Ochocinco hints he’s heading to the Patriots

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Albert Haynesworth may not be the only new arrival in New England this week.

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco is dropping hints that he’ll be a Patriot.  And he’s dropping the hints in a most unusual way.

James Shively (@JC_Shively) of Cincinnati has a Twitter page.  Earlier today, he complained about persistent rumors and reports that Ochocinco will be cut.

Wrote Shively:  “So much 4 @ochocinco getting cut by the #Bengals… Media dont know squat.  Always tryin 2 stir drama up.”

Shively received a “direct message” from Ochocinco.  Said Ochocinco:  “Media knows nothing but I’m going to enjoy clam chowder.”  (We’ve seen the screen shot of the message.)

For those of you who are still using far lamer social media like Facebook and MySpace, a “direct message” is a device for sending a message to only one follower.  Ochocinco would have known about Shively’s comment because users can see at any time a list of all tweets in which their Twitter name (in this case, @ochocinco) is mentioned.

For example, Ochocinco doesn’t follow the PFT Twitter page, but he routinely reacts to tweets in which we mention him, often with a threat to “whoop [my] ass.”

We don’t put any more stock in this one than we do in the fact that, on Wednesday, someone with the Eagles listed “Rodgers-Cromartie” among the various players whose jersey could be ordered via the online store.

Then again, Rodgers-Cromartie is now an Eagle.

78 responses to “Ochocinco hints he’s heading to the Patriots

  1. number 85 is taken in New England. if Aaron Hernandez won’t give it up (should Chad actually end up in NE), and Ochocinco ends up with say, number 81, is another name change coming?

  2. His message doesn’t prove anything, there’s also Rhode Island or Manhattan clam chowder. Oh wait, neither of those locations have football teams…

  3. He didn’t specify the “red” or the “white” clam chowder….so he could mean the Pats, the Giants, or the Jets.

  4. I’m sure that all of his tweeting will go down extremely well with his potential new HC. After all, we all know how BB likes his players to be out going and candid.

  5. Wow – well… maybe if he’ll shut his mouth, I’ll grow to be happy about this.

    Randy Moss played it cool. Does Chad have the balls to do the same, or will his yap keep flapping.

    Don’t get me wrong – talented receiver, awesome athlete, and fun to WATCH…
    I just HATE listening to him.

    Go PATS – I’ll give it my best shot.

  6. I just don’t see a fit. Belichick benches Wes Welker for making subtle references about Rex Ryan and feet.

    How is a guy who likes to talk as much as Chad going to co-exist with Bill?

  7. He’s not going there!!!!!

    Remember when Corey Dillon got traded to New England????

    What happened??? … He won a Super Bowl!!!!! Why repeat that crap all over again!!!!

  8. Do the Patriots have anyone that can smack him in the huddle if he starts whining again?

  9. Maybe he’s busy eating lunch at a Popeye’s?

    Or, *shudder* Seattle has decent clam chowder too…

  10. Okay … last time I looked, Johnson got shut out twice by Revis and still hasn’t changed his name to Johnson, The Pats need someone to stretch the field … Johnson is not the answer

  11. Chad Johnson is the most over rated, self promoting recievers ALL TIME! I’m sorry your leaving the AFC Central Division.

  12. If New England can land Ochocinco for peanuts, like they did with Haynesworth.. oh hell yea!!

  13. If he stays a Bengal he will not like the fact that AJ Green is going to be the new #1 receiver. Bengals would be fine with or without him. Green, Shipley, Simpson, and Gresham will be plenty of receivers for Dalton to throw to. Now, focus on getting a running back pronto.

  14. Either the Pats or he’s going to training camp with the Boston Bruins in a few weeks.

  15. If it’s a trade, Belicheck will give up a conditional 7th round pick in 2024.

  16. I gotta say i think Ocho fits in well in NE. Remember Ocho is not a “bad” guy hes a crazy personality. There is a big difference between him and T.O. and Moss.

