DeSean Jackson is officially a holdout

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DeSean Jackson’s expected holdout officially started Thursday morning.

The fourth-year wide receiver wasn’t at the first Eagles practice of the year, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.  This one could take a while.

We’ve seen some outlets report that Jackson would have to show by August 9 to get credit for an accrued season, but that’s not true.  The deadline is 23 days after the league year starts.

Assuming the finishing touches on the CBA go off as planned, the league year is set to start August 4.  (So Jackson won’t have to show up until August 27 to get that league year.)

We think the Eagles want to sign Jackson long-term, but this stare down could last well into the next month.

85 responses to “DeSean Jackson is officially a holdout

  1. Don’t pay him. Call his bluff. That should be the approach every Owner/GM takes. The player will usually crack and take a much smaller contract.

  2. Do what you do Jackson…. Keep listening to Rosencreep and see what it gets you dealing with the Eagles. I hope you get Shipped to The Raiders for Louis Murphy who is just as fast, bigger, stronger and has better hands. Let’s see what that “top 10” money gets you when you are expected to produce like a top 10 WR. Last i checked the Top 10 WR in the league catch more than 45 passes a season which AVG out to 2.8 catches a game. Yes 22 YPC is great but that only equals 44 yards a game. Last I checked that is NOT a #1 WR stat line. T.O. 2.0

  3. He’s also getting fined $30,000 for every day he sits out.

    His contract is for $565,000 for the year. You do the math before he actually plays for nothing for this year.

  4. He deserves to hold out. He deserves every penny of what Santonio Holmes got.

    DeSean’s numbers are much better, plus he is a return game weapon as well.

  5. this must be a part of the eagles aggressive offseason plan which consists of the eagles aggressively regressing!!! good thing that the eagles brass is SOOOOO much smarter than everyone else!

  6. what a bummer… i hope he’s ready for the season in a month. the birds should have gotten this taken care of, and now it will be a distraction. i know the birds will come through and pay this man, he’s worth every penny. just match the holmes contract. this would be fair compensation, the eagles front office would be stupid not to pay him what he deserves!

  7. Both he and CJ2K should hold out. Don’t give me this “They need to honor the contract they signed” bull crap. They have outperformed those contracts they signed as rookies. Hell, CJ outperformed his contract halfway through his 2nd year. You need to pay them like the elite talents they ARE, not like the elite talents you thought they could have been when you drafted them.

  8. Guarantee he is in camp by next monday. If you list the eagles priorities he is #1 or 2. People just want to hate and think he is something he is not. I am looking at you TMZ, I mean PFT…

  9. If he wasn’t such a punk in college, he would not have dropped to the second round and therefore would be paid better. You made your bed, lie in it DeSean.

  10. This only hurts the entire Eagle offense. If this holdout lasts late into August it could translate to losses in the early season with Vick & Jackson not being in rhythm. Its all about Desean as usual.


  11. @ enrgy2burn says: Jul 28, 2011 10:54 AM

    this must be a part of the eagles aggressive offseason plan which consists of the eagles aggressively regressing!!! good thing that the eagles brass is SOOOOO much smarter than everyone else!



  12. One he signed with Rosenhaus, you would have to be blind to not see this coming…And yes, I’m an Eagles fan, and yes he’s underpaid at 565g’s this year, after that dude from Atlanta almost put him in his grave, can’t say i blame him for cashing that check NOW…….

  13. Just come to work…..youll get paid!! Sitting out doesnt prove anything. Show your teammates its just not about the money.

    How come when NFL stars were stars in their own right in high school and college they didnt hold out/sit out when they didnt get their way?

    They just went out and played because they loved the game, What happened to that hunger?

  14. DeSean just wants to start the process which the eagles will do shortly. All you Eagles haters calm down. Jackson will get paid and yes he will be lighting yer team up again this year!! Ya heard meeeeeeeh!!!

  15. He doesn’t have to show up like Deion says “you can’t teach speed” we still have a ton of great WR’s and more reps for the young guys ……………..he will get paid in due course!

  16. As a Skins fan this is almost as good as hearing Fat Al got shipped out.

    The guy is a hell of a reciever, but he needs to pimp slap the little Diva in him. Holdouts lead to lengthy injuries. Get in camp.

  17. Give him a 3 year deal at a fair price and lets get the show on the road!

    @DeSean You do deserve better $ but dont forget your on a winning team with the best QB and a super bowl contending team.

  18. Santonio set the market, D! You’re better than him. Don’t take a penny less than 30 large guaranteed or your boys will think you punked out. That’s the only number you need to think about. Don’t let your fam down, cuz. Get it while you can.

  19. Is her underpaid? Clearly. But I still despise holdouts. He’s under contract…a contract he agreed to. Suck it up, buttercup.

