Bears may consider Greg Olsen trade


For much of the 2010 offseason, there was talk that the Bears would trade tight end Greg Olsen. It didn’t happen then, but it might happen now.

Olsen’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, sent an e-mail at 7:56 p.m. Wednesday to general managers and personnel people on all 32 teams saying Olsen would be available.

“The Bears have granted me permission to seek a trade for Greg Olsen,” Rosenhaus wrote, as first reported by Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. “Please let me know if interested. Sounds like the Bears will be very reasonable on the compensation in return for Greg.”

However, 11 minutes later, Rosenhaus sent another e-mail to the same recipients, saying, “Please disregard my previous email regarding Greg Olsen.”

Rosenhaus may have sent the second e-mail at the Bears’ request, but that doesn’t mean Olsen isn’t on the trading block. It seems awfully hard to believe that Rosenhaus would send an e-mail like the first one if there hadn’t been talks about working out an Olsen trade.

Although Olsen played in all 16 games and started 13 last season, his production declined in his first year in the Mike Martz offense, which doesn’t emphasize passing to tight ends. Olsen finished the regular season with 41 catches for 404 yards and five touchdowns.

23 responses to “Bears may consider Greg Olsen trade

  1. Didn’t want him coming out of college, don’t want him now. Your baby Chicago.

  2. One more reason Jerry Angelo sucks as a GM…

    (and 31 reasons why he should stay right where he is…)

  3. Greg Olsen is one of Jay Cutler’s only weapons….
    So naturally…
    Jerry Angelo: “Get rid of him!”

  4. I would understand if they want to move him. As talented as Olsen is, a passing TE is not a fit for Martz’s offense. But … the Bears need to think more long term than that. There’s no guarantee that Martz will stick around long-term. Olsen is their best pure passing target right now. He has a strong relationship with Cutler. He offers a safety valve for a Bears offense that wants to emphasize Matt Forte first, and his ability to stretch and attack the seams creates opening on the edges for guys like Knox and Hester.

    If they do move him, they really should try to at least get a 3rd or 4th in return. Even then, that really isn’t enough value, IMO, to justify such a move for them. After a season where Martz was ordered to tone down the offense to adjust to their weak OL, I’d be a bit surprised if Martz had enough juice to force this action.

  5. This is so typical of the Bears! Hire a dummy! like Martz & because of his obvious stupidity, trade an excellent player lile Olsen.

  6. The Bears will be lucky to win 7 games this season – they will be a little less than mediocre, their normal state as long as the McClaskey family owns the team.

    Packers, Lions, Bears, Vikings.

  7. Who will the Bears fans and media run out of town first? Martz? Angelo? Lovie? Cutler?

    Then again, who cares? It’s fun watching them continually shoot themselves in the foot.

  8. You gotta be kidding me. Martz will not be in Chicago next season, so you’re going to get rid of one of your best offensive players for a stubborn OC while sitting $30 million under the salary floor?

    WTF Chicago?

  9. Wherever Greg ends up ,it is no secret that he still has a big problem with [yards after catch] and blocking.

  10. They can do this because Kellen Davis is a better Greg Olsen than Olsen is.

    Olsen’s blocking improved throughout last year, but he’s pretty much down where he catches it.

  11. It’s fun watching them continually shoot themselves in the foot.


    NFC Championship game is “shooting yourself in the foot?” Nice logic, Einstein.

  12. As a Pack fan…I wonder what Angelo is thinking…already dishing Aromashadu. He’s the one guy that has been able to beat the Packer D, the Lions D, and the Minny D. Sounds about right.
    Now just crowd the box, shut down Forte and make Cutler beat you…..giggity goo.

  13. Rosenhaus sent out an email 10 minutes ago stating that his inexplicable public behavior over the past few years is really attributable to the fact that he is a closet-case who has had a 4 year crush on Terrell Owens. 2 minutes ago he sent out an email saying, “nevermind.”

  14. As a Bears fan I really love all the anti-Bears posters on here. Especially since most of them cheer for teams that are so irrelevant I couldn’t even begin to care, much less hate, on anything they do.

  15. It’s funny to hear the Haters. They all have reasons to hate the Bears. It’s cause the Bears usually kick their ass’s…..

  16. “Olsen’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, sent an e-mail at 7:56 p.m. Wednesday to general managers and personnel people on all 32 teams saying Olsen would be available.”

    32 teams? Why would He notify Chicago that Olsen is available?

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