Report: Frank Gore will hold out absent new deal

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The 49ers are due to report for camp on Thursday.  According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, they shouldn’t count on seeing running back Frank Gore.

Per Schefter, Gore wants a new contract.  He’s due to make $5 million in 2011, the last year of his current deal.

Matt Maiocco of reports that the team has been unable to reach Gore since the lockout ended.

He rushed for 853 yards in 11 games last year, before breaking a hip and missing the rest of the season.  He was on pace for 1,240 yards.

41 responses to “Report: Frank Gore will hold out absent new deal

  1. Guy is a stud runner, but definitely gets nicked up here and there.

    I’m thinking this guy has 1-2 GOOD years left and maybe 1-2 average years.

    That’s worth about $5-7MM per year

  2. I hate that he’s doing this but it makes sense. He’ll be 29 when his contract is up (after this season) and nobody will throw money at him so why not try to squeeze a bit more money while he can?

  3. Holding out on what grounds… he gets injured every year. At this point i dont see how you can sign him to any thing long term. I would let him sit out and bring b-west back.

  4. If he won’t sign a short term deal than trade him. Great running back but has been getting dinged more and more lately and won’t be worth signing him to a long term deal. Sucks for running backs but its reality.

  5. @stephenjr311, I think its the start you do want for Harbaugh. Don’t worry about losing the veterans. A good coaching staff will find players to replace them and its good to get young in this league.

  6. I hope he comes back so some other team in my fantasy league will waste a 2nd rounder on him and be screwed when he goes on IR again.

  7. Anyone get the feeling that the Niners are feeling a little Luck-y? Seems like the Niners want the 1st overall for 2012.

    They have lost a lot and haven’t done much. Not a lot of good news for us fans…glad I decided to skip season tickets this year.

  8. “he gets injured every year. I would let him sit out and bring b-west back.”

    ^ umm…. Replacing mr plastic with an older mr glass doesn’t solve anything.

  9. Um “Can’t reach Gore?” Jeez. His Uncle Bay Bay lives in Frank’s condo year ’round like a mile from the facility. I’ll stop what I’m doing and go over there and tell Bay Bay they’re looking for Frank. Stand by…

  10. Let him. He peaked in 2006 and has been in decline ever since. Add in he’s injury prone, a fumbler and poor receiver out of the back-field and is good for two tip-ball INTs a year…

    I would really like a better, far less over-rated back in San Francisco.

  11. I’m really glad we had to wait 4+ months for the players to get a “fair deal”, just so half of them could then hold out for more money. What a bunch of scumbags.

  12. “When will these guys learn to put the team first and report to camp on time with no OTA’s or Minicamps.”

    When will fans learn that these guys only have about 8 years to make as much money as they can before they suddenly can’t work anymore.

    “Im gonna try this with my job tomorrow…”

    If you are an integral part of a billion dollar company making about 60% of your market value AND you only have 3-4 years of work left on your body….go for it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t. you’re probably very replaceable.

  13. I love Gore, he’s a beast……. when he is healthy! Coming off a broken hip in which he missed the last 5 games, and the lockout which already has fans stinging from all the BS to holdout….. STUPID!

  14. Well, maybe this will help keep Aso on the Raiders. Let’s hope they break the bank for Gore.

  15. @tdk24

    They won’t break the bank for him and he knows it. They already had a decent amount of cap space going into this week and with the eventual cutting of Clements they definitely have the $ to spend on Nnamdi.

  16. Of course when he sees players all over the league signing for ridiculous amounts of money. He obviously wants to get his last big pay day.

  17. steelerfansareretards says:
    Jul 27, 2011 2:40 PM
    I’m really glad we had to wait 4+ months for the players to get a “fair deal”, just so half of them could then hold out for more money. What a bunch of scumbags
    So are the owners who have been cutting all these players the last two days scumbags too?

  18. Shop Gore for a first round pick in 2012 to use as ammo with their own 1st rounder to move up and get Luck. Start Dixon and get in the Reggie Bush sweepstakes for 3rd down back.

  19. He’s got a pair of kings with an ace on the board… shaky ground for Gore to be doing this now after the lockout.
    If I was the Niners I would say hello to Anthony Dixon full-time and save potential big $$ on a declining RB heading towards age 30.
    If he holds out extended time how much of his contract to the Niners owe?

  20. b7p19 says:
    Jul 27, 2011 2:41 PM
    When will fans learn that these guys only have about 8 years to make as much money as they can before they suddenly can’t work anymore.
    Exactly what prevents an NFL player from getting another (read: real) job after football? They can work just fine it’s just that there won’t be any more “free” money. Attitudes like yours are why many of these guys think they actually are heros. Gore would make $5M this year and believes that is not enough or wants a longer term deal now. He knows he wouldn’t get a long term deal after this year (because he is not worth one) so why not extort one right now while he seems to have some leverage? This guy is a good RB but he is getting old, has been injury prone, and is coming off a broken hip (huge injury for an NFL player…especially a RB) What makes anyone think he is worth more than a 1 year $5 million deal? I think the 49ers should just let him hold out and watch the fines add up.

  21. We all hoped they were going to fix this issue in the new labor agreement instead were going to be dealing with guys making 5 mill’ being “disrespected”

  22. Roger Craig said it best, Frank Gore doesn’t lead you to the playoffs, BOTTOMLINE!

  23. Gore is not getting a new deal. He is used up. He will be 29 and has carried the whole load by himself for all those years. If he even makes it through a full season he will have over 1700 carries. I would stand firm he won’t default on that 5 mil and then draft new blood and let him leave.

  24. It’s annoying when a guy who can’t stay on the field feels like he’s owed some special treatment. How about you make it through a season intact first Frank?

  25. @FinFan68 –

    Frank Gore has every right to maximize his earning potential just like all of the pro-owner fans agreed that the owners had every right to lock out the players in order to maximize THEIR earning potential.

    As for ME having any effect on any players state of mind….please. I’m just a normal guy whose talents unfortunately are not as marketable as Gore’s. p.s. – some of the players are heros (visiting schools and working in the community). Don’t lump them all in with the loudest, most obnoxious minority.

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