Darren Sproles lands in New Orleans


It took Saints coach Sean Payton less than 24 hours to get over losing one of his prized players  in Reggie Bush.

Payton’s new toy to play with in the backfield is Darren Sproles, who is headed to New Orleans on a two-year deal.  (UPDATE: It sounds like a four-year deal.)  Sproles has a similar skill set to Bush, and probably came in at a lower average price than Bush’s two-year deal in Miami.  (It would be hilarious if Sproles came in at the same price as Bush.)

We said it earlier this week: Sproles is Reggie Bush without the drama.

He’s used to being a role player, and rounds out a talented backfield that already looked loaded.  First-round pick Mark Ingram will get the tough yards, Pierre Thomas will do a little of everything, and Chris Ivory will be the best No. 4 back in football.

Sproles marks the sixth acquisition of the day for the Saints, who may not be done yet.

There’s no closing time in New Orleans, and we’ve learned there is no closing time during this crazy week.

UPDATE:  Multiple reports say it’s a four-year deal with $6 million guaranteed.

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  1. You guys at PFT must be lovin’ it after months of lockout coverage.

    You all getting any sleep? Appears the front office people and coaches aren’t.

  2. Payton will get the best out of Sproles and use him to his advantage, personally I believe he’ll excel past what Bush brought to the table, he doesn’t shy away from running in-between the tackles if need be. I’ll miss him in SD but good luck, good acquisition. Perhaps they may trade away one of their other backs.

  3. “It would be hilarious if Sproles came in at the same price as Bush.”

    No, it will not be hilarious because Sproles can actually stay healthy compared to Mr Glass and it will still be a good deal for the Saints.

  4. Sounds to me like the Saints upgraded their backfield and took Jonathon Amaya from the Dolphins at the same time.

  5. Good deal for the Saints. He’s a prototype “change of pace” RB and you didn’t have to pay him much (especially compared to what AJ shelled out for him in SD the past 2 years).

  6. As a Chiefs fan, I support Sproles’ decision to sign with a team that Kansas City plays only once every four years.

  7. Change of pace back, and SPECIAL TEAMS!!!

    Bush had a good ole time f’ing up horribly fumbling/dropping punts whenever he wasnt returning one.

    Sproles is definitely more sure handed, but not as explosive near the goal line… hopefully with Brees’ quick pass attack and bigger RBs (Ingram/Ivory) our goal line formation can stay productive.

  8. Saints fans have to be pumped, one of the smarter moves of this hectic free agency period thus far – dumping the overhyped Bush for a more talented less ‘dramatic’ version of him

  9. Congrats to Sproles, Chargers didn’t deserve to have him. He did so much and they didn’t want to pay him franchised him 2 years in a row.

  10. “We love it. For all of the hype about Bush as a valuable chess piece for Sean Payton and Drew Brees, the Saints have averaged more yards and points with him out of the lineup”

    Per rotoworld. LOL, glad Bush is going to fall to irrelevance in Miami.

  11. “He also lands at # 3 or 4 on the depth chart hope he got paid well because he won’t get the ball much!”

    Possibly. But – barring injury – I’m willing to bet by mid-season he’ll the #2 with whomever (Thomas or Ingram) is grinding out the tough yards in the #1 spot.

  12. NFL Network said it perfectly:

    “Sproles has the same skill-set as Reggie Bush without all the drama.”

    How true.

  13. The Sproles-to-Eagles talk was clearly ridiculous. They drafted Dion Lewis and signed a few UDFAs, all of whom fit that exact same mold.

    I’m glad we didn’t sign him, I have no interest in a 28 year old FA running back.

  14. Haven’t paid attention to the rest of their moves, but the Saints have made some nice choices at RB.

  15. Better than Reggie. Cheaper than Reggie. Plus the Saints get a teams player and a draft pick.

    Great value.

  16. You couldn’t ask for a nicer guy, Saints and fans are going to love Darren and his quiet demeanor, strong work ethic and charitable heart.

