Kyle Orton outplays Tim Tebow at Broncos’ practice

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The Broncos’ quarterback situation continues to be puzzling.

Multiple reports have indicated that the Broncos will trade Kyle Orton, most likely to the Dolphins. And yet when the Broncos practiced for the first time today, Orton wasn’t just on the field — he was running the show with the first-string offense, and from all accounts outplaying Tim Tebow, the 2010 first-round draft pick who is supposedly the team’s quarterback of the future.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Orton looked poised and polished, while Tebow looked slower in finding receivers and less accurate in his passing. Klis writes that not only did Orton look better than Tebow, but Brady Quinn looked better than Tebow, too.

Tebow seemed to think he played well, which isn’t necessarily a good sign.

“We’ve got to work on some timing with certain things, but for a first day, I thought it was pretty good,” Tebow said.

Although there have been widespread reports that talks between the Broncos and Dolphins could yield an Orton trade soon, Klis writes that the trade could be tough to get done because Orton wants to stay put and the Dolphins don’t want to inherit Orton’s contract, which pays him $8.8 million this season.

For his part, Orton sounds like he’s perfectly happy to stay in Denver, and that he’s enjoying the competition with Tebow and Quinn.

“It’s not awkward, to be honest with you,” Orton said. “We’re pros. I’ve been in this thing for seven years now and it’s pretty much the same every year. No awkwardness about it. Go out, compete, and like I said I’m excited to play my best football.”

Asked if he still views himself as the Broncos’ starter, Orton answered, “One hundred percent.”

Stay tuned. The Broncos’ quarterback situation could play out as one of the most interesting storylines of training camp.

145 responses to “Kyle Orton outplays Tim Tebow at Broncos’ practice

  1. Again, you are quoting Mike “Clueless” Klis………so I can’t give any credibility to your report. Are there any QB’s at practice? Maybe an Elway? What did he say?

  2. This is not a surprise. Good god, everyone jumping on the Tebow wagon for 2 1/2 games when he had nothing to lose. Get off it, people.

  3. The Broncos should just face reality now concerning Tebow …… He’ll never be an NFL QB ….. His best postion is more like BU TE ……

  4. Kyle Orton outplays Tim Tebow at Broncos’ practice
    And who’s on the Trading block???

  5. Please release Orton so my raider D-line can smash this guy (tebow) MNF opener.

  6. Being the best QB in Denver……. Isn’t that’s like being the thinnest kid at “Fat Camp”?

  7. Hey the packers won the superbowl!!!! thought i beat the packer fans in here let all of u know.

  8. its so obvious that orton is the better QB, anyone who doesn’t see that is football stupid.

    maybe they’ll start tebow and try to play for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

  9. Kyle Orton’s always been a great practice QB. It’s when he gets in the red zone or needs to make that game winning drive that the dude folds like a lawn chair.

  10. I think Orton is a good QB, but if I was Denver and wanted to get the most trade value for Orton, I would not mind this report at all.

  11. Commenting on who was better on the first day of practice in shorts ??? Really ? Really ? REALLY ??? This is the news we get during “football frenzy” week

  12. He’s even a lot better than the man who replaced him in Chicago.

    Cowardly Cutler…..

  13. 7 year veteran outplays 1 year rookie with three games under his belt. He better. How is this news?

  14. “Kyle Orton outplays Tim Tebow at Broncos’ practice”

    you can’t see my face but, believe me, its really surprised…

  15. I will continue to maintain, that Tebow is NOT the future of my beloved franchise. Kyle Orton is our best bet to win this division, especially with an improved defense. Which brings me to my next point. Why in heck haven’t we signed a DT yet. Lets get on the ball EFX!!

  16. of course he did. orton might be limited in some respects, but he is a professional quarterback. minnesota would have done well to acquire him. he doesn’t miss guys by five yards like mcnabb.

  17. I’ve warmed up to the idea of adding Orton after these posts and stories. The guy seems like a true professional and he’s obviously got talent. Bring him to Miami and see if he can get Marshall the ball for god’s sake…

  18. Thank God. Some of us believe Vince Young is the QB the Dolphins should be chasing. Young is a yr older and hopefully a yr wiser, he also brings more to the table then Orton. Great arm with a Uncle Amos hitch, and can run. And maybe has seen how to conduct himself as a pro.

