Kluwe seems to be ready to give up No. 5 for McNabb

Getty Images

A reader raised a great point once it became obvious that the deal that will send quarterback Donovan McNabb from Washington to Minnesota is going down.

Will free-thinking, strong-willed punter Chris Kluwe give up No. 5?  If so, will his price tag be something like the blood of a newborn unicorn?

Unfortunately, it won’t be nearly as interesting as the contents of Kluwe’s recent rebuttal to Nate Jackson of Deadspin.  Kluwe has indicated a willingness to relinquish the new quarterback’s favorite number — and to assume the old quarterback’s favorite number.

“I will take number 4, since pi isn’t an option,” Kluwe said on Twitter.

But there is a price, and it doesn’t involve the blood of a unicorn.  Or any other extinct animal.

“My price is thus: He has to mention my band Tripping Icarus in 5 news conferences and donate $5,000 to the charity I give to,” Kluwe said.

Kluwe also has suggested that, upon taking the number 4, Kluwe will change his name to Threepointone.

We like it all, and we’re now waiting for Kluwe’s whiteboard cartoon that delves into the topic of quarterbacks wearing wristbands containing a list of the offensive plays.