Hue Jackson: Call me crazy, but Raiders can win the Super Bowl


The Raiders haven’t had a winning record since 2002, so talking about Oakland winning the Super Bowl sounds crazy. Raiders coach Hue Jackson knows that, but he’s talking about Oakland winning the Super Bowl anyway.

“Why not us? Why not the Raiders?” Jackson said. “We’re trying to win a championship. It’s what I talk about. It’s what I believe. I don’t know anything else. I know some of you look at me and say, ‘Man, this guy must be crazy.’ No, I’m not, because the first place we’re going to beat people is in the mind.”

Jackson’s enthusiasm comes across as genuine and infectious, and he wants Raiders fans on board.

“Oh wow,” Jackson said. “Oh wow. Is this fun or what? First of all, I have to say something to Raider Nation. Raider Nation, we are back. Back in business, back to playing football. I’m excited, our players are excited. We’re going to create something here that’s great. I am not interested in being good. I am interested in being great.”

Jackson will soon learn that Raider Nation will be with him just as long as the Raiders are winning.

104 responses to “Hue Jackson: Call me crazy, but Raiders can win the Super Bowl

  1. Hugh is an awesome guy. I wish him luck this year. My advice is just don’t answer the sideline phone when it rings.

  2. “…the first place we’re going to beat people is in the mind.”

    I’d concentrate on trying to beat them on the field first, unless you only want to win super bowls in your imagination.

  3. So can the Dolphins and every other team but the question is not CAN they but WILL they win the superbowl? and that answer my friend is HELL NO!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Hue,

    We regret to inform you that we declined your request to join the UFL and for us to rename the UFL championship game to the “Super Bowl.”

    The NFL has a copyright on the name and we are chocked full of failing franchises; there is no way we can handle another.

    The UFL

  5. I guess demensia is setting in on the staff now as well. Th Raiders are a sad franchise…..pretty bad that the fans are rooting for the death of the owner as their only salvation….the league is better when the Raaaaaiders are relevent.

  6. Jackson isn’t crazy at all. The only reason any coach is in the league is to win Superbowls. If they aren’t they have no business taking the job.

  7. I don’t have a problem with a coach saying “we can” win the Super Bowl. The Rex Ryan “we WILL” is grating, but that ‘s different.

    Faith and confidence versus putting your wife’s foot in your mouth.

  8. Kind of sad. Jackson is pumped, and meanwhile rumors start to bubble up that the Raiders are looking for an upgrade to Campbell in a lockout-crunched preseason.

    Like the enthusiasm though!

  9. Hue,

    Yes, yes you could. However, I am pretty certain the God hates Al Davis and the Raiders so therefore you won’t. So far the Raiders are the only team with a loss this offseason by not voting for the labor deal.

    What do I know? Jason Campbell did look pretty solid last year

  10. Besides the Jets already won this years super bowl. Better crown yourself for the 2012 season before Rex does

  11. I’m not going to call Hue Jackson crazy, but someone needs to get this man a doctor. It appears he may have gotten into Al Davis’ medicine cabinet. Medic!

  12. The Raiders are missing two key things.

    An OL and a QB.

    Essential for winning a SuperBowl.

  13. He has it exactly right. What should he say? We’re just happy to be on the same field with our opponents… we are not worthy? You guys are the ones crazy. Last time I checked, the records for every team is 0-0.

    Nobody has a claim on the trophy. Quiz: what was Green Bay’s regular season record? I say Hue is right not to back into a season with excuses. Play the games.

  14. angrycorgi says:

    I’d concentrate on trying to beat them on the field first, unless you only want to win super bowls in your imagination.


    Nope can’t do that as that is the rightful SB territory of the JESTS…

  15. Why is it OK when he says it but if Rex Ryan says it he is labeled and arrogant loud mouth?

  16. Ok, maybe he’s not crazy, maybe he’s just talking about winning a Super Bowl while playing Madden 12.

  17. not many teams let the best CB in the league walk away from them and then turn around and win the SB..that being said..Jackson is going to fit in great as the new coach.. dude is looney tunes

  18. I say crazy is too weak of a word….who is your quarterback again? JC doesnt exactly inspire confidence, and who do you have for reciever other than DHB?