  19. Am I the only Bronocs fan who wants Oroton to stay? The fact of the matter is, Orton can sling it all over the field and if the team gives him a decent running back and some protection, the Broncos will put up some points.

    Who gives a crap about Tebow being a first round pick? Elway didnt pick him so he has no allegience to him. He has an allegience to us to put the best guys on the field. Period.

  20. OK if Orton wants to stay and play out his contract to become a free agent that’s one thing.

    If he wants to stay because he thinks Denver will be better than Miami in 2011 then he isn’t playing with a full deck.

    Denver either has to rework that salary or cut him. They can’t afford the 8+ mil.

  21. Orton, with a hundred pound sack of Iowa sweet corn strapped to his back, would still be a better QB than Kornpone Kolb. What a complete fraud that guy is.

  22. Two things may happen, Miami backs off then KO restructures for the Broncos.
    With Kolb at 2nd + pro-bowler, Denver WILL ask for a 2nd + DL player.
    Do you get the feeling KO maybe the Bronco starter and Quinn gets dealt?

  23. Does this surprise anyone? Orton is a proven QB in the league. He might not ever be elite, but he’s a solid middle of the road starter. I think this may be a tactic by the Broncos that could blow up in their faces. Reports were that the Broncos and Dolphins were in heavy negotiations concerning Orton. The fins likely balked at what the Broncos were asking for, so the Broncos put Orton on the field to prove they’d be willing to keep him if the price wasn’t right. Now, we have reports of Orton blowing Tebow away in practice. While I think it’s crazy for the Broncos to trade Orton and hand the starting gig to Tebow with no real safety net there in case the move doesn’t work out like they want it to, it seems clear that the Broncos want to move Orton so that fans won’t be able to clammer for giving Orton the start when they see the growing pains (in the best case scenario) that will inevitably ensue when they start Tebow. To me, the only surprise would be reports of Quinn noticeably outplaying Tebow too.

  24. Wow as a Bronco fan and a football fan in general I thought my drama with football was over with the end of the lockout,guess not go orton uhh tebow uhh iam tired

  25. What a suprise. Orton outplays Teabow. I’d start Screech from saved by the bell before I’d start Teabow.

  26. Every Raider fan I know saw this coming. Orton is the best they’ve got. The surprise is that Quinn looked good. This should be fun! Now if Carson shows up….

  27. Go Orton. Tebow is a clown. Please, Miami wait, you will get a decent q-back at a decent price. Q-back derby is almost over.

  28. This is not news to any of us bronco fans, or any fans for that matter. We all know Kyle can go out and throw the ball around. However, in games when things don’t go perfect, he chokes. Whenever it is 3rd down, he chokes. Whenever the offense is in the red zone, he chokes. Whenever its crunch time, he chokes.

  29. Speculations “is what it is” says John Fox. Orton ain’t going nowhere and Tebow will not see the field. John Fox hates developing QBs.

  30. YAWN……..


    GO TRADE FOR KYLE ORTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HELLO?????? SEATTLE??????


    GO GET ORTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. No surprise. I know it is only one practice, but Tebow is not good. He stinks. He should just stay home and play football by himself.

  32. Yeah its too bad that Orton will still be traded, He is no doubt the better QB but Tebow sells tickets and jerseys. as we found out this summer the league cares more about $$$$ than actual football

  33. Even with Mcdipsh!! gone the Donkeys still cant resisit running a quality NFL QB out of town. This team is a trainwreck… and I am a Raider fan.

    “Hello pot”
    “Hello kettle”

  34. Orton and Medicine Woman are backups, they should be the ones trying harder at this point.

  35. They’re trying to show the dolphins theyll keep him if they dont pony up but it’s gonna backfire when the neckbeard grows back and Orton starts throwing his famous 25 yard bombs.

  36. If Kolb set the market for qb’s for DRC and a 2nd round pick, I wonder what Orton is worth.

  37. And another report by Scott Hastings of 104.3 The Fan said Mike Klis was yapping with everyone around him and barely watching practice.

    Out played him during the opening practice? Big deal. How much can you learn about two QB’s after one practice?

    Nobody has ever said Orton didn’t look the part – minus his Dumb and Dumber haircuts. Orton’s problem is that he sucks in the red zone and he falls apart at the end of the game. Move this guy, today. It is time to find out of McDumba$$ made a mistake trading up for Tebow. If Tebow shows potential, great, I’m all for it. But if he sucks, well then you know you need to go get somebody legit.

