Quincy Black is staying with the Bucs

We told you a little while ago that the Buccaneers were working to keep linebacker Quincy Black from leaving the team as a free agent.

Mission accomplished.

Black’s agent Marc Lillibridge tweeted the news on Wednesday afternoon and, being an agent, attached the terms of the deal to his tweet. It is a five-year, $29 million deal with Jason LaCanfora of NFL.com adding that $11.5 million is guaranteed.

Black, a third-round pick in 2007, started 11 games for the Bucs last season before a knee injury ended his season. He had two sacks and an interception and showed an ability to play in all areas of the defensive game. If Black’s healthy and the Buccaneers don’t regress, he could grow a bigger profile in their defense.

9 responses to “Quincy Black is staying with the Bucs

  1. Hard to Question anything that Dominick has done but 6mil a year for a LB who has been average at best puzzles me a little. With Dakota Watson emerging as a rush threat, you’d think they’d keep Ruud over a Guy like Black for the extra 3-4 mil. I’m with Mark and Raheem all the way, but they may want to look at a guy like Barnett to fill the hole in the middle While Foster is learning the ropes!

    Now go get Davin locked up and happy already!

  2. jayslang,

    You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Ruud is complete garbage, Black, in 11 games, had one of (if not THE) the best FULL seasons of any Sam LB since the T-2 has been in Tampa.

  3. They needed to keep him so good signing Bucs. Not like you don’t have the cap space so go ahead. Also, I know many people are saying they’d like to have Barnett but I don’t think his style fits the Tampa 2 system. I’d look for a smaller, faster LB. And younger

  4. Oh for sure..cause Tampa has had a ton of awesome SAM backers over the years..wow..Ian Gold, Jamie Duncan, Ryan Neece, A.Singleton all had seasons close too if not better that Black’s (Duncan had a couple of decent seasons) we didn’t lock any of those guys up long term with a bunch of Guaranteed Jack..I like Black..but that’s alot of money…as for Ruud..i would have liked to have seen him behind a decent pair of tackles with some decent SS help (jones is ok..Phillips barely has a UFL job and Sabby is crap)…

  5. they are only paying him a little over 2 million a year…. 11 million base salary, with 18 Million in incentives. Thats a not a whole lot, unless he performs. if he performs, then he deserves the money. Don’t see the big deal here.

    6 Million dollar hit to the cap is pretty big, but it’s not like we don’t have the room. 😉

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