Dawson to sign franchise tender, report to Browns

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The latest PFT piece of info comes from our colleague John Taylor of CollegeFootballTalk.com.  Taylor reports, citing a source with knowledge of the situation, that Browns kicker Phil Dawson will sign his franchise tender and report to Browns camp on Friday.

Dawson, a 12-year veteran and the last member of the original reconstituted Browns, has had periodic issues with his contract over the past few years.

The deal is expected to be in the range of $3.25 million, guaranteed, for one year.

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10 responses to “Dawson to sign franchise tender, report to Browns

  1. One of the most UNDERRATED kickers in the NFL. If he was playing on a winning team he would be getting a lot more national run. Pleased for him and Browns fans.

  2. If only he beat out Vinatieri when he started in New England…yes, he started in NE.

    Good for him though.

  3. Browns have the wealthiest owner in the NFL and are $30MM under the cap and this is the only news coming out after supposedly a frantic FA period?

  4. Today you franchise your kicker.

    Next your kicker bashes in a paper towel dispenser in a convenience store.

    Then your kicker gets trashed and threatens to beat up a cop to prevent a backup TE from getting busted for public urination.

    Then your kicker misses several chip shot FG’s and costs your team two games.

    Then, somewhere between week 6 and week 10, you release your kicker.

    Never franchise your kicker.

  5. Franchise tag?, whatever, They need to start spending money to fill some holes, top free agents are moving quick. Or the thinking could be to give the current players the cap money, just kidding GM.. Come on spend some money!!!¡

  6. @brownsfrown, you make me laugh with your “past his prime” line. But I would love to see the Browns get a kicker like the one in NewEngland.

    It is remarkable that Randy Lerner is one of the richest men in the world. His team is so far under the cap that it’s incredulous not to be grabbing the most heralded DEs and LBs available in the NFL. You would think Lerner put the front office on a tight allowance.

    I don’t think there’s any fear of franchising Dawson. Not all kickers are “Steeler material”.

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