    This team needs a ton of work. Take a 3rd/4th Rounder for him and move on. 8-8 with Orton would be a phenomenal success, but 8-8 still sucks. I’d rather go 5-11 with Tebow than 8-8 with Lloyd Christmas.

  38. As a Chiefs fan, I can only hope that Elway and company are willing to hand the reins of the donkeys over to Tebow from day one.

    C’mon Miami, make that Orton deal happen now! The rest of the AFC West wants the easy wins for years to come.

  39. (pointing at sky) First I just want to say I am truely blessed to read another article on Timmy Rah-Rah…..

    Of course Orton outplayed him. Parting the red sea and healing the lepers takes a lot out of someone. Even if they are Messiah like…..

    As a long suffering Raider fan I hate the horse-faced-Jackass. But Elway isn’t stupid. Denver doesn’t care if Orton outplays Timmy Rah-Rah. Hes getting traded. One step back to take two foward. Starting Timmy Rah-Rah is the only way Denver will get a real QB next year. Luck, Barkley or Landry Jones….

  40. dude, it’s the FIRST practice of the year. you’re taking the ESPN route of creating as much drama as possible at every opportunity.

  41. So the Dolphins would rather pay Henne chump change and completely suck ballz and go 6-10 instead of paying 8.8 million for a very good QB and go possibly 10-6 and make the playoffs.

    Makes sense to me!

  42. This is retarted! PFT needs to get thier info from someone else cuz this Mike Klis guy is a Joke! He spent the whole time he was at practice talking to people around him, not watching what was going on. For starters they barely even threw the ball, the plays were 85% running plays! I dunno how this Klis guy can determine from a sample size of only a handful of throws (which he wasnt paying attention to anyways) on the first day that Orton looks far better than Tebow!? This Klis guy is a JOKE and is just trying to stir the pot and create a dramatic story out of nothing. Worthless

  43. just what the broncos need a qb situation with fox running the is to loyal to qbs so be careful what you wish will stick with his guy till the end.just ask us panther fans about the delhomme situation.

  44. Wow! Orton did well in PRACTICE? Freaking Amazing. News flash…he’s always been good in practice….and between the 20’s on game day….but only if its not third down. Give me Tebow or give me….Boreton.

  45. Vince Young is a head-case. Tebow was drafted much higher than he should have been. Orton played awesome last year. Which sounds the best?

  46. Tim Tebow’s short NFL career is just a gateway for him to be the new money grabbing TV Messiah of this bible thumping age.

  47. Sad state of Quarterbacking in the NFL when Kyle Orton and Kevin Kolb are the prized pigs……..

    Steve Young brought that up last year, the bad QBing is even creating more injuries for the skill position players due to inaccuracy.

  48. If its a fair QB battle there is no way tebust wins it. Horrible accuracy, cant throw into a tight window and has a 3 minute windup. The only coach in the world stupid enough to take him is Josh McDimmiwitt, which tells you something right there.
    Sorry Denver fans the only way tebust wins a Qb battle is if you trade Orton and only give quinn limited reps.
    But starting tebust would give them a very good shot at Luck next year, so maybe that is there plan.

  49. Tim Tebow should just switch to FB or TE and save everyone the headache. We all know you’re not an NFL QB Timmy… I know you hear it from all your people, but you are not Jesus Christ.

  50. guess we should fit the entire team for Superbowl Rings, now that Kyle Orton played better than Tebow in practice. As Allen Iverson said it “Practice?!”…hmm wonder how Orton will perform with the game on the line with no options down field…think he’ll take the sack or break the pocket and kill the ball 30 yards out of bounds? Those are the only two options with him…Tebow at least is un-predictable

  51. Wow really Mike Klis?? It’s the first UN PADDED practice of camp. I wouldn’t be judging who is going to be the QB for the Denver Broncos after that… Orton has been around longer than Tebow. It’s Tebow time and every one knows it. Also wouldn’t be surprised if the Broncos are doing this to upgrade Orton’s trade value. Once we trade Orton, then Tebow will go off! Success! Tebow time, Go Broncos!

  52. @feldman9000
    There’s a bigger John in Denver than John Fox. And I’m pretty sure if that John tells Fox that they are going to develop Tebow then that is what will happen. #7.