  17. that is a nice pick up for em but don’t really get why they did it? Bush wanted to stay and said he would re-work his contract to stay but they traded him because imo it looked like to crowded of a back field just to pick up another version of him, Idk I don’t get it

  18. Waaaaay to much talent in the backfield. It’s a waste unless you expect some major injuries again. Also hurts fantasy players with 4 potential backs that won’t get as many touches. Glad to see him leave SD, since they never used him correctly. Made more sense in St Louis, closer to his Alma matter Kansas State too.

  19. sasquash20 says:Jul 28, 2011 11:50 PM

    What a dumb move by the Saints. Are you kidding? They need defensive help. Didn’t the Seahawks beat them? Am I missing something?

    Whaaatttttt? Are you 12? Or do u not follow injury reports because that would mean you’d have to read?

  20. Isn’t Reggie Bush the guy that porked that fat chick who’s dad a famous lawyer? Maybe I’m wrong but hey, if the glove don’t fit….

  21. dallascowboyfan95 says:

    I thought the saints drafted a running back???

    Did you read the article before commenting? This isn’t a one-back league anymore.

    I like the comments about Sproles’s character. Ingram is also a good guy and a great team player. Sounds like the Saints may now have the nicest RB tandem in the league.

  22. Mickey Loomis is so on point with how he has been handling the personnel of this team. This guy knows what he is doing and he knows how to spot the right pieces of talent for the Saints.

    I LOVE what the Saints have done and are doing…Darren Sproles is going to kill it..Would LOVE to see the Saints make a move after Malcolm Floyd who is HIGHLY underrated b/c they need another outside speedster as Colston is not as fast b/c of injuries.. A line up of Brees, P.Thomas/Ingram/Sproles, Colston, Meachem, Moore, Graham, and Floyd would be UNSTOPPABLE…WHODAT!!

  23. And for those of you previous commenters obsessed with depth charts, there is no real “depth chart” in New Orleans. Whoever is the most effective gets the ball.

  24. Electric player, and a great guy to have on your team. I’m sorry to to lose him in San Diego, but it’s not a surprise.

    Congrats to the Saints. He’s a perfect fit, and there isn’t a coach in the league better that will do a better job of scheming for him than Sean Payton.

  25. Yesterday Payton said that Ivory isn’t ready and it could be a couple of weeks. And I’ve seen enough of Payton’s pressers to know that a couple of weeks could equal a couple of months.

  26. Hah! Yesterday in a Miami thread I was comparing Bush to Sproles. When healthy, Bush is slightly better, but that’s increasingly rare. And Bush is significantly more expensive. It’s been a long time since I’ve said this, but I’m as excited about the Saints’ rushing game as I am their passing game this year. Geaux Saints!

  27. raidernation99 says:
    Jul 29, 2011 2:56 AM
    good to have sproles out of the afc west.


    Although it was a thing of beauty watching RoMac light him up last year…

  28. Can’t wait to see sproles in the black and gold. I will miss reggie because he for some weird reason was one of my favorite saints, but I feel like sproles is an upgrade over reggie in the traditional sense and the dude is wicked fast and a better returner. GEAUX SAINTS! WHO DAT!

  29. sasquash20 says: Jul 28, 2011 11:50 PM

    What a dumb move by the Saints. Are you kidding? They need defensive help.

    The Saints had one of the top defenses in the NFL last year, and regardless, 5 out of 6 draft picks were defensive players.

  30. Wow, Sproles is entirely overvalued.
    He’s a gimmick back at best, can no longer be a return guy at a high level.
    The R. Bush haters just wanna pile on.
    The Saints could have spent that quality money elsewhere and received more value.

  31. Sproles is underrated. Imagine being in a 51 year old franchise that has yet to win a SUPERBOWL, even with one of the most talented QB’s in the league. Sproles has the speed and the talent. Good move for the SAINTS, good decision from SPROLES. He is about to get his Superbowl cherry popped!

    And I’m an OAKLAND RAIDERS fan…haha.

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