Chris Chester leaves Ravens for Redskins’ five-year, $20 million offer

Former Ravens guard Chris Chester is heading to the Redskins.

Chester has agreed to a five-year, $20 million contract — an extremely good deal considering that Chester wasn’t even projected as a starter if he had re-signed with the Ravens, Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun reports.

“It came down to the situation today, entertaining offers from multiple teams and we made the best decision,” Chester’s agent, Craig Domann, said.

It seems hard to imagine that any of the offers were nearly as good as the one from the Redskins.

38 responses to “Chris Chester leaves Ravens for Redskins’ five-year, $20 million offer

  1. I’d really like to know where the Skins are getting all of this cap room from.

  2. We do need linemen in DC, but I know nothing of this guy….but hey, as long as we dont sign another head case QB…….

  3. The Redskins are doing a fairly solid job. They are spending, but it’s been fairly smart spending right now, and they still have a ton of cap room. Josh Wilson upgrades the secondary. They could use more help, but he was a nice piece without overpaying for a CB. Bowen and Cofield address DL concerns. Chester addresses interior OL concerns (as they’ll move Montgomery or … crap, can’t remember the other guy’s name … Lichtensteiger? to C). They got a solid veteran WR to provide depth and consistency. They added Atogwe earlier. Stallworth will push Armstrong for a deep threat role, and they both could make the squad (I can see them carrying 6 – Moss, Hankerson, Stallworth, Armstrong, Gaffney, and Banks perhaps).

    Most importantly, they got rid of their two biggest headaches.

    The team isn’t going to be great next year, but they are headed in the right direction. The defensive front 7 looks intriguing. The secondary looks solid.

    The QB position is what it is (and I’m actually sort of intrigued with John Beck as a skillset fit for the Shanny offense). They could use another OL guy, or two, maybe another DL piece.

  4. Hey 4skin fans:

    Read what the caption said next to Chester’s Name after clicking on it:

    “Redskins agreed to terms on a five-year, $20 million contract with G/C Chris Chester.As they always do, the Redskins are overpaying for mediocre talent.”

    More $ likely to go to waste. Well done, Snyder!!

  5. Lord, the Internet’s worst feature is that it allows the least of us go be unoriginal and wrong with no accountability. One need only look one comment up for a great example. Snyder spends a lot of money…do you come up with this stuff yourself? He HAS to spend at least the same percentage of his cap as all other owners do, so, by complying woththe rules of the CBA and adding young, experienced talent to their weakest link, they are making a mistake? Classic example of why someone’s Mom’s basement shouldn’t have Internet.

  6. What the skins are doing takes cap room which they wisely created w moves and contracts and releases last year and this week. I don’t understand why people haven’t caught on to the fact the skins know how to work the cap. They’ve been doing for years now. Don’t be upset because the skins are adding young guys that obviously their scouting department and shanny figure to become solid starters. Just because the haters teams aren’t adding free agents and their owners are cheap doesn’t mean the skins are cheating or stupid. Look at the additions they have been smart young quality guys that shanny believes he can make better. Not to mention

  7. Cowboysfan it’s simple they are 1 yr deals. And they are adding vets to the rookies and young guys we have. Atleast we didn’t just cut a wr we gave a kings ransom for a couple years ago. Yes mcnabb and Albert choked in dc but even though everyone knew we were gonna get rid of them before the season we still got picks outta teams for them. Good move shanny!

  8. I love how you ignorant people on here pay NO attention to the deals yet talk about how we are wasting money.

    Weddle’s deal was a waste. Roy Williams last year was a waste. Nothing the Skins have done so far has been a waste.

    cowboysfanx20; you shouldnt talk about pissing away things for washed up WRs when you JUST cut a POS in Roy Williams. How many 1st rounders did you give up for him?

  9. skins were $35 Million under the cap this morning. they still have plenty left to spend… and people keep forgetting, based on the new CBA teams have to spend this year.

  10. the same way the cowboys traded two first round picks for a guy that they just released. worry about your bum cowgirls and go kick rocks

  11. Interesting take. “The Mothership” is calling it a great move and an upgrade. You guys are calling it crazy. Likely somewhere in between. Supposedly his athleticism fits Shanny’s system way better than the Ravens.
    Also…how much of this money is guaranteed? That is the main question these days, but gets left out because it wouldn’t make the headlines look as good.