  53. Some people just need off what they read or hear others say. Orion choked on third down Orion choked in red zone. Please stop with the tunnel vision. You have a right not to like Orion for any reason but at least do it with looking at the entire picture. To say he choked on third down and red zone is a bit much. How much Did the lack of a true big power back such as Hillis hurt us? How much did out beat up poor playing offensive line hurt us in these situations. How many times would we have picked up a short garage first down or touchdown had Hillis been in the backfield? Let’s look at the entire picture on why Orion so called choked. Be honest with your evaluation of the entire problem not just one person in that equation.

  54. I apologize for spelling errors on last post. Phone screwed up spell check.I was unable to see what was being typed until submitted

  55. Is the Orton-to-Miami deal so strong that Arizona couldn’t have tried to trade for him? Wouldn’t that have given them some leverage in their talks for Kolb?

  56. I’ll be interesting to see how Orton does away from McDaniels offense. Say what you will about that airbag as a head coach, his scheme was great for Kyle Orton’s weaker-but-accurate throws.

  57. So let me get this straight. Philly got a former pro-bowl CB AND a 2nd round pick for a guy with a fraction of the resume of Orton, but Denver can’t get a 2nd or 3rd rounder from Miami? This does not compute.

  58. brubaker, I can list a handful of games where Orton lead your Broncos, and my Bears, back from the dead to either win the game or come close.

    You want to put stock in elevating a college QB, who hasn’t won in the pros, when he’s being outplayed by the 3rd stringer and a guy who hasn’t been on the field in over a year be my guest.

    A true fan wants to see their team put the best players on the field and try to win games. If you think Tebow should be the starter, then you should renounce your Broncos fan card.

    If John Elway and John Fox start Tebow with Orton on the team, then they’re merely trying to kiss up to the fanbase that they claim McDaniels alienated. That’s not the right way to run a franchise.

  59. It’s the first practice so nobody should get their panties in a wad.

    Besides, listening to the local Denver sports show broadcasting live from training camp they laughed at Klis’ report. Saying that Klis was doing more talking to reporters than paying attention to practice. That and most of the plays were running plays.

    LOL at these breaking reports from the first day of organized practice since December.

  60. Lets not forget this is DAY ONE of practice. Don’t get all “Tebow blows and is a 3rd stringer” just yet. Still a way to go before Week 1. And from the sounds of it an imminent with Miami for Orton is in the works.

    With that being said, I do think Denver would be better off with Orton staying as their QB.

  61. Why would Tebow need to have a good practise? He has the QB job and doesn’t have to win the job, jeez. He convinced horse face and that’s all he needed to do.

  62. A key stat too for those who claim Orton is a game manager and isn’t accurate with the deep ball.

    Orton vs Tebow:

    Less than 15 yds: QB rating, Orton 84.0; Tebow 83.7

    More than 15 yds: QB rating, Orton 97.5; Tebow 79.0

    Tebow isn’t a real QB, he’s an H-Back in disguise.

  63. Maybe Orton agrees with Henne, Tebow is not an NFL caliber QB. Then again, Henne should’nt talk like that. As a Fins fan, Henne is not the answer, just don’t know if Orton is..

  64. Bears fan here. I like KO, I wish we had him the last two years. He’s like Rodney…no respect.

  65. Great breaking news here guys, I totally thought the 2nd year guy who still needs to correct his throwing mechanics would have the vet QB coming off of the 2 best seasons of his career beat at this point.

  66. Did Orton outplay Tebow? Or did Tebow’s intangibles simply make everyone around him better, including Orton?

    That is the question that their coach needs to answer by September.

  67. Please God let this be an evil genius plot by John Elway to allow Tebow to start and suck? It would serve 2 purposes….first we can secure next yrs 1st round pick and Andrew Luck….second we can prove to these Tebow lovin freaks that he is not and will never be a viable NFL QB so they can go away!!! I mean damn I don’t care how much lipstick you put on this pig…he is still a pig!! Helen Keller, Ray Charles, and Stevie Wonder can see this dude can’t throw. Help its an ongoing nightmare…. McDaniels and his eff ups won’t go away. Okay I think I’m calm now….not one of that idiots top picks have panned out…..please make it stop!!!

  68. Maybe it’s because the Broncos said yesterday that they won’t trade Orton until they get more value for him. Today; look at our great QB taking snaps with the 1st team – See he is great value.

  69. It’s easy to sum it up if you’re just talking about practice. We’re sitting here, and I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we’re talking about practice. I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, but we’re talking about practice. Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game last it’s my last but we’re talking about practice man. How silly is that?

