Redskins are rounding up receivers

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They may not have anyone with high-end credentials to throw the ball, but the Washington Redskins are lining up plenty of guys to try to catch it.

On the same day the team traded for receiver Jabar Gaffney and agreed to terms receiver Donte’ Stallworth, the Redskins have agreed to terms with receiver Brandon Stokley, according to the Twitter page of agent Rick Smith.

The moves come one day after the Redskins agreed to terms with holdover Santana Moss.

A 12-year veteran, Stokley spent 2011 with the Seahawks.  He also has played for the Broncos, Colts, and Ravens, including two seasons with former Denver coach Mike Shanahan.

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  1. I feel like Stokely won’t make it past the preseason. But who knows, maybe he’ll surprise people.

  2. The Redskins are finally getting some WRs? Best proof I’ve seen so fire that McNabb is getting traded.

  3. Not a skins fan, but there is some talent between all 4 of these guys.

    If Moss and Stallworth have some speed left and can stretch the field, Gaffney and Stokley can be productive underneath.

    Now the only question is… who is going to be throwing them the ball – Beck or Grossman?

  4. Well, there’s something to be said for steadiness and consistency. Outside of a couple names in free agency, there wasn’t going to be a top tier fix for the Redskins, and they need to improve other areas of the team as well.

    Moss is the one lock to be on the roster, with Hankerson probably close to a lock as a depth/development guy. Wouldn’t surprise me if Gaffney/Stokely/Armstrong/Stallworth are competing for 2-3 slots (specifically, Armstrong could be competing with Stallworth for a deep threat role), with Banks/Austin competing for a ST role. The other rookies are probably PS types. I’ll be a bit surprised if they pursue any other WR’s in the FA market. They should focus their money on either DL, DB, or OL.

  5. Looking like this years WR corps is a mirror image of last years RB situation…nothing wrong with a little competition. May the best man win..HAIL

  6. Okay you guys need to understand what these influx of signings mean. Teams need to fill up their rosters to reach 90 and transactions like these reflect that. The Redskins have plenty of young WRs like Armstrong, Austin, Banks and the 3 rookies and now they are adding veterans who can teach these guys. That’s how the NFL works folks – coaches pick up players who they have experience with for a reason.

    Chances are, the Redskins won’t start the season with more than 1 or two of the guys they just signed.

  7. I’d say something but I’m afraid Danny might be in the room. I can’t afford to get sued!!!

  8. I am happy with these signings. These WR’s cost our team next to nothing and guys like Gaffney, Stokely, and Stallworth would all make good 4th/slot type receivers. Add in Moss, Armstrong, Cooley and Davis, and we have a solid group of “team” players. If Beck is what Shanahan feels he is, and if Torain can stay healthy, I look forward to watching our offense this year.

  9. So they’re signing a bunch of guys who might or might not have anything left to cheap one year deals and holding a open competition?

    And this is somehow a worse idea than the usual ‘sign a superstar to a ridiculous contract that never pans out and screws the franchise for years’?

  10. I hate to be “that guy”, but they have assembled a nice cast of #2 WRs, with no clear-cut #1. Moreover, there will be little chance of draft picks Leonard Hankerson, Niles Paul or Aldrick Robinson cracking the rotation in year 1, with Gaffney, Moss, Stallworth and Stokely in front of them, not to mention, Anthony Armstrong, Malcolm Kelly and KR/PR Brandon Banks to try to steal balls from..

    That’s 10 WRs, not including Austin, Terrence Austin, Taurus Johnson, Maurice Price and Roydell Williams, which would bring the grand total to 14, even though it would appear this entire last group are all slated to be gone, come roster cutdowns.

    Now, they just need a QB.

    I know, they can trade for one with their three 6th round picks.

    In all seriousness, I stated prior that I liked their draft, but this just seems to be 2 steps forwards and 3 steps backwards, in terms of developing an identity on offense.

    I’ve always been a fan of building a core group of offensive skill players from scratch, as opposed to pulgging in FA vets, which I think has been proven more successful on the defensive side of the ball.

  11. It’s funny how these players become non-productive in your minds because they sign with the Skins. So, you hate the Skins because they are filling out their roster? Of course, not all of these players are going to make the team. They have 13 receivers on the roster now and everyone knows they will only keep 6. Calm down people.

  12. Oh K i did say that if the installation of John Beck, Grossman and whichever scrub is the Redskins QB, oh boy what a long season it will be. The news keeps on getting better, anyhow i understand that some will be cut, camp fodder yada yada, but this is just comical.

  13. Stokely was money last year for the Hawks(if you can say that about the Hawks). Had a nice year on a bad team. A possession receiver who has a knack for getting 0pen on third downs. Not a bad pick up.

