Bucs aren’t, weren’t, chasing Nnamdi

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Before free agency, some believed that the Buccaneers would pursue cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, given that the Bucs have something like $376 million in cap space.

For the first time today, the Bucs have been linked to the chase, via multiple reports.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Bucs aren’t, and haven’t been, in the hunt for Asomugha.

Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik explained during a July 7 visit to The Dan Patrick Show (a certain Internet hack was guest-hosting) that the team will continue to build through the draft and focus on young players; Asomugha has been in the league eight years.

Though there’s a chance it was all a smokescreen, it’s more likely that the Bucs are being bandied about because they’ve got the cash.  Which in turn could drive up the price.

The primary suitors for Asomugha are the Jets and 49ers.  The Cowboys could be getting involved as well.  As we continue to have a feeling that the Raiders aren’t rolling over.

33 responses to “Bucs aren’t, weren’t, chasing Nnamdi

  1. He’s staying in Oakland and every fan of these various teams are just getting their hopes up! It’s hilarious how much the media doesn’t actually know

  2. There’s a reason Nnamdi hasn’t made up his mind and there’s a reason no reports of teams interested in Zach Miller have surfaced – both will be newly inked in Oakland by the close of business tomorrow.

  3. Its about Damn time somebody has included the raiders. I’m not sayin he’s gonna be back but there’s a chance cuz al davis loves himself some secondary. If everybody thought al was just gonna let him walk without at least making an offer they are crazier than al davis himself

  4. This is playing out perfectly. Rex loves how he looks in pumps, and Sanchez has an eye on Nnamdi’s 16 year old niece….

  5. I’m not a Jet fan, but it appears to me that the Jets are outmaneuvering, outsmarting and outclassing their competition.

  6. i hear theyve already signed him, and peyton manning. dont forget cromartie.

    i wont believe the bucs are involved till i see the presser and him holding a jersey.

  7. Does anyone really want this guy? Or is he just asking teams to back the dump truck up and drop the cash on him?

  8. Of course not, why would they do something that might make the secondary better, or the team better. I understand building thru the draft, but if you can add a tested player why not pull the trigger on that deal. Hope that the rookie LB mason learns quick…..hope its not a long season for the bucs.

  9. Cowboys getting involved eh? I wouldn’t mind that but it’s the first I’ve heard of it recently. With Free locked up as well as Kosier is Jerry bringing out the checkbook for Aso now?

  10. Ok let me get this straight bucs MUST spend about 59 million dollars and they are talking about building thru the draft?

    Ok I am no expert but i think i remember heavy penelities if teams fail to spend the minimum. What are they going to spend their money on? Massive front loaded contracts for their young guys? Most teams just under the cap can count on one or two big free agents, Tampa could sign an entire team with that. Something is weird about this.

  11. I want to wake up Friday morning, load this site and read that Nnamdi is staying with the Raiders!

  12. Nnamdi would give them an epically good pair of corners, but I’m not sure who in their front seven, other than maybe David Harris, scares many people.

  13. Lets See… The Fastest Paced Week In Football History, And We Got Our 1st Round ,2nd round 3rd round 5th round and 7th round. … … … oh yeah and we broke off a huge chunk of money to a linebacker we already had under Contract. that we paid twice as much for as James Harrison is making. And No his Name Isn’t Ruud.

    Address Our Best Offensive Lineman, Or Get Us someone in the middle of the defense Who Wont Get Dragged Down field by Undersized Running Backs.

    By My Calculations You Still Have About 45Mill Under The Cap. Sorry Glaziers You Cant Ship It To England Anymore.

  14. The longer this thing drags out the more of a chance I say the Raiders have. I’m not sure he wants to be #1B to Revis and he’d be taking a big time discount to sign there. Maybe he’s waiting for the Raiders to up their offer while the 49ers and Jets compete to get him. Unless the Packers make some very unexpected jump into the sweepstakes, I think Nnamdi stays in the Bay Area. I only wish my Eagles were involved but I guess I can settle for DRC. Especially because we stole him and a 2nd rounder for a mediocre Andy Reid QB

  15. @yankeesjetsknicksrangers

    “I’m not a Jets fan but…”

    That statement might have been more convincing if Jets was not a part of your username

  16. I understand building thru the draft, but if you can add a tested player why not pull the trigger on that deal.

    Because…we’re building through the draft?

  17. “Numerous reports here in NY that the finishing touches are being put on the contract by now and Nnamdi as a Jet is imminent.”

    Numerous reports here in Detroit say the Lions are putting the finishing touches on a playoff caliber team and that the super bowl in imminent. Derp.

  18. Even the year the bucs went to the super bowl, they plugged in a few key free agents. You can build thru the draft,but sometimes key free agents are needed, and a proven shut down corner is a commodity a team cant pass up on.

  19. My guess is he’s coming back to Oakland. Al Davis keeps the players that he loves, and Al definitely doesn’t want to let Nnamdi go.

  20. I like how they say the never were in the running for Nnamdi. As I sit here watching ESPN, John Clayton just stated that the Jets are the front runners, but the Bucs aren’t out of it just yet. Makes you think, could they swoop out of nowhere and snatch him up? Just imagine, Nnamdi, Talib and Ronde as NB, sick

  21. An Unnamed source tells me the Buccs plan to use their cap space to get defensive help for Aquib Talib and his legal troubles.

  22. ronde as safety till taanard comes back in full force (they kept threatening it last year but only did it a little) and Grimm isnt 100 percent yet either.

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