Texans keep Matt Leinart


In a surprise move, quarterback Matt Leinart has agreed to a deal to stay with the Houston Texans, a day after reports circulated that Leinart would sign with the Seattle Seahawks.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Leinart wanted to sign with a team that would give him a chance to start, and the Texans are definitely not that as long as Matt Schaub is around. But Leinart apparently concluded after the Seahawks agreed to a deal with Tarvaris Jackson that he wouldn’t be able to start in Seattle, either.

It says a lot about how far Leinart has fallen that for the second straight year, he has signed in Houston even though he knows he can’t start in Houston, just because he can’t start anywhere else, either. But Texans coach Gary Kubiak wanted Leinart back, and now he’ll have him.

In Houston, Leinart will compete with Dan Orlovsky and rookie T.J. Yates for the right to back up Schaub.

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  1. “John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Leinart wanted to sign with a team that would give him a chance to start, and the Texans are definitely not that as long as Matt Schaub is around.”

    Is there really any reason to make a joke here? It’s almost a punch line by itself.

  2. Dang it!!!! Was really hoping to face Leinart twice a year again…would have been fun!

  3. Kinda wanted to see him in Seattle. Pete Carroll got the most production out of him. Oh well, back-up it is…carry on.

  4. I guess losing to Derek Anderson in camp scared him away from competition for good. This should be the proof that Leinart is complacent with getting by as a backup in the NFL. He does not have the will or drive to succeed as an NFL QB.

  5. Good for Leinart. He gets to keep learning under Kubiak in a good offense with good players. Not sure he can beat out Orlovsky though. Maybe he should have aimed for somewhere he’d be more in line for some PT.

  6. Ha, the day you decide you’re not good enough to start over Tavaris Jackson is the day you’re not good enough to start in the NFL, period.

  7. Let me get this straight, Matt Leinart is actually sulking and giving up because HE doesn’t think he could beat out Tavaris Jackson. Wow, if you don’t believe in yourself that much Matt, just quit.

  8. bigvinnyinjax says:
    As a Jaguars fan, please allow me to say, “woo-hoo!”

    Correction: As THE Jaguars fan…
    (as if there were more then only you)

  9. I was hoping he would end in Seattle. That would have been an NFL first-3 career back ups (Lienert, Jackson, Whitehurst) taking turns as starters.

  10. trbowman says:
    Jul 27, 2011 2:18 PM
    What is Leinart thinking?
    I’m guessing it’s either “Man, I suck” or “At least I will have a longer career than Ryan Leaf”.

  11. First thoughts on this — without knowing any real details on what the Seahawks may have told him — is “how dumb is this guy?” If he thinks he’s got a better shot to climb over Kubiak’s guy than he does to beat out another team’s cast-off in the eyes of the coach under whom he won a Heisman trophy . . .

  12. Just goes to show that the general consensus on Leinert is right. He doesn’t have the motivation it takes to be a successful QB in this league. He’s happy to collect a million or so as the backup to a QB where, short of an injury, he’ll never get on the field.

  13. @clintonportisheadd says: Jul 27, 2011 2:34 PM

    I was hoping he would end in Seattle. That would have been an NFL first-3 career back ups (Lienert, Jackson, Whitehurst) taking turns as starters.
    As my wife would say, “just push them together and make one good one”.

  14. Damn, Leinart… he must know something about the awesomeness of T-Jack that made him run back to holding a clipboard in Houston.

  15. Matt isn’t a starter, plain and simple. He had more than enough chances in Arizona. He should be happy he is on a football team period.

  16. @mnfaninaz says:
    Jul 27, 2011 2:35 PM
    Leinart is a highly compensated male cheerleader.

    that should be the only post needed on this story……..good one

  17. Am I the only one who think Leinart loves being a backup?….I picture him like a real life version of the QB from Blue Mountain State

  18. Best news of the day for Seattle. This guy just proved he never wants a legit shot at starting. At least he didn’t absorb $8m/yr of Seattle’s cap while we search for a real QB.

  19. Leinart shows one more time just how much of an idiot he is. He would have a much better chance of starting in Seattle than Houston.

    Just on more thing to show how much of a loser this guy is.

  20. What a coward…Most QBs decide to hold a clipboard AFTER some success or a beating in some cases. Who knows maybe Paul Allen ran out of money?

  21. Haha, I can definitely see that bmorelikeme, haha too funny. Leinart fits that role perfectly. Now if we can just get the Texans mascot to be his roomie and sidekick!

  22. exactly the free agent splash that us Texans fans were looking for. Thanks a pantload, Mr. McNair, you cheap dildo.

  23. If Leinart is afraid that he can’t beat Tarvaris Jackson out for the starting job, then that speaks volumes about how good he really is.

  24. Dan Orlovsky is twice as good as this stiff. Only thing Matty is good at these days is banging jock sniffing skanks in hot tubs.

    Move him to 3rd string.

  25. Dan Orlovsky will always have a soft spot in my heart for running out the back of the end zone looking for a receiver as a Lion. One of the more entertaining plays of my football watching career.

  26. hmm strange that no one complained about his work ethic out of college. The guy doesn’t even want a chance to fight for a starting job. No wonder arz cut him.

  27. He will be named starter as part of the NFL’s ongoing “hand Manning an easy playoff berth every season of his career” program.

  28. TJ Yates will be Schaub’s backup….maybe not this year, but definitely by next year

  29. Let me get this straight. Sign with the Texans knowing you are a back-up. Likely forever. Or have your actions line up with your words and seek a starting job in Seattle, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Miami, San Fran or a few other places with legitimate concerns at QB.

    Yep. Got it. Matt can talk all he wants about his game, but his act ins prove he has none.

    No legitimate starter would ever not try to start. Period. Only those who are happy to cash cheques would be content being a back-up. Matt Leinart you are Charlie Batch. Enjoy.

  30. I don’t think Matt Leinart ever REALLY got a fair chance after his rookie season. Ken Wisenhunt made it clear he didn’t like him from the beginning and just crushed the dude’s confidence from there. I was laughing my arse off last year when Derek Anderson was given the starting job and Matt was traded to the Texans. Anyone who didn’t know Derek was going to turn into a pumpkin halfway through the season should seek therapy.

  31. How hard is it to suit up, but never play? I mean there has got to be some kind of secret NFL fraternal order for this with Leinart as Prez and Brady Quinn as VP.

  32. It says a lot when you don’t think you can beat Tavaris Jackson.

    All hype, no heart. Tons of talent, but without the guts to match.

  33. “dirtdawg55 says:
    Jul 27, 2011 5:54 PM
    ….. Matt Leinart you are Charlie Batch. Enjoy.”

    Nah, Batch can actually play a little. He’s more like Curtis Painter or Kyle Boller.

  34. I have lived in AZ for a while, and I follow the Cardinals as well as observed Matt Leinart’s talents when he was here. Three Words….Waste Of Money.

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