Rodgers: James Jones should be Packers’ top priority

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers knows what he wants his team to do now that the NFL is open for business: Re-sign free-agent wide receiver James Jones.

“James is extremely talented and he’s a guy that I think we have to bring back without a doubt,” Rodgers told ESPN Milwaukee. “He should be priority No. 1. And I mean that with all my heart. He really should be priority No. 1. We don’t win the Super Bowl without him. And we need him.”

Jones was third on the Packers in catches and second on the team in receiving yards during the regular season, and he added 11 catches for 144 yards and two touchdowns in the postseason. If he were to sign elsewhere as a free agent, he’d be a significant loss to the Packers as a team and to Rodgers personally. Peter King recently predicted in Sports Illustrated that Jones would sign with the Bears, something no Packers fan would want to see.

Rodgers also said he’s hoping the Packers can keep right tackle Mark Tauscher, who will probably have to take a pay cut if he’s going to stay in Green Bay.

“I’m hopeful that Mark will be back with us, but I realize it’s a business, and I think he does as well,” Rodgers said. “I’m really hoping that he’s still with us. I don’t know what I’d do without that big guy in the locker room. He makes me feel better about myself every day. He’s an overrated backgammon and cribbage player, but he’s a hell of a [football] player, too. I hope we bring him back.”

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  1. Top priority is to get Jones some stickum!

    Seriously, I would prefer our QB to quit talking publicly about personnel matters. He is the QB, not the GM. Our last QB had that problem.

  2. With all the talent the Green Bay Packers have Jones will not be missed much.

    If you look around that talented roster and ask “Who would I cut to keep Jones?”

    The answer is no one.

    The Packers just drafted a new WR in the 2nd round and Jones signing elsewhere will give the Packers a nice compensatory draft pick.

  3. Jones is far from being over-rated. While he had some horrible drops last season, the guy also made some of the best catches I’ve ever seen a WR make, but people never remember those for some reason. I’m glad Rodgers is being vocal in trying to keep Jones around.

  4. James Jones was the strongest wr in his draft. He has T.O. like strength. He could really develop into a great wr. Do we really want to give up on him because of a few drops and send him to the bears? P.S. The scoop the ball off the ground catch he made on the final superbowl drive was a thing of beauty.

    P.S.S. He also made an amazing catch against atlanta for a td. Do lets not just bash the kid.

    and like they say, happy wife happy life. If the qb wants a wr, you sign that wr.

  5. I think you are all wrong about Jones, he can and will be a top NFL receiver if he stays with the Packers. If he does go to the Bears, Cutler will make him an average receiver.

  6. Jason Wilde brought up an interesting point yesterday. James Jones had less drops than Driver in the regular season last year. Granted, the drops against Philly in the WC round and the Super Bowl were magnified, I don’t know how you can say we won’t miss Jones.

  7. “Peter King recently predicted in Sports Illustrated that Jones would sign with the Bears, something no Packers fan would want to see.”
    Sorry Bears fans. If Peter King predicts it, it almost certainly is not going to happen.

  8. irishgary says:Jul 27, 2011 8:11 AM

    I think you are all wrong about Jones, he can and will be a top NFL receiver if he stays with the Packers. If he does go to the Bears, Cutler will make him an average receiver.

    Correction: Cutler will make him a DB, just like he does to the rest of his WRs after pulling his Favre impersonations.

  9. Jones will be back. In regards to Finley going to WR, not going to happen. The Packers tried that experiment with David Martin.

  10. I like Jones better as an option to replace Driver than Jordy Nelson. Nelson is a great player but I don’t think he’s a #2, whereas I think Jones can be. If Driver gets injured or falls of this year, I don’t think Cobb nor Nelson can bring it quite like Jones.

    That said, he’ll want to much money. He’s probably looking for 6-7 million and the Packers are probably offering 3.5 at most. Sadly, he’ll probably be a Bear.

  11. Jones should be re-signed…he’s very good and will only get better. I agree with the poster that suggested Rodgers shut up about player preferences. That was one of the annoying traits of SpongeFavre No-Pants.