  19. Of course I dont think he is crazy! Love his drive and enthusiasm! Just what we needed to ‘right the ship’…. My boys in Silver & Black will romp the competition this year, with or without Nnamdi!! I’ll bet the rest of the AFC West wouldnt think Hue is crazy, although they’ll never admit it…

    RAIDER ON, Hue!!

  20. @jbythebay

    You understood that abstaining to vote essentially means nothing., right? If Al were to vote “No” then there would be an issue. Not making a vote did not affect to CBA and the owners “unanimous” vote on the deal….

  21. This is exactly why the NFL sells. Every year every team, ok almost every team, believes it has a shot at winning it all. If you can get to the playoffs, and get on a roll, you can win it all.

    Every team believes all it has to do is play hard and get just a few things to go its way and it can win its division. Then get hot in the playoffs, and you’re in the SB. Just ask the Cardinals.

  22. Okay, Hue. You’re crazy! However, I would LOVE to see Minnesota and Oakland in the next Super Bowl, just so Jason Campbell and Donovan McNabb can do an “in your face” to Dan Snyder.

  23. Actually, you have a 3.125% chance of winning the super bowl. Factor in variables, such as a crazy owner, losing the best CB in the game and a starting OL, a rookie coach, and the fact that, in general, the Raiders lack superior talent in almost every area, that percentage drops substantially.

  24. This comment was completely taken out of context. Hue Jackson actually made this comment in 1980 and you are just now reporting it? Shame on you PFT.

  25. What do you expect him to say? The truth? “The Raiders have been the joke of the league since Rich Gannon threw 5 INTs in the 2003 Super Bowl.” Doesn’t sound very inspiring if you’re trying to get players to forget they play for Al Davis.

  26. Very original “you’re crazy” comments guys, maybe you could have stopped after the first 50.

    The head coach on all of your teams should be talking about going to the Super Bowl. That is what this game is played for, right?

  27. Wait.

    Wolverine is coaching the Raiders these days? When did that happen?

    Oh… Jackson, not Jackman. Nevermind. If they were coached by Jackman, I might have believed it.

  28. He’d be crazy (and fired) if he didn’t think his team COULD (not will) win a SB. Every coach says the same thing every year. You guys should look in the mirror…

  29. Right guys, because all those Raiders coaches we’ve had recently have worked out so well being polite and reserved with the media (Cable was only crazy behind the scenes).

    Why not give a little old-school Raider swagger a shot again? It’s the reason fans love them and others hate them. Without that bad attitude, they’re just another team.

  30. humb0lt says:
    Jul 28, 2011 9:38 AM
    What do you expect him to say? The truth? “The Raiders have been the joke of the league since Rich Gannon threw 5 INTs in the 2003 Super Bowl.” Doesn’t sound very inspiring if you’re trying to get players to forget they play for Al Davis.


    Because playing in San Diego with all their trophy’s is SO inspiring….

  31. Man, a lot of original posts on here saying the word ‘crazy’. Pure f’ing geniuses on this website…no wonder this country is slowing spinning clockwise down the toilet.

    But Hue, seriously…keep that talk in the locker room and pound it into the player’s minds…don’t let the internet trolls hear you say that. It just gives all the Raider haters something else to jerk off to.

  32. Stranger things have, do snd will happen.
    When youve been at the bottom the only way to look and go is up.
    Now I’m not saying superbowl, atleast not this year, but we are known as “The Team of The Decades” for a reason.

    We Will Rise!


  33. I remember when Trent Green went down with a knee injury, Dick Vemeil saying that he was gonna start Kurt Warner. I thought he was crazy then, but look what happened. Every team always has a chance. The Raiders are no different. He should be talking this way. Not to mention the fact that the Raiders have been to the SuperBowl in every decade except the 90’s! Not many of u other fans can say that. I like our chances! Go Hue, Go Raiders, and Long Live Al Davis!

    Just Win Baby!