  20. The year before last season, of receivers with 50 or more passes thrown, Jackson had the worst drop percentage, 19.5%. Over the previous three years, 12%. Just sayin’

  21. Come on D Jax . Get to camp . The birds need you and want to sign you long term . Because of some strange rule they could not last year and they have not been allowed to talk until a few days ago . You eare a priority to them, but holding out will only hurt you!!

  22. Pay the kid!!!!! I am so tired of the Eagles being so cheap. Pay him he clearly outplayed his contract. I can’t stand Joe Banner. Desean should hold out because if he gets hurt he isn’t guaranteed anything!!!!

  23. Heard on the radio this morning that the Eagles’ long snapper is going to be paid more than DeSean next year. I despise holdouts too…but this one might just be legitimate.

  24. He doesn’t have to show up like Deion says “you can’t teach speed”


    You can’t, but it’s not all about speed.

    Roy Williams 5 receiving TDs in 2010.
    Desean Jackson 6 receiving TDs in 2010.

  25. Not an Ea-girls fan, but go get your money. It’s not like you didn’t earn your place and help that team out.

  26. Don’t give him number 1 money. Somewhere between a number 1 and a number 2. No more then 5 years either. Put most of it up front so you can cut him later in the deal without a big cap hit. Once they pay him he probably won’t return punts. Once that happens he loses a lot of value. He can’t last a whole season and he only had 45 catches last season. Don’t over pay for the big plays that won’t last forever.

  27. Jackson’s DVOA is pretty pedestrian, but even accounting for that, he’s underpaid. He’s young, has upside, and brings explosiveness to the field.

  28. They had the kid on the cheap the last 2 seasons, they didn’t rework his deal last year because of the CBA and the rules that would have prevented him getting the contract he deserved and how it would affect a cap after a new CBA had been formed. They just need to Pony up and take care of one of their best players…Bottom Line GET IT DONE!!

  29. Im all for big contracts, but why cant owners put a clause in that says “if you dont produce to “this” level, you owe us money back? Everything else is in a contract, id give him big money, but hes going to have to earn it during the contract. Say he has a bad year after signing it, then it goes back down to minimum the next year. If he then has a great year, it goes to 10 mill the following year for example.

  30. $30k per day should start to have an impact. If they just wait, he will owe them money before the season even starts. The Eagles could play hardball and make him be reasonable. He deserves a better deal, but nowhere close to what he apparently thinks he deserves. He is pushing the deal for fear of getting hurt and not getting paid. Bad attitude to have especially for a showboat like him. He could have been professional and gotten a fair payday but he is choosing to holdout.

  31. Hey Kid, luv ya, feel ur pain… but FYI… Drew ain’t doin’ u no favors. You keep holdin’ out and you won’t have any dough for this season…and…if you keep this sh$t up…they still get you for another year. The FO may be miser, penny-pinching PIAs, but… they ain’t stupid. Good Luck man! I love watchin’ u play and hope you get your $$$. I’m jus’ sayin…. b careful.

  32. @justkeepinitclassy

    Ya, you got rid of the two biggest bust acquisitions in NFL history in back-to-back days. Congrats. You are now back to where you were two years ago, and that’s actually a good thing.

  33. Hey, if he were underperforming, the team would dump his contract, no?

    As far as how the NFL works, I dont blame him. I’d sit for a year.

    Pay him for what he is *doing* not what he might do or what he already did.

  34. Gotta love the dopes on here who say, “Give him the money but make him agree to pay it all back if he gets hurt or underperforms”.

    I never thought so many people rode the little blue buses as kids.

  35. a55hol, owners can do that. It’s called no guaranteed contracts. People always recite the “you signed a contract, you live up to it” line when someone holds out, but they never seem to hold owners to the same standard. Instead, they say, “it’s a smart move considering his cap number.” If you can get cut at any time for any reason, then you should be able to hold out if you think it will net you a better deal.

  36. @eagleslover1: Did you actually compare Louis Murphy favorably to DeSean Jackson? Are your parents related by blood?

  37. LOL dude just compared Desean to Roy Williams. Melonhead is a fitting name.


    Hey, it’s not my fault that Jackson only scored one more TD than a guy the Cowboys just cut. It is what it is.

  38. i hate the eagles,but desean jackson certainly deserves
    big money because without him,philly just is’nt that good!

  39. Though i loath them i was listening to mike and ike on espn this mourning i agree completely with them.

    Don’t anyone sit and say “you signed a contract. now live up to it” NFL contract are the most worthless POS’s on the planet.

    Djax will have a short hold out. I wish he would have just come to camp as i think the birds will take care of him and Vick after free agency. They may have to with Vick just a to save a few mill. Djax does need to do the right thing and come to camp. But i have no problem with him or CJ holding out as both guys deserve way more than they get.

    Also for the giants fan who said he’s loving this…. don’t worry bud Djax will still have your team shakin everytime he steps on the field aganst them. Then again they could punt out of bounds, or even better not let a team make a come back like that. But its all good for you Giants fans it looks like your dropping half your oline (strength of the team) and signing a 35 year old WR. Good luck with that.