  12. It may not be popular, but Thompson’s standard operating procedure has been to go with the younger guys, and at this point, who has a better future, Driver or Jones? I don’t know if Jones will ever be as good as Driver used to be, but he’s probably better than Driver is now – high profile drops and all.

  13. Does anyone remember the preseason game against Cincy a few years back when Jones was crushed by three guys, lost his helmet and still walked into the enzone for a TD?? Where has that guy been ever since? Fumbling and dropping passes. That’s the guy everyone sees… if he comes back it will only be because Uncle Teddy gets him on the cheap.

  14. “Seriously, I would prefer our QB to quit talking publicly about personnel matters. He is the QB, not the GM. Our last QB had that problem.”

    Within the context of the interview, he’s not trying to be the GM.

  15. You hear it straight from the mouth of one of the best QBs in the NFL, and your reaction?

    “Meh, he drops too many balls, pass.”

    I’m going to go ahead and side with his teammate on this one.

    Jones should be kept, period.

  16. yes jones has hads some big drops, but he has also made some great catch’s. i hope they keep him, i believe he has his best football in front of him. hopefully jones stay’s cuz he’s not a #1 and if he get’s big money somewhere and doesn’t produce like it, fans will crush him….

  17. cleonslamminsalmon says: Jul 27, 2011 9:09 AM

    Little Earthquake-
    I think you mean: Rodgers-Super Bowl MVP.
    Must be a Vikes fan.


    Actually I’m a huge Packers fan. I was hoping people would get the joke…

  18. Dude is a slightly lesser version of Sterling Sharpe. He’s got power and bulk like that. Except for some reason they rarely send him over the middle anymore. He’s almost always the designated “along the sidelines” guy.
    Yeah, he had some grotesque drops, all on what would have been SURE TDs. But I chalk that up to Mike McCarthy’s “low percentage” downfield passing game. Plus, if he’s your #1 (and on most teams he’s good enough to be) he’ll be more consistent, because he’ll be in the action more.
    He’s worth the money if your team doesn’t already have 5 or 6 potential pro bowlers at the position.

  19. how about we keep our second best WR and cut Driver, he’s 36 caught 51 balls for 565 yards 4 tds. hes been getting more dinged up every year and has been losing two steps each of the last 3 years . i bleed green and gold but i would be ok with that, he already said he wouldnt go anywhere else. also he isnt a TT guy and just because he’s kept his mouth shut doesnt mean he will be spared at the cost of the betterment of the team

    smell ya later taush to, it was fun

  20. I would like to see Jones back as I think it’s a huge advantage when your 3rd and 4th WR are very good and can exploit the nickle and/or dime back of the opponent. I also think that Driver only has about 1 more year in the tank.

    The problem is that Jones he has all the physical tools, but he isn’t really a “heady” player. By that I mean he does things like: carry the ball in the wrong hand along the sidelines and coast out of bounds a yard short of the 1st down (on 1st or 2nd down). Even in the SB last year there was a play late where he should have stayed in bounds to run clock and instead went OB.

    It’s going to be tough as I think someone will probably overpay for him, particularly since his peak years will be on this contract. So if you pay Jones now, who leaves 1-2 years down the road? Maybe you sign Jones now and cut bait on Finely next year.

  21. I like Jones and would like to retain him but with all the other options on this team TT can simply not afford to pay him what he wants or what the market will dictate for him.

    JerMichael Finley is a hell of a lot better than David Martin was on his best day. To say Finley can’t make the switch to WR just because Martin couldn’t is stupid to say the least.

    This team has Driver, Jennings, Nelson, Cobb, Finley, Quarless, Crabtree and the rooks DJ Williams and Ryan Taylor. Thats a good stable of pass catchers if I’ve ever saw one.

    Not to mention they just signed like 4 undrafted WRs who will compete for a job here. One guy named Tori Gurley is 6’4″ and reminds me of a certain 7th round pick the Saints drafted a while back named Marques Colston.

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