  34. I dont see it, but what would you have him say? To do it, you gotta believe it. He’s got the right attitude, just the wrong team to execute his plan with !

  35. well 6-0 in nthe afc west last year laid a foundation to build upon.

    Raiders have a tough first month schedule. Back to back games with the Jets, and Pats. If they go 2-0 in those and I’ll book the flight to watch the raiders in the bowl, go 1-and 1 and I will say maybe we will, and go 0-2, and I will say we still got some work to do. It’s a long season. Raiders just need to resign Miller, and one o-lineman, and get Albert Haynesworth to play along Seymour.

  36. As a bengals fan, I remember him being our receivers coach just a few years ago. In 2005, when the bengals had one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL (if not the best, we had a shootout with the colts in which 1 turnover lost us the game, every other drive both teams scored) and this guy got the best out of his players. He was like chads father, and turned him into the great receiver he WAS at the time. Houshmandzadeh was mentored under him, and became a GREAT posession receiver for our team. Chris henry had a huge impact as a rookie under Hue, and even kelly washington and kevin walter were DAMN good wide receivers under jackson. I remember bratkowski’s offense sputtered the next year, and I was calling for hue to be promoted to offensive coordinator, instead it didnt happen and he went to atlanta. After a stint there and then in baltimore, he goes to oakland. He was shuffled around like he was nothing, but the guy just didnt have much to work with on those teams. In spite of this, hue turned an abysmal raiders offense into a competitor! In his first year as HC, he swept the division rivals (something marvin lewis always preaches, that if u beat ur division guys and sweep them, u should go to playoffs, see our sweep of ravens, steelers and browns and 10-6 season in 2009). Hue Jackson has the right mindset, mental toughness, and know how to get it done guys. I think you raider fans have a winner and keeper as head coach finally, and am envious as we are still stuck with Marvin “giggles” Lewis and his terrible coaching. Having our idiot owner mike brown doesnt help.

  37. The Raiders have won more pre-season Super Bowls than any other team except maybe the Cowboys. Try finishing a season above .500 for the first time in 9 years.

  38. HAHAHA Hue is NOT crazy. You know who is crazy? The CHARGERS! I was ecstatic to hear Norv was back for another ‘run’. Raiders will take the west. Chargers will fire Norv after this yr…(unfortunately…he was doing a great job to us Raider fans u know) wondering what happened? The Chargers love fest to become champs officially gets put to an end this yr, by the RAIDUHS

  39. I know the. Raiders have been down lately, but low enough for a Saints fan to talk crap? U gotta be kidding me! Puhleze!!!!

    Long Live Al Davis!!!

  40. Wow…I can understand some optimism, but the Super Bowl????…and we’re going to do this without our best player and a new OL??? Hue needs to stay away from the rum cake.

  41. Sounds like a good coach to me.
    If you don’t think you can win … so should not be coaching.

  42. Long live Al Davis hiring these clowns to puppet his franchise. What will he do when the inevitable losing record fast approaches?

    How is it he has all this time to be spouting nonsense, when he should be on his knees BEGGING Zach Miller to come back!

  43. Jackson is just saying what he needs to say. No matter your talent level, you won’t win if you don’t believe you can. Look at the Chargers. Every year they get the “contender” label because of all the talent they supposedly have, and every year they go out and crap their pants, leaving humbolt no choice but to attempt to deflect his favorite team’s ineptness by continuously bashing the Raiders.

  44. with all the rumors floating around, and the first day of training camp this is what you post? your an idiot what do you want him to say.

    he could pull a tom cable and be happy with 8-8 but davis doesnt roll that way

  45. bwisnasky,

    Actually you should try educating yourself before opening up your piehole. San Diego has won one Championship during the AFL days. I believe circa 1959/196o, beating the Boston Patriots 44-0.

    If they decided to rename the Superbowl to the “NFL Main Game” and renamed the Vince Lombardi trophy the “Roger Goodell” trophy does it vacate all the previous Super Bowls the Raiders have won and trips therefore? No.

    So read a book you imbicil before making retarded comments.

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