  12. The Redskins are getting the Ravens sloppy seconds with Stallworth, Wilson, and Chester. Hey, Josh Wilson is a solid starting cornerback, but Stallworth is washed up, and Chris Chester wasn’t even projected as a starter this year. Why is Snyder buying mediocre talent. What a shame. Losing Haynesworth, no quarterback, no runningback, what are the Redskins doing? In a division with the Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles the Skins really need to step their game up.

  13. So the Cowboys had one big FA mishap with Roy and they let him go… I don’t think any Redskin fan should be on here boasting about that at all…. You are all forgetting how many big time FA’s Washington has signed in the past that have failed miserably.

    I’d list them all for you but I just don’t have that much time on my hands.

  14. Chris Chester was never able to demonstrate that he was anything more than a fill-in starter. He struggles against big, powerful DL and will have his hands full with some of the competition he will see in the NFC East. On the positive side, he does pull well and should help in that area. Never a character concern either, which should be refreshing in DC. As a Ravens’ fan though, I am not at all concerned about our ability to replace him.

  15. Interested to see how much of this is guaranteed. The story doesn’t mention it. Without that, there is absolutely no way to know if this was a good deal or not. If only the first year is guaranteed, then who cares if they signed him to a 5-year $20M deal – they can just cut their losses after year 1 and are out $4M. This is much better than the way they have been doing things the past 10 years or so that Danny has been in office…shouldn’t there be a term limit?

  16. As an Eagles fan, I look forward to the Skins improving this year. They’ve been so bad for so long that the rivalry has no real entertainment anymore. Looks like they might actually be on the right track now.

  17. Over/under on Redskin wins this year 4 1/2. Thumbs up for the over, down for the under.

  18. rymago, you are using the example of a WR that Jerry Jones “gave a kings ransom for” as your arguing point? Your owner well trumped that The 4 skins just traded away a Fat, no good POS in Haynesworth in which you gave TWO King’s ransoms – a 100 million dollar contract with 41 million guaranteed (21 million this past March) and 32 million of that guaranteed $ in the first 13 months. Then you trade him away for a 2013 5th round pick after a couple of seasons.

    Let’s face it. Haynesworth will go down as the ALL-TIME biggest FA flub in history, and you can’t deny it.

    Do you REALLY think you have any room to talk here? I would give you some more stones to throw, but you have broken every piece of glass in your house.

    And BTW, it wasn’t only McNabb and Fat Albert that choked after huge contracts – How about Dana Stubblefield, Deion Sanders, Adam Archuletta -take a look at what they did after huge signings. All were gone a short time later. and what about Portis.

    Snyder is the ALL-TIME Dumba$$ when it comes to spending money on big name FA’s who don’t pan out.

    Do you see the pattern here, homer? What a maroon……

  19. swcoach,

    I don’t have to research all of those players you don’t have time to list. I remember all of them. It did take me a bit to write that post, so your welcome.

  20. Maybe the Danny figures if he takes the Ravens castoffs, he can make the playoffs. Casey Rabach was another example and they just cut him although he did play for them for 5 years. 5 years of mediocrity.

    Josh Wilson is a good CB with playmaker ability. But he is 5’9″ and has trouble with bigger WR’s. He wanted a chance to start and there was no way he was starting over Jimmy Smith, Webb or even Foxy. I would have preferred to keep him but he grew up a Foreskin fan and the Danny overpaid to get him. I hope he is happy with mediocrity.

    Stallworth may have some tread left in the tires. Who knows. Cam Cameron refused to use him except for an occasional end around which never worked. I hope he does well because I really believe that he is remorseful and has turned around his life.

    The one I really don’t understand is Chris Chester. Good guy and everything, but he is at best mediocre as a G/C. Even though he is over 300 lbs he is constantly getting pushed around by defensive linemen. He was a second round pick who played here for 4 or 5 years and could only crack the starting lineup when injuries occurred. And when he played, he was at best mediocre. But the Danny just gave him essentially what we gave Marshall Yanda to play the same position and he isn’t even close to being as good as Yanda. I guess that is not surprising since this is the Danny’s mantra. Overpay for players in free agency to make a splash because you drafting sucks.

    In any case, I wish our former Ravens personal success. Not so much team success because I can’t stand Snyder or the Redskins. I just hope the guys are really happy with the money, because I can almost guarantee that they will be watching football in January and not playing it as long as the Danny is an owner in the NFL.

