PFT Live: Carson Palmer’s predicament

Mike Florio kicks off PFT Live talking about Carson Palmer’s predicament in Cincinnati. He breaks down owner Mike Brown’s comments regarding Palmer, makes a prediction on where he thinks Palmer will end up and analyzes Jay Feely’s tweet regarding Palmer.This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

4 responses to “PFT Live: Carson Palmer’s predicament

  1. Mostly wrong, as usual. Mike Brown is making this stand not because he wants to ward any renegotiation of bargain players (which has never even been requested from the team), but because he does not want people to force their way offf a team that has had 18 losing seasons out of the last 20. Moreover, the fact that NFL long-term contracts (which are actually separate year to year multiple contracts) can be terminated by the team and not by the player is obviously not a secret and that is why there are things called signing bonuses and guarantees. So his statement has nothing to do with the end of the CBA negotiations but because it was the only time that these issues were relevant now that the lock-out was over. Lastly, the Bengals have $34 million in cap space WITH Palmer, so that is no worry.

  2. Mike Brown is a hypocrite…He’s released MANY players under contract. What happened to those promises?

  3. If I had 80 Mil in the bank and lost my love of the game cause of the city/team I was drafted on, hell I’d move with my beautiful wife back to the bay area and spend my time drinking on the water too.

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