Report: Titans to dump Vince Young on Thursday

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The Titans plan to trade or cut quarterback Vince Young.  With only a few days to trade him before that $4.25 million roster bonus becomes earned, they’ll be cutting him instead.

Terry McCormick of TitanInsider reports that the Titans will dump Young on Thursday, the first day that player cuts may be made.

Young is intriguing because he has played well at times, with a couple of high-profile meltdowns.  That’s prompted some (i.e., us) to wonder whether a different coach would be able to better shepherd Young through the rough spots.

Said a trusted media source who isn’t a Jeff Fisher guy, “It wasn’t Fisher.  It was Young.”

Still, there’s also a coach who thinks he can be the guy to get the best out of a player with a high amount of potential.  Given that there simply aren’t enough good quarterbacks to go around in the NFL, someone will take a chance on the guy whose tremendous performance in the 2005 BCS title game helped USC avoid the indignity of being stripped of two national championships.

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  1. with the re signing of moss and the signing of stallworth it look like the skins are gearing up for alot of short yardage slash plays. I expect they did it for someone who isnt familiar with the playbook.

    Welcome to dc VY

  2. I can think of a few teams that pay better than the Titans that could use him – USC, Auburn, Ohio State …

  3. Having VY on your team is like owning a boat. The happiest days of your life are the day you get it and the day you get rid of it.

  4. He better hope there is still a position out there for him…
    The starting QB spots are filling up fast.

  5. I’m thinking washington. As screwed up as the shanahans seem to have become, the old man had his best yrs coaching a very similar qb (mobility wise) in elway.

    They’re desperate, he’s desperate. Just makes too much sense to me.

    Besides, does anyone really think they believe that John Beck can win?

    Even the shanahans haven’t gone that nuts

  6. I would say that the sun has basically set on Vince Young’s career. I’ve been proven wrong before, but I just don’t think the guy has what it takes to overcome adversity.

  7. I’ve always liked Young as a player. I think with the right mentor, he could still flourish. The issue is that he’s never had that, and clearly has some minor to moderate mental health issues (I don’t mean that to be funny or sarcastic). As an Eagles fan, I think he’d be a great backup for Vick. He could learn from both Vick and our coaching staff.

    Something about Reid’s style seems to fit guys like Young, Vick and even showboats like DeSean. It’s a sort of Old, Wise, Fat Man™ approach that says “We believe in you. We know you can be successful and will do everything we can to help you reach that goal. But understand, we’re the team that basically cut T.O. at the height of his career. We’re just sayin’.”

  8. axespray says: Jul 27, 2011 10:02 AM

    Jamie Dukes: “I think he’s elite!”

    he’s living proof bad things happen when you chase parked cars and eat paint chips as a child.

  9. The Detroit Lions….

    Stafford is almost always banged up and has not lit the world on fire when he isn’t. And Schwartz knows him from the time he worked with the Titans.

  10. Young has talent but until he can convince a team that he can handle adversity, he shouldn’t get too much interest. Nobody wants a head case that acts like a 7 year old child as their team leader.

  11. Said a trusted media source who isn’t a Jeff Fisher guy, “It wasn’t Fisher.  It was Young.”

    Anyone whose favorite color is not burnt orange and who paid attention the last five years could’ve told you that.

    The guy is obviously talented, but he’s incredibly sensitive and can be frustratingly immature. I really don’t think he knows how good he had it in Nashville.

  12. Young can play football but has been challenged in his personal life. I think it’s a crap shoot if he can get the right people around him to mentor him & keep him on a good path.

    I for one wish him luck & hope he stays out of the AFC all together, for the Buffalo Bills sake.

  13. LOL at how The VY apologists contrast the popular opinion. Cherry pick the details and you can see it this way too!

  14. Eagles will sign Young as a backup. If anyone coddles their QBs, its Andy Reid. Look how long he pacified McNabb. His game is similar to Vick’s before Vick got to Philly. If he needs a player to mold himself after on the field, its Vick . And he’ll get playing time because Vick will miss a game here or there.

  15. “Has talent”, “Obviously can play”, …

    Oh please, Young has never had NFL-caliber talent, especially the mental aspect of the qb position.

  16. jaxcliff says:
    Jul 27, 2011 11:59 AM
    “Has talent”, “Obviously can play”, …

    Oh please, Young has never had NFL-caliber talent, especially the mental aspect of the qb position.

    Oh, so your definition of “talent” hinges on mental/emotional fortitude?

    You can’t look at Young’s record, or have seen some of his highlight comebacks (vs. Giants, Texans, Bills, and Cardinals come immediately to mind, though they aren’t his only highlights) and say the guy has never had NFL-caliber talent. Maybe not top echelon NFL QB talent, but he has the physical tools.

    But you’re right that the mental aspect holds him back and makes him inconsistent. And the Jags in particular, since that seems to be your team, were usually pretty good at getting into his head.

  17. I wish the vikes would of waited on McNabb and picked up Young I think he would of fit very well in Minnesota

  18. I hate to break it to you guys saying you want him as a backup so “X” starting quarterback can mentor him, and mold him, and teach him, etc., but you’re totally ignoring the fact that VY not only doesn’t want to be mentored, or molded, or taught, he will literally rebel against it. Just as he said in his “60 Minutes” interview:

    “Can’t nobody tell me nothing.”

  19. At least he still has that National Championship ring & empty space on his shelve where his Heisman should have been (Come on Reggie do the right thing). Former Texas player with tons of talent and no personal or professional discipline sound like anyone else to you hear of cough** Ricky Williams ** cough** Cedric Benson** cough.

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