  70. Good grief, can you fourth graders get off Tebow’s religion? What does it have to do with a QB competition? His problem is that he comes from a run-first spread offense and has a cumbersome throwing motion … not that he’s spiritual.

    I’m not sold on Tebow as a pro-style QB, but he does know how to win. Funny, but I don’t recall ever seeing Orton hoist a championship trophy.

  71. wow pft reporting a negative story about tebow,frankly it would be a shock if they reported anything else. even more shocking is that he actually thought he did dare he have a positive opinion of his performance when the guy reporting the story who was not there said about not reporting his every move and let him compete like everyone else does? also what would you expect the broncos to say about orton if they are trying to trade orton? he is a great qb but he sucked at practice today?

  72. Team Tebow better have a backup plan if they send Orton packing. His arm will eventually have to get him out of trouble his legs no longer will if he can’t check off to other receivers

  73. The Broncos will lose with either one, I don’t know what people are so excited about. Don’t worry, Andrew Luck is coming next year. Elway will see to it.

  74. i hope miami passes on orton. Go with henne one more year and save the pick to move up in the draft next year to get one of the best QBs

  75. For the record Brady Quinn is pretty much undefeated in the “Look good in practice” competition. Unfortunately the whole “Look good during the game” one he’s not that great at.

  76. Do they really need a July 2011 practice to know what they have in Kyle Orton?

  77. Kyle Orton is a quality QB but he isn’t a franchise guy. Think of him as this generation’s Vinny Testaverde or Drew Bledsoe. It takes a lot of attempts for him to produce those big numbers. 1 TD for every 25 attempts – 7 yards/att? That’s Alex Smith-type numbers. Forget about all the yards he accumulates and look at his production elsewhere. He’s great at keeping control of the ball and moving the chains but he isn’t going to produce those gaudy numbers in a run-heavy attack like Fox’s.

    He excels in a spread system and really that’s it. Take what you can get for him and let the run-heavy Broncos offense commence.

  78. I like Orton. That said, if he does go to the Dolphins, poor Reggie Bush is going to find out very fast that he’s no Brees and Spags is no Payton and – gulp – there ain’t no chance of going to a Super Bowl.

  79. 1) This is obviously a ploy to raise Orton’s value.
    2) Orton went from vastly underrated to vastly overrated. He is no team’s future unless that team wants to be mediocre.
    3) Tim Tebow is an evolutionary player. It does not surprise me when people say what he can’t be, because most often the simple minded cannot notice genious even when it punches them in the face.
    4) In 2 starts he had one great game and one bad one. Anyone who says they can form an opinion that he cannot play in the NFL after going for 300 yards in week 16 is an overreactionary sheep.
    5) In limited duty he still accounted for 5 rushing touchdowns.
    6) If you expect Tebow to be Joe Montana then you are insane. Tebow is simply a different animal. Maybe he will never be a 70% passer or throw for 4,000 yards but I bet he wins way more often then he loses. Think about it… even if he never reaches those statistical landmarks his style will move the chains and lead to high marks in clock time and low turnover totals. Those things win football games MUCH more often then being able to complete a deep out once a game.
    7) 30 years ago african-american QB’s couldnt play. Those people were wrong. 20 years ago short passes were considered silly. Those people were incorrect. 5 years ago the Wildcat was surely not going to work. It did. Sometimes in order to make an omelet you need to break a few eggs… and sometimes to build a future superstar QB you need to think out of the box. Just put Tebow in the spread offense and let him do his thing. And now tell me how the spread offense will never work in the NFL…

  80. Make Tebow earn the starting job. Nothing good comes from just handing someone something. When this something is as important as your starting QB the coach should make damn sure he is putting the best guy possible in that position and not listening to the fanbase or any other reason.

    I guess when you just hand our front office jobs like they did with Elway than why not do it for your QB position as well. There are dark days coming in Denver and I am not talking about that storm cloud that is coming over the mountains right now.

  81. Doesn’t the whole report lose credibility when it says Brady Quinn looked better?

  82. No surprise Kyle Orton can outplay Timmy Rah-Rah…..Randy Orton probably could to…….

  83. I don’t think Orton is a winner like Tebow is. Maybe he looked more the part, but the conventional-looking guy is not always the guy that will win the most games. I think Tebow’s got more hunger to win. And he’s a tough mother f**ker.