    I think he could have a huge season with a good QB he has one since before Carson hurt the knee in that playoff game( had that knee injury not happened i swear Palmer would have been an all time great )

    Oh to the person who asked “what if Arron Hernandez doesn’t want to give up his number” While he looks to be a really good player and i still wish my birds would have drafted him like i wanted them to he’s still a 2nd year tight end and Ocho is a boarderline HOFer in his own mind at least. Ocho gets the number

  17. “Mmmmmmmmmm, Clam Chowder.”
    (Done in Homer Simpson voice………and drooling)

  18. its a known fact that bill and chad are actually good friends so i can see why this move might work out

  19. steelerssmack4u says: Jul 28, 2011 4:28 PM

    Chad Johnson is the most over rated, self promoting recievers ALL TIME! I’m sorry your leaving the AFC Central Division.


    I knew Steelers fans were retarded, but you may have hit an all-time low for your fanbase. AFC Central? Really? I’m glad that you are such a moron you don’t even know what division your team plays in. Kudos

  20. I’ll help him pack, and I’m sure we can find plenty of other Bengal fans willing to pitch-in and help.

  21. Firsh Haynesworth,now Ochosinkhole..LOL..Maybe you should bring on Dr. Phil too….You may need him with these to wack-jobs!!..LOL

  22. i seriously want this to happen. he’s exactly what the patriots need….

    i’m taking the over on how many more horrible, not funny, and over used chowder references there will be on this post.

  23. This loud mouth will go down as one of the most overrated players in NFL history.

  24. I don’t like this at all. Ocho is a me-me guy. While Billy has all Pats drink the koolaid, it will take a lot more for Chad the mouth to conform to being a team player and not obsessed with himself. I don’t see the fit at all. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen though. Just don’t see the fit.
    Getting beyond that, I don’t even see how he could help this team. He is regressing as a wideout. The Pats would be better off signing Randy Moss who at least knows the system, but that wouldn’t be my first choice either.

  25. think the pats will sign a name. who would be better in NE, Braylon or 85?

  26. I wish this self-aggrandizing loudmouth would just go away. Its pretty much certain that the team signing him won’t be winning a Super Bowl while he is there.

  27. Funny how fans of a player’s new team automatically think all the BS baggage they carry will be left at the door. Enjoy the drama in NE. Chad will be movin on again next year…

  28. Its not like Ochocinco has ever had a decent game against Revis anyway.

    Haynesworth and Ocho could destroy the team first chemistry with the Sony Squad.

  29. Unless he comes for free, I’m not crazy about this. TO (who has his own baggage) was the much better receiver on Cinci last year, which should be a warning sign.

  30. Who cares? Go to Mexico or change your name. Mike Brown is too stupid to trade him anyway.

  31. danetow says:
    Jul 28, 2011 4:23 PM
    No that Pats just need Mark Sanchez to do what he always does….suck


    What is the Pats record against the Jets since Sanchez has been the starter?

  32. bobwsc says:
    Jul 28, 2011 4:18 PM
    number 85 is taken in New England. if Aaron Hernandez won’t give it up (should Chad actually end up in NE), and Ochocinco ends up with say, number 81, is another name change coming?

    He actualy wanted to change his name back…but it would have cost too much to bouy out all the ochocinco jerseys. If he changes teams…then he can change his name again with no ramifications.

  33. Please NO, take a gamble on some lanky speedster FA not this has-been…

    The again watching him explain why, in his mind, he gets cut midway through the season will be entertaining.

  34. Anyone who doesn’t understand the mutual respect between BB and Chad has never seen a Pats- bengals game up close. BB is always chatting with 85 before and during the game. Their relationship has even been documented before the last game on Sound FX.

    Love him or hate him, he has always been one of the top receivers in the game and to be on the receiving end from Brady this season could be something.

    Pats are grabbing playmakers. Haynesworth is capable of taking over a game on D ( see Tenn) if motivated. I’ll bet my house on Bill Belichick in this case.

  35. As a Cincinnati native, and a lifelong Bengals fan (God help me), I think it’s a good idea for us to get rid of Ocho now, while we can still get something for him.

    The last thing a rookie QB needs is a loud-mouth, ball hungry WR. Our young WR’s are hungry and want to prove that they are