  21. @ rymag9

    Last year, the Skins signed 19 free agents:

    P Josh Bidwell, CB Phillip Buchanon, LB Chris Draft, WR Mike Furrey, WR Joey Galloway, DL Howard Green, QB Rex Grossman, WR Marques Hagans, OL Artis Hicks, DE Vonnie Holliday, RB Larry Johnson, DT Maake Kemoeatu, RB Willie Parker, DL Greg Peterson, C Casey Rabach, TE Sean Ryan, RB Ryan Torain, WR Bobby Wade and WR Roydell Williams. Re-signed LB Lorenzo Alexander, DL Phillip Daniels, OL Will Montgomery and OL Mike Williams.

    They won 6 games.

    The Packers, Steelers, Falcons, Colts, Eagles and Ravens signed a total of 20 free agents.

    All six made the playoffs.

    You said, “I don’t understand why people haven’t caught on to the fact the skins know how to work the cap. They’ve been doing for years now.”

    I think that neither you, nor your Redskins, understand that you don’t win by signing someone else’s castoffs.

  22. I don’t want to say stuff about the Redskins organization, but he did say the following:

    “Chester wasn’t even projected as a starter if he had re-signed with the Ravens”
    “It seems hard to imagine that any of the offers were nearly as good as the one from the Redskins”

    Those two things seem like classic Dan Snyder, sorry I couldn’t help myself.

  23. note to all of you who dont follow the redskins more than to make fun……snyder is no longer in charge you unoriginal windbags and ppdoc sounds like snyder cornholed him when he was a kid

  24. Shanny’s M.O. is to use athletic linemen that fit the zone block system. He does not use maulers that will pancake block defenders but offensive lineman that can move on their feet well, position themselves correctly, and cut block the backside defenders. I’m not very familiar with Chester, but just wanted to make the point that Shanny is very knowledgable and specific on what he looks for in offensive linemen and running backs for his system. Say what you want, but the man has a successful track record in this area for finding overlooked gems.

  25. ppdoc13 says:
    Jul 28, 2011 8:14 PM

    “But the Danny just gave him essentially what we gave Marshall Yanda to play the same position and he isn’t even close to being as good as Yanda.”

    “Danny” gave Chester a 5-year $20-million contract. Ozzie gave Yanda a 5-year 32-million contract with $21-million coming in the first 3-years; so, no, “Danny” hasn’t given him nearly as much money as Yanda.

    Also until we seen the structure of those contacts we have no idea what the real values are. Historically Redkins contracts have always tended to include a massive back-end which never actually gets paid but does make the agent look good.

    It is not even certain that Chester will be playing guard. They might want him at centre, where his lack of power will be less of an issue. They’ve just released Rabach, so there is a vacancy in the middle of the line. Shanahan also uses a system that favours mobility, something that most reports suggest is Chester’s strong point. The Redskins have got a lot of cap room. They could be in the market for two new starting guards, and Chester might not even be one of them.

    I am not wild about the move, but Shanahan always had pretty good o-lines in Denver. He has a poor track record with defenses, but he has had a knack for finding running backs and offensive linemen that fit his system.

    I’ll agree that the total contract value looks large, but I suspect this free agency will see a lot of mediocre players getting paid a lot of money. The new CBA virtually guarantees it. The new minimum spending requirements are going to force teams to spend and even minimal competition for a signature is going to result in bloated contracts .

  26. @boyshole25 – if you think that the Danny is not ultimately in charge of what goes on with the Redskins then you were the one cornholed as a kid.

    The Danny is the worst owner in professional sports and that goes a long way because we in Bmore have to live with Peter Angelos.

    I’m sorry if the truth hurts but paying Chris Chester, who was a college TE and frankly a bust as a second round pick, 20 million dollars for a 5 year contract is classic Danny. It has Danny’s fingerprints all over it. It kills him that his friend Steve B who is the Ravens owner is successful and he is not. The Foreskins really wanted Yanda, but Yanda was smart enough to realize that playing for a winning organization matters more than having a contract whose difference is 10% when you are going to be a multimillionaire either way.

    So pull your head out of your a$$, look in the mirror, and admit that the Redskins will blow donkey shlong as long as Napoleon II owns the team.

  27. @weneedlinemen42 – at least you had a reasoned reply. Yanda’s contract is essentially for 3 years and yes it is for 21 million. The question is how much is Chester getting in the same 3 years.

    Chester is a really good guy. Good team player. His biggest advantage is that he can play 3 positions in C/G/Blocking TE. The problem is that he really doesn’t play any of them particularly well.

    I watched the young man play here for his whole career waiting for him to break out and become a really good G because athletically he is talented. But he isn’t very strong and gets pushed around very easily. He may fit shanny’s system with his running game, but right now he doesn’t even have much of a running game.

