Mike Peterson returns to Atlanta

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The Falcons are sticking with their linebacker group from a year ago.

They brought back Stephen Nicholas on a long-term deal, and have now agreed to terms with Mike Peterson.

Peterson’s role could be scaled back, while Nicholas could get more snaps.  We continue to see a trend we expected during the lockout: Teams are making re-signing their own player a priority because of the limited offseason.

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  1. I attended a Falcons practice before week one two seasons ago and Mike Peterson was like a coach. He was encouraging every player out there. That, and he and Mike Smith go back to Jax, when Del Rio had another little ego struggle when Peterson didn’t agree with one of his tirades. Jack cut him & he was a Falcon the next day. Good for you, Mike.

  2. Mike Peterson is a run-stopping LB only. His coverage skills are shaky, but his intangibles are through the roof. He is a true leader and role model for not only the defense, but the team as a whole. He will be perfect as a rotational guy behind Weatherspoon and Nicholas.

  3. Thank you Falcons. I am happy to see Nicholas and Peterson back. Please do sign another young linebacker for Peterson to train. Also please before you do anything else please protect Ryan! We need our guards and with no one to protect Ryan we are stuck with Chris Redman.

  4. “Keeping the same defense as last year… good news for the Packers, right?”

    I think one thing the Packs are forgetting is that we won the first game and Aaron Rodgers couldn’t do anything in the first game. That being said 13-3 I think our defense was pretty damn good last year and can only mature and get better. Congrats on the SB win however had they only faced the Packers once you would be singing a completely different tune. The defense fell apart after the first half due to the two interceptions. That being said I do believe that had the defense kept their steam in the beginning of the game it was 14-0 Falcons due to a break down in the Packs special teams and a very beautiful pick six by…oh this is difficult let me think…oh yeah the Falcons defense. So think about your words before you make yourself sound dumb.

  5. @ampking101

    Although I do think those are two good players, and it’s good to keep some continuity, I was just making what I thought would be a good joke. Also, it would be nice for your team to change something about the defense considering the Packers put up 41 out of 48 points on offense, in the playoffs no less.

    And what pick six are you talking about? The only TDs scored were by Eric Weems, Michael Turner, and Roddy White. And in the first game between these two teams, only Michael Turner and Gonzalez scored TDs. None of them play defense.

    Maybe you confused that Weems KO ret TD with an INT, but that doesn’t happen unless the Packers score. So you could say the Falcons might have gone into the half up 14-0, but in reality, they went in 14-28 (which, I’ll admit, that it could have been 14-21 or 17-21 if not for Matt Ryan.)

  6. @youboettcha

    Okay I was incorrect and I can admit when I am wrong. I went back and watched the footage and it wasn’t a pick six. It was in fact a fumble picked up by Grimes that then was run in for a touchdown by Burner Turner. Aaron Rodgers did lead up with a touchdown of his own which was then lead up by the Weems kick off return. So now that it is cleared up the actual score at the end of the half if Matt Ryan (who I love and would take over and QB in the league) fell apart in the playoffs and threw two interceptions. Which both were very avoidable. Would have been 17-14 Falcons. As I said before though our defense did fall apart and the only one that really went out there and still played like he wanted it was Ryan. You also have to remember this though. This is the first time we have ever been the number one seed and the Falcons are still getting used to the difference between playoff games and seasonal games.

    Still however 13-3 is nothing to laugh at. Whether we were beaten in our dome or not it still is a very daunting task and will continue to be this season. We could use some new talent in our safety department and we could use a young LB to mature along with Lofton and Weatherspoon and it wouldn’t hurt to grab a replacement for Abraham to train. We aren’t really hurting as badly on defense as most people believe. Both Grimes and Moore had 5 interceptions for the season and Abraham held 13.0 sacks for the season. So it isn’t as if we don’t have a better than decent defense.

    In the end I can say however that we won the first outing against the Packers and the Pack’s were able to change their gameplan overcome the dome and go to win the SB (which I actually was glad to see them win over the Steelers.)

  7. One thing I also want to add and any Falcon fan should agree with me on this one. We may not have the most talent. We may not have the highest payed players. We may not have any super bowl rings. We do however have one thing that most teams in the NFL don’t have that makes us different and that thing is heart. Heart and potential is flourished throughout the Atlanta depth chart. For those that laugh at that notion. I submit to you, keep laughing until that potential grows into full fledged talent, then we’ll see if you still have something to laugh about.

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