Kellen Winslow makes a pitch for Davin Joseph, Barrett Ruud

The Buccaneers pay tight end Kellen Winslow to play tight end.  He’s taking on some extra duties.

Assistant to the General Manager.

I do want to speak upon that it is important to bring back [guard] Davin [Joseph], and I don’t know what is going on with the [linebacker] Barrett Ruud situation, but it would be very disappointing to see him leave,” Winslow told reporters, via  “He is one of the key leaders on this team and I know the guys in our locker room want him back.”

Winslow will get at least half of what he wants.  Per, the Bucs could be working out a deal with Joseph soon.  Joseph reportedly had dinner with G.M. Mark Dominik, coach Raheem Morris, offensive coordinator Greg Olson, offensive line coach Pat Morris, quarterback Josh Freeman, and right tackle Jeremy Trueblood.  Joseph did not receive an offer Wednesday night.

As to Ruud, it’s currently expected that he won’t be back.

Photo credit:  Mark Cook/Pewter Report

20 responses to “Kellen Winslow makes a pitch for Davin Joseph, Barrett Ruud

  1. Hope Davin J comes to Arizona.

    And what happened to Barrett Ruud? I remember Bucs fans hyping him up a lot a few years ago.

  2. If Mason Foster truly ends up being their new MLB, they’ll be fine. Tampa has the steal of the draft with that pick…

  3. @ trbowman

    Ruud was paltry when it came to stopping the run. Sure he led the team in tackles numerous times but he never made enough “splash plays” to warrant the long-term contract he desired.

    Dom figures he can get quality work out of Foster now. Who knows, maybe the Bucs will go after another LB (Barnett?) before its all said and done.

  4. @crenfroe45

    He led the team in tackles but because he isn’t a show boater they’d rather lose their highest producing defender?

    Wow, that is the stupidest logic I’ve heard in a long time.

    That’s like cutting your leading rusher because he doesn’t dance around in the endzone.

    I’d rather pay a guy who produces more than ANYONE else on the defense and doesn’t act like a jerk than any other type of player. If you actually buy that logic, I worry about you and your mental capacity.

  5. In two years I think the decision to let Ruud walk will turn out to be a good one. I agree witht he talk that Ruud has been the victim of an awful d-line in front of him and the secondary has been suspect at times, but even then, a premier LB should be able to rise up and deliver. Look at guys like Patrick Willis or Jon Beason, they havent exactly been playing with studs on their side of the ball, but they still stand out and make plays. Ruud deserves the flak he has received for not putting his nose in there and hitting somebody. Is he good in coverage? yes, no doubt. Is he terrible against the run, filling holes, being consistently physical, etc? You betcha. The fact is, the Bucs see what Shelton Quarles was in Foster and have always hoped Ruud would develop into that….it just didnt happen…He just didnt make enough plays. Period.

  6. The problem with Ruud is that he was drafted by the previous regime for Monte Kiffin’s scheme. The fact is, the Bucs hardly ever play the traditional Tampa 2 anymore, and Ruud just isn’t as good a fit for Rah’s scheme.

    Anyway, reports on twitter are that we’ve now resigned Joseph & Trueblood. So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

  7. As a longtime Browns fan, I’m soooooooooooooooo glad this jerk has moved on to torture other teams with his “soldja” nonsense. I think the most accurate description of him was made by then-Steeler LB Joey Porter (hardly a recluse himself) who said about Winslow, “What’d he ever do? What’d he ever win? He just talk!” Apparently that still holds true today. Lord, but I am thrilled not to have to listen to or watch this dude’s nonsense anymore!

  8. @bender

    No where in my post did I mention a lack of show boating. The splash plays I refer to are forced fumbles, tackles for loss, interceptions and so on.

    I personally like Ruud and would prefer him to stay but all signs point to him being shown the door.

    He was great at managin the defense and making sure people were in the right position yet he struggled when it came to stopping the run.

    No need to question my logic or assault my mental capacity when I make an observation/opinion post…especially when you put words in my mouth.

  9. As a Bucs fan, I’ll be ecstatic if Joseph resigns. Guy is an animal.

    Can’t say the same for Trueblood. Can’t wait to see a touchdown get called back because of him either holding or a late hit nowhere near the play.

  10. The Bucs need to coach up Mason Foster real quick if he is the new leader of the defense. I am sure Ruud has seen the hand writng on the locker room wall last season and I can not believe he will stay on the team with what will surely be a 1 year contract offer if any. Bringing in another vetran with bad habits may not be an option Dom wants to take. Joseph should get a good contract. The Bucs have plenty to spend. They should use it on the guys they already have. Getting Doug Free would have been nice though. GO BUCS!

  11. Winslow is a ‘soldja’ at war. He ought to know there can only be one commander and not question his superior officer.

  12. Is this the same guy who injured himself crashing a motorcycle 2 or 3 years after being drafted?

    Not a bright guy, so who cares what he has to say…

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