  40. jakek2 says: Jul 28, 2011 11:50 AM

    Gotta love the dopes on here who say, “Give him the money but make him agree to pay it all back if he gets hurt or underperforms”.

    I never thought so many people rode the little blue buses as kids.

    you mean you rode that bus all by yourself mr einstein?

  41. To All the should have gotten done camp:

    due to 30% rule a redone contract was near impossible(see chris johnson as another example) until about…. 48 hrs ago!

    DeSean decided to hold out before they have even had a chance to negotiate! Stupidity.

    Whoever heard of preemptively holding out before negotiations even started.

    Eagles don’t negotiate if you hold out. If he reports, he will be next in line for his “candy” once we fill the defensive holes.

    I’m not saying honor your contract b/c he deserves a raise. But with the way FA is crammed into a week this year, its immature to say me first when the Eagles have other things that clearly take priority over someone who is already under contract.

  42. Dear Eagles, You are doing the right thing. He signed the contract make him fulfill it.

    Dear Desean, You are doing the right thing. You over performed your current contract and deserve more. If you under performed they would cut your pay.

  43. It always amazes me when a player holds out because he feels he has out performed his old contract. In this case, he certainly did. He is the best deep threat in the game. However, when a player under performs said contract, they expect to get the full amount of the contract. Besides, he talks too much. But I’m glad he’s an Eagle. Most of you slobs would kill to have him on your team.

  44. but this was the year the eagles were going to win it all 😦

    Poor Andy, besides not being able to manage his timeouts and challenges, he now has to worry about his receiver.

  45. Absolutely, DeSean!!!

    You deserve to be the top paid WR in the league!!!

    Do Not accept anything less! Hold out for as long as it takes!!!

    ***The preceeding message was paid for by fans of Dallas, NYG, and Washington.


  46. Unless he’s going to turn into Andre Johnson, he doesn’t warrant Andre Johnson type money.

    He deserves a raise, he just doesn’t deserve what Rosenhaus tells him he’s worth.

  47. For everyone saying “He has outplayed his contract”, I agree.

    But if you use the same logic, if he gets a new deal and “under performs”, does Philly get some of the money back?

    Just sayin…

  48. This punk needs to man up and be happy that there is even football being played, and that he has a job doing something other than being a chump sitting at home playing Madden 2011. There you go, Philly – you get what you deserve with chump mentality like this. Is he good? No doubt. Is he a distraction? No doubt he is becoming a bigger one. Is he a me-first guy? Absolutely. He needs to get his arss into camp, and be grateful that he gets to play a game fans pay for and love – I wonder what he could do outside of football that would allow him to make anywhere near what he makes playing football . Rosenhaus is just as bad. If I saw Rosenhaus on the street, I have a strong desier to spit on him. That is the type of guy he is, and the behavior his actions elicits from people. He is a f’in leech.

  49. Worth the money. If the Eagles hardball him, they’ll lose him next year. Vick won’t be too happy. Macklin will find out the hard way that not having a superstar WR on the other side of the field to take away the double teams is going to really eat into his production. Safeties will cheat up on the line to hurt the running game instead of “going long”.

    Are the Eagles interested in a Superbowl team or just making money?

  50. Why shouldn’t he hold out? In the NFL I think players are right to hold out when they are out performing thier contract. Heck when a player under performs teams just cut them, but when a player out performs his contract and holds out for more money he is a bad person. Give me a break. Desean needs to hold out and get his money. If he gets injured he is screwed. Also to all you morons who compare this to the TO situation you couldn’t be more wrong. TO wasn’t getting paid 500k, TO had just signed a new contract the year before. I hope the Eagles don’t screw this up because Desean Jackson is the most exciting WR the Eagles have ever had and I love watching this kid play.

  51. The only people that don’t want him to get his money live in DC, NYC & Dallas for god sakes. Let him hold out and see if that record you have against the Giants holds up.

  52. Pretty sure the holdout is more about the prediction of 100 degree temps at Lehigh tomorrow than his current paycheck. The Eagles have already said he’ll get paid – he’s just the kid that doesn’t want to go to school on the first day of classes.

  53. Normally I would say any hold out is wrong…but this one is warranted…great player under paid. Gets hurt a lot tho so I would be cautious if im the Eagles.

    Plus, Im a Skins fan….so keep holding out DeSean! Make ’em pay you that dough!

  54. This will get done, the Eagles want him and they’ll pay him. It just didn’t have to go down this way. He could have come to camp and they would have taken care of him in due time before the season starts. But you know, front offices are kinda busy right now and not everyone can be first in line.

  55. @grandpoopah

    No sir my Parents weren’t related but my dad did say your mom loves it when she receives a dirty sanchez or 2 before she goes off to the corner.

    Louis Murphy had 1 less reception than Jackson did in a run first offense. do your homework first son. Put Jackson with the Raiders and Murphy on the Eagles and see who has better stats.

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