  84. Listening to Klis is dangerous. Very dangerous the guy is a Bronco beat writer that hates the Broncos. All the posters on here talking great about Orton, his numbers were buitl up by throwing 65-70% of the time. He had 0 fourth quarter comebacks and a horrendous 3rd down and red-zone quarterback rating. Notice how many teams went with other quarterbacks people!

    Lastly, Orton was exactly 11-18 as a starter for the Broncos. 5-13 since starting 6-0 under McDaniels, afetr everyone figured out you had to stop the run and double team Marshall.

    Tebow played three games and had a most memorable fourth qaurter comeback against the Texans and another last gasp, almost pulled it off, comeback against the Chargers that left defenders from both of those teams gushing about Tebow’s moxie and playmaking ability. Also if Tebow falls on his face Denver will know what they have then, Orton has proven he is a stop gap no more, no less.

  85. Klis is not what I would call I reliable source. He spends more time playing ‘find the letters that makes words’ on his keyboard than he does paying attention to the team he gets paid to cover. Woody Paige on vacation or something?

    Kyle is a solid QB, but at this point, the fans are just ready for something new to cheer for. Kyle is caught in the middle, sadly. There really is not that much risk starting Tebow, what with a new HC and philosophy. I for one would rather see 7-9 with an upside then 8-8 with the same expectations for the following season…

  86. In the words of Allen Iverson, the illustrious orator….

    “We’re talking about practice man. We’re talking about practice. We’re talking about practice. We’re not talking about the game. We’re talking about practice.

    Hey it’s strange to me too but we’re talking about practice man, we’re not even talking about the game, when it actually matters, we’re talking about practice.”

    And the only reason Brady Quinn is still on an NFL roster is because he looks good in practice…

    Enough said???

  87. @tdrizzle74

    Sorry…you beat me to the punch on my previous post…must give credit where credit is due…

  88. Orton is 52 tds and 3 picks in the redzone in his career thats one of the best ratios in the league

    He had a 91 QBR ratiing in the redzone last year the same as Brees .

    The Broncos with Orton averaged the 11th most passing tds per game in the league last year but somehow you have people running around claiming Orton chokes despite the fact that they didnt have one proven catcher on the squad .

    They had one of the worst running games in the league and the running game was so bad that they were forced to insert tebow to have him run it in .

    The broncos didnt have a viable receiving TE on the roster which is why this year they drafted two of them.

    The best teams in the redzone have good tight ends and versatile receiving threats ,

    I just dont see how they blame Orton under the circumstances .

    Orton is s better QB than tebow right now whoever didnt know that mustve fell pray to the Broncos fans smear tactics.

    They had to know Orton would be coming into camp looking to bust Tebows ass and embarrass the gm and OC . We all know we would if we were him after seeing there reaction and shock today you know Orton had to be laughing all the way home and will probably be looking to turn it up the next few days

  89. As a PhinFan, please Denver, dump Orton.

    You deserve Tebow, he is such a nice guy.

    While you are at it let Quinn go as well, he should get a another shot, his first team was a (fill in blank).

  90. As a Broncos fan, I am ecstatic that Orton will not be traded. Restructure his deal. Get him hooked up so that we can get right.

    Is Orton the best QB in the NFL? Of course not. But, here’s what he does well…

    1) He does not turn the ball over very often. If you look at Tebow’s unorthodox back foot style, you’ll notice that he hoists the ball into coverage when the pressure is on. That is a recipe for disaster and leads to LOSSES in the NFL when your team isn’t the most athletic on the field.

    2) Orton has exceptional play action capability. In a run-first offense, this is a vital skill. Tebow can get it done in the short passing game. However, for 20+ yard attempts, Tebow sucks. He’s not accurate. He’s prone to have the ball knocked out of his hands with his winding motion. Orton has worked diligently to improve the speed of his release and the velocity on his already accurate deep passes.

    You cannot blame the QB for a putrid defense and offense that was dead ass last in running the ball.

    This report from PFT is not surprising. Tebow is awful. He should not have ever been drafted by the Broncos in the first round. Just because a horrific error was made in that draft does not imply that we ought to compound that error by starting Tebow. Intangible items like “moxie” are irrelevant to me if you don’t have the skills to back up your attitude. Tebow will make a fantastic preacher at a mega church in the Bible belt.

    But, Tebow is not an NFL QB. He is terrible. The Dolphins saved us by not making this trade.

    Go Broncos!

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