  14. So to start with the skins have a horrible recieving group. Now they add some fairly talented free agents and they are idiots. Did you rather they blew their wad on Santonio Holmes who by the way had fewer catches and yards than Anthony Armstrong last year? I am happy that they are getting value for the money finally. Some solid possesion recievers is what they need. As for Santana Moss, he only had 90+ catches and 1100+ yards last year while learning a new offense and flip-flopping crappy QB’s. You people need to shut up already! Give it some time, it takes time to build up a team that has been so poorly run for so long. You can’t just do it in the draft, you only get about 3-4 quality players from the draft.

  15. To the person that did a thumbs down on my earlier post, you must like to keep losing FB games. I don’t. The Shanahan’s are a complete joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Shanahan and anyone who is OK with this is delusional. Did we not learn anything from last year when we went out and signed every aging veteran available (anyone remember the running back disaster of Portis, Parker, and Holmes??? How about Galloway?)

    For the love of God, we need to stop signing aging veterans and start getting some youth on this team and trusting the decision to sign them enough to let them play and grow. Yes, it will not happen overnight, but it does and WILL work.

    This ridiculous cycle of signing veterans who have one foot out the door and are looking for nothing else than one last, large payday (which the Skins are always obliged to give out), only lasts a year, then they’re gone, the youth have had no time to develope, and we repeat the next season.

    Pretty much every single offensive decision Shanahan has made is HIGHLY questionable to say the LEAST. And offense is supposedly his strength. Anyone who isn’t seriouosly questioning whether this stubborn, old man has seriously lost touch with the reality of football is as blind as he is.

    From what I’ve seen so far, absolutely nothing has shown me this team has improved since the Absolute Dumbest Man In Football left (Hi Cerrato). If anything, it’s gotten worse by taking a solid, foundation building, top 10 defense and completely dismantling it.

    I’m sorry, but football is not rocket science. In the end, there is alot of guess work involved in building a team. But if you can’t trust your draft picks and give them a shot, it’s hopeless, and the only one who comes out on top is Snyders inflated wallet.

  17. That’s why Hockey is a better sport. Much more hitting and since the season is so much longer I think Hockey is a far more rougher sport! As far as the skins go we suck and will continue to do so as long as Danny boy owns the team. Danny please get out and sell the team

  18. Stokley already has two rings, he’s got no reason to try anymore. He’s just looking for a chance to cash in like everybody does that goes to the Redskins and he’s the biggest name. Well other than Donte “drive over you” Stallworth.

  19. @capsrockva

    Mabye you should stick to hockey and not come on here saying the same crap Lavar ( not Levar )and Fat boy say. You just show you know nothing about football. Shanahan is in charge not Snyder wether good or bad. Were you out bashing the Caps when they were rocked from the playoffs?

    How that retarded show is still on the air when all that listen are goofballs that follow fat boy and people that bow down to Lavar.

  20. “anyone remember the running back disaster of Portis, Parker, and Holmes???”

    What disaster? Portis was already on the team, Parker was signed cheap and didn’t even make the final 53, and Johnson (not Holmes) was also signed cheap and had all of 5 carries before he was cut.

    You people don’t seem to understand, the problem with the Redskins was never that they just picked up aging stars, it was that they paid aging stars insane amounts of money and thereby screwed the team. In case you haven’t noticed, thats not whats happening now.

  21. It’s still a problem when younger players who are hungry for a chance aren’t getting the time and training they need because the team is bogged down in worthless veterans. It’s a huge distraction.

    Players need to find a groove, a rhythm, and need to know the first offense inside and out, be comfortable, and know exactly their role going into the season to be the most effective.

    Wasting time with this revolving door of has-beens only delays that process. Once they get their shot in-season, they’re playing catch-up (unless in the circumstance they are just simply THAT good and catch on immediately – few and far between).

    All the decisions so far under Shanahan (while not spending outrageously…yet) have been very on-the-fly.

    Look, I hope I’m wrong, but nothing has shown me otherwise. This year was the best draft for the Redskins in years, but only because we simply DRAFTED people and not trade all our picks away. Use and trust in those draft picks. Work with them so you can build an offensive foundation of players who want to PLAY their brains out to win not cash-in.

  22. to : smellmyface

    Yes I do know FB and how do we know Danny boy isn’t still trying to destroy this franchise? I mean come on now all we sign is aging free agents who have nothing left in the tank. As for Lavar’s show it is an awesome show, which I might add is the highest y rated show in the area!!!!!!!!!!! It’s much better than a sports show owned Dan which if you say anything bad bout the skins you’re fired. Point blank. As for your hockey reference no I was not bashing the Caps after their exit from the playoffs. It smells like you are either a Pit fan or NE fan

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