Several teams after Eric Weddle, no signing yet


Eric Weddle, the 26-year-old free agent safety who spent his first four seasons with the Chargers, appears to be a hot commodity right now.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are going so hard after Weddle that there were erroneous reports yesterday that they had already reached a deal. In reality, Weddle remains free at the moment.

Weddle’s agent, David Canter, told the North County Times that seven teams want Weddle and four are making a major push. The Chargers reportedly consider keeping Weddle their top priority, and Canter said that’s a possibility.

The Chargers will be given as fair a shot as they can possibly have to secure his services,” Canter said. “We’ve had communication with Chargers, who have stated their interest.”

Other reports have indicated that the Browns, Vikings, Cowboys and Texans are all interested in Weddle as well.

A 2007 second-round draft pick out of Utah, Weddle started all 16 games in San Diego last year.

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  1. Ok Jags, after last year’s safety performances this should have been a done deal already and definetely before Paul Poslusnzy. Either way, get it done.

  2. jenniferxxx says: Jul 27, 2011 8:47 AM

    He has speed issues.
    Why would you write that? Because he’s white and you are ignorant?

    Eric Weddle has a similar 40 yard dash time to the Jaguar’s two starting cornerbacks, an electronically timed 4.48. Rashean Mathis ran a 4.45 and Derek Cox ran a *hand timed* 4.42 at his pro day. Hand timed 40s almost always show the player to be faster than they really are, typically by 5-10 hundredths of a second. Ed Reed, who is known for his speedy interception returns and many consider to be the best safety in the NFL, ran a 4.57 at the combine, which is pretty standard for a safety.

    The most impressive part of Eric Weddle’s speed is his 10 yard split time, which is much more relevant to football than 40 yard dash times. How often does a player run 40 yards in a straight line? Hardly ever. How often does a player accelerate from 0-10 yards? Several dozen times a game. Eric posted a 1.43 second 10 yard split time, which was tied for the fastest player to *ever be recorded at the combine* at the time (it has been beaten since by CJ2K, et al.)

    Still want to claim one of the fastest players in the league has speed issues?

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