    I still believe that the amount of money he spent to get a guy who could not even start for the Ravens was excessive. Time may prove me wrong about that assertion. But this move still has the Danny’s fingerprints all over it. They couldn’t get Yanda, who they reportedly coveted, so they figured ahhh what the hell let’s steal someone else from the Ravens instead. Now they have a corner who can cover but is very small and a guard who is athletic but frankly is only mediocre. Josh Wilson will be a better player for the Skins than Chester. His problem is that he really wants to be a full time starter, but he is better suited as a nickel where he can match up with the smaller of the receivers on the opposing team.

  28. Skimming through the comments, couple quick points –

    1) Chris Chester probably isn’t an elite, or top, interior player overall. He’s not being paid like one. He’s being paid like a guy who could be a decent starter. As others have noted, Shanahan’s zone blocking scheme prefers these lighter, athletic guys. The Ravens under … Andy Moeller (OL coach)? and even before him … have typically wanted their guys to be a bit more physical. This doesn’t mean Chester will definitely succeed in Washington, but the tools fit the scheme in DC more than they did in Baltimore.

    2) Mike Shanahan has his flaws. He’s a poor judge of defensive talent. In his past life in Denver, he took some bad draft gambles overall. That said, one thing I am never concerned about with an offense that Shanahan has an influence on is it’s ability to find some sort of run game. Ryan Torain averaged 4.5 yards per carry last year. Keiland Williams added a healthy 4.0 ypc while being an asset in the passing game as a check down option. Mike Sellers is one of the more physical lead blockers out there. They added two young backs in the draft – Roy Helu offers them a guy with a complete skillset and some home run burst, while Evan Royster is good b/w the tackles guy who just plugs ahead. There’s a good chance one of them (my hunch is Royster) will go to the PS, but there’s more than enough pieces for Shanahan.

    3) Redskins CB depth chart is still pretty iffy. Wilson’s a decent starter. In an ideal situation/winning team, Wilson is better off as a nickel guy. That said, I think the point some people are trying to make is that signing Josh Wilson for what they did, and going out to add other pieces, makes more sense than spending big on Joseph or Asomugha, and limiting what else they could do in free agency.

  29. Wow, it’s amazing how many people just don’t understand the fact that Dan Snyder has TURNED THE FOOTBALL OPERATION OVER TO BRUCE ALLEN AND MIKE SHANAHAN.

    Snyder did NOT make the calls on their draft picks this year, and he is NOT calling the shots during free agent signings. Shanahan came to DC with the understanding that he, and not Dan Snyder, would have final say on personnel matters.

    All your hating and insulting of Redskin fans doesn’t change that.

  30. I think some people who have commented, don’t realize that Vinny Cerrato is no longer with the team. In fact, Cerrato was not wanted by any team and is now DJ on a Baltimore station.

    Yes, Synder has a track record of doing it wrong with Vinnie. I think he has changed and I agree with the comments above who see Shanahans finger prints on these deals.

    And, as both an Orioles fan and a Redskins fan, I beg to differ on who is worse as an owner, Snyder or Angelos.

    To me Angelos is way worse. Its not even close.

  31. lol @ skins fans…by far the dumbest fans in the league. yeah snyders turned it over to b. Allen. LOLOl. for how long I ask, the next 2 years?!?

    and the skins are so great now aren’t they?? lolol. they have been one of the worst franchises in all sports for the past decade and this team is only ONE YEAR removed from throwing awa y another 2nd round draft pick to another old star of another team. lolololol. they’re only what 2 years removed from signing haynewsorth to a huge contract both players r gone.

    I got an idea for redskin fans to try once in their lives…..SHUT THE HE’LL UP, don’t say a word for At LEAST 3 consecutive seasons then see if you’re finally out of the basement and no longer and doormat before you talk. let’s see that pathetic franchise do the right thing for 3 yeArs in a row…then talk……beans aha. skins fans….losers

  32. and btw, u think it’s so great Ferraro ain’t there anymore……it took your owner basically a DECADE to figure out to go in mother direction. that shows how inept your owner is becuz remember your franchise is only as good as its owner and skins fans can’t come to grips with the fact that your team is over finished done…glory days are long gone. any gm or coach or player is but a temporary employee to any franchise, especially in washington, and your owner is your only long term employee….which means for redskins… of 2000 they are no longer an important franchise…they are down with the lions browns and raiders now

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