to sign D-will even with the emergence of goodson everyone knows D-Will is a good community person and great locker room leader. Jerry Richardson looks for this in all of his players. Not to mention goodson fumbled the rock 6 times at the end of last season. D-will has fumbled 6 times in his whole 5 seasons with the panthers 41 games started. I am glad we have 3 great backs and I am positive we will use all 3 this season. not to mention terrell sutton who is a beast as well

    LEGGGGOOOO panthers

  11. 40M in cap space allows you to lock up your core players AND get some free agents to fill in holes. Panthers have a plan, and their own core is stage 1. Filling holes will be stage 2. Good start so far. You can never have enough RB’s. Remember the NFC title game in Seattle? Panthers were down to 5th string, and it cost them the game. Well that, and Delhommes arm.

  12. Seems like alot of money to tie up in a RB when you already have one. Not saying he is not good, but I would be a little more worried about other positions personally.

  13. To all you people that want to pretend you know what the panthers have, first thing you need to know is Steve Smith is still under contract for 2 more years. There is no “resigning” him.

    To the people that say we are spending money just because of the cap, well, you just aren’t very smart. We have always spent. 2010 was an anomaly.

  14. goawayeverybody says:
    Jul 27, 2011 1:58 PM
    Btw, am I the only one who finds it odd that there is almost no news to report on the past two Super Bowl Champions?

    I know the Saints went into the wee hours the first night and continuing into today have signed 20 undrafted rookies. (linebackers, safetys, wide receivers, and 1 offensive lineman I believe) A deal is in the works for Roman Harper (no, no sources, just my opinion). As for the big question though, what happens with Reggie? no news on that thus far, which only leads me to believe we’re going to find a way to keep him. Otherwise he’d be outright cut by now.

    Packers cut Barnett, and signed Crosby, as well as 19 undrafted free agent rookies.

    as far as the UFA rookies go (for any team) it’s pretty obvious that they’ll for the most part just be camp bodies; somebody to run routes and/or get banged on. but at the same time, that’s what we thought about Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, and Lance Moore when they were UFA rookies.

  15. killxswitch one do some research cause the core of that 2-14 team also had a first round bye two years earlier and last year was some really crappy play calling.

    steelcity09 With a rookie QB locking up two of the top RBs in the League is not Laughable. I am sure The Steelers would have pounced if They had two Elite backs set for FA and they had a Rookie QB coming in with a new HC.

    You name me one team in the same position that wouldn’t do the same damn thing

  16. Everyone here agrees Adrian Peterson and CJ2k are great, right? How did their teams do last year?

    Don’t worry PFT planet, I’ll give you some time to adjust from your “Richardson is cheap” platform to something else… you have a lot of words to eat right now…

    This was the right move, Cam’s best friend will be a strong running game and DeAngelo is our best asset in the running game.

  17. talk about giving away your offensive plan. 8 in the box vs carolina on every down.

  18. I will be glad when we get some real Fans who will stop complaining about every thing and get some knowledge about football, you fake Carolina Fans are the worse! this Signing was great if he would have left then you would have complained and they sign him u complain ! If they would have gave him any less he would have been Gaining mad yards in Denver next year then you guys wouldve felt stupid so shut up and Be happy for your team! I Love the move and will always be positive when it comes to MY TEAM THE CAROLINA PANTHERS!! U Suckas! LETS GO DEANGELO! DOUBLE TROUBLE IS BACK!

  19. Spencer says:
    Jul 27, 2011 2:02 PM
    Now what will the Broncos do?


    Suck… like they did last year

  20. That is a TON of cash, but D-Will has a great skillset and can totally dominate when healthy. Like the pair of 4-TD performances against the Giants and Packers in 2008. Best RB in the league that year and not even a Pro Bowl selection, that was a ripoff. Good for him though getting paid.

  21. goawayeverybody says:
    Jul 27, 2011 1:58 PM
    Btw, am I the only one who finds it odd that there is almost no news to report on the past two Super Bowl Champions?

    No one cares about the pack or the aints-typical packer backer. There not talking about my team because the whole world spins around the packers. Garbage

  22. Richardson cuts vets…he gets called cheap.
    Richardson says his team will be aggressive in FA, they are and he gets called a money waster.
    LOL…How about his franchise did what they had to do BOTH years instead of getting locked in too tight to a “philosophy”? I call that shrewd.

    Good for DW, he’s one of the good guys in the league.

  23. Ron Rivera has a two back package that screams Jonathan and DeAngelo. Granted we have the dept we ( Panthers ) have in the backfield, this package will not only take pressure of the quarterback, but opens up a receiver on the fly. I love Steve Smith, but I have alot of confidence in our young receivers ( Gettis and LaFell ). I do agree we need at least one Cornerback. Marshall is good on tackling, decent cover, but nothing great. I feel Munnerlynn is just as good or can become better, yet both are only like 5’9 and will have problems against bigger receivers.

  24. Although i am a trueblood Packer fan i thought I would just chime in on this l little. I think its a good move. DeAng has had a little bad luck with the injury bug last couple of years but none of those injuries were big concerns for the long haul (ie ACL). The cats just had a bad year…it happens….. They have a great core of talent. A rookie QB that has a ton of potential, and a healthy DeAngelo is a stud as a 1-2 punch with Stewart. Look at runningbacks across the league and there are not a lot of options out there. I don’t think they overpaid for him, again…. if he is healthy, they probably got a pretty good deal. It doesnt look like there is going to be much coming in from the college ranks over the next few years so…..

  25. There is no expert who can say if this was a good decision or not…..time will tell.

    The only certain thing about this issue is that fans would be pretty sad to lose him. So in this sense it was worth it. It is very risky to offer him that kind of money. There are not many running backs who last for years and years.

  26. @ carolinacrazy89….you said it all brutha! 100% in agreement…Fox would have brought him to Denver and he would have ended up the same place Peppers did for the Bears…IN THE PRO BOWL! 34 has alot left and Bigups to jerry for this move…picking up Edwards from KC, getting Jhonson signed, and hell ~ he even went and got a premier kicker in Olinda mare ~~~ get me a shut down corner JR of the CAROLINAS and we in “bidness” ( like we say in the south) !

  27. Williams has been a very productive, class guy since he came to Carolina and frankly I am glad to see him stay.

  28. @louisianamatt says:
    Jul 27, 2011 1:58 PM
    D-Will, a lil too much money, but at least we’re being aggressive and still have the BEST running back tandem in the NFL to pair with Cam Newton. Not to mention a couple of Top 3 at their position O-Lineman, Kalil and Gross.
    If only we didn’t have the toughest schedule in the NFL this year I’d say we were playoff bound, but I’ll settle for 6-7 wins.
    ===================================And a $12 million kicker……………………..

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