Redskins add Kellen Clemens

The Washington Redskins have made a move with a quarterback. Just not the big one they’re attempting to make today.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Redskins have reached an agreement with quarterback Kellen Clemens on a one-year deal.

Clemens was a 2006 second-round draft pick of the Jets and has spent his entire career with the team. According to Schefter, John Beck is still projected as the Redskins’ starter, and Clemens will compete for the No. 2 spot.

It’s not clear what the signing of Clemens means for Rex Grossman, whom Beck recently said was definitely returning to the Redskins.

27 responses to “Redskins add Kellen Clemens

  1. I think the Redskins and the Seahawks just turned this into a competition of who can stockpile the most scrub QB’s.

  2. Really??? As a Skin’s fan, I am miserable with this decision! Re-sign Moss = solid move. Sign Stallworth to an inexpensive deal = gamble, but it could pay off. Sign whoever you want at WR, but without a solid offensive line and QB, they will be running around like this season like they are in a marathon! Keep McNabb. At this point, either he or Young are the best options.

  3. Wow. Beck, Grossman, and Clemmons.

    Actually, I’m kind of surprised that the Redskins didn’t wind up with Hasselbeck or even Brett Favre. Maybe Dan Snyder has finally learned the lesson that you can’t just throw money around willy-nilly and expect to go the Super Bowl. It’s almost refreshing that they’re not embarrassing themselves by offering the universe to a has-been (for once.)

  4. And with the First pick in the 2012 NFL, the Washington Redskins select….

    QB Stanford, Andrew Luck

  5. This works for me. They could pull Elway out right now and it won’t matter until we address all the other areas of need. Besides, this is a 1 year deal.

  6. Hey sadie753…. I think now would be a good time to start thinking of switching teams. It’s not to late especially with all this chaos, just start brushing up on the other teams knowledge. What do you have to lose? It’s not like with your teams awesome stockpile of QB’s that the ‘skins are really going to do anything in the East. That division is pretty much already spoken for.

  7. come on skins faans these signings mean nothing we can carry 90 players into camp and just because they sign them to 1 year deals doesnt mean they will make the team

  8. I don’t really understand this move on Kellen’s part. Yes, the Jets were never going to start him again but he left a onrganization that he knew & who was comfortable with him for a 1 yr contract with a team he’s probably going to be a 3rd stringer on?

  9. Why GOD WHY ????

    Please lord Jesus, can we have a revival?

    Please I beg you to to bring us a new owner and office staff.


  10. Isn’t it obvious that the Seahawks and Redskins are playing for the future? The future #1 overall pick, that is. And why shouldn’t they? If they can guarantee they get Andrew Luck, going 1-15 should be a no-brainer. If Shanahan can guarantee job security through a 1-15 season, wouldn’t it be worth it? Don’t you think some other crappy teams in the 1997 season would have tanked that season, if they could do it all over again, just to ensure Peyton Manning was their QB for the next 15 years?

  11. lol !!Your team was way better off with Donovan. shannahan has officialy lost his mind. We’ll take him, heres your 6th round pick. CLEMENS! aaaahahahaha

  12. Christ… all I ask is that they dont embarrass us fans… they cant even do that. Ridiculous.

  13. Snyder is like the anti-Rooney. He has got to go. He has become a radioactive person in the DC area. I’m not a skins fan but its killing rivalries.. Dan, just leave. You have proven you cannot run a football team. It’s you Dan, it’s you.

  14. I think Snyder Hates DC. I think somewhere in the hayday of AOL some one in DC pissed him off. So as his revenge he formulated his mater plan. Buy a champion DC team and ruin it.

  15. Very excited to see more evidence that Snyder isn’t racing out to sign every hot name. Seems like EB of the Junkies and Sir Dukes with the LaVar Arrington show would have you believe that the Skins and by extension Shanahan won’t do what’s best for team and should be replaced. Only the delusional believe McNabb played well enough to continue the headache that is Shanahan vs McNabb. Truth be told McNabb should have been bench much earlier on 10/31/10 against Detriot and should never have seen the field against the Eagles. Having married into an Eagles family McNabb’s blunders are nothing new to this DC fan. I’ve heard and seen him under throw, over throw and hit receivers in the feet for years! So Skins fans can be happy that the failed McNabb experiment is nearly over. Shanahan will continue to fix mistakes, trade FAT Al for that ham sandwich and steadily repair the skins. DC fans need to be level headed and remember there several reason to not over react like a dirty-cheesesteak fan would: We have 3 Superbowl trophies in the case, Shanahan is a two time Super Bowl winning coach and our jerseys are Burgundy and Gold instead of puke green!!!

  16. @agelardi

    Maybe he held a grudge against the Jets organization. They made him look bad last year asking him to take a paycut during an uncapped year and it was all recorded and displayed on national television.

  17. You guys are all wrong.

    It is painfully obvious the Redskins are tanking the season to get Luck.

    Redskin fans might go from Beck to the next Manning in 9 months. That is a good deal to me.

  18. Great move!! With McNabb moving, let’s sign……Kellen Clemens!!!!!!!!!

    At least there are no over reaching expectations here, like with McNabb (obviously wasn’t going to win), if they sign Vice Young (obviously won’t win), or Hasselbeck/T. Jackson/CarsonPalmer Thank Goodness they’re all off the market before the Redskins got an itchy trigger finger………

  19. @omegalh-

    There is a sense that they are looming to tank but the move that have been made to the defense lead me to believe we’ll win too many games to be in the Luck race.

  20. Being a die hard Jet fan I always had high hopes for Kellen. He only has to beat out Beck for the staring role. He was no longer wanted by the Jets being a free agent he was not offered a contract, at least none was reported.

  21. Listen I like to come on here from time to time and bait you Skins fans mostly, cause I have to live around the DC area for my job and I hate watching your team. I use to enjoy making jokes about the players, management or coaching, but I just can’t do it on this one it’s like Dan Snyder already told me the punchline and is now starting the joke. I actually feel sorry for you guys that are fans of the team, seriously truce on this one good luck next fall. Keep your head up it’s not that bad.

    An Eagles Fan

  22. Clemons will surprise you Redskin fans! He was in a bad situation in NY. Give him a chance and he will help your team to the WIN column. He is also a great guy off the field-if that makes a difference anymore.

  23. If the Redskins O line is solid, Kellen will more than do his part if he gets a chance to play at least two games. He will be all about the team’s success and he will learn Washington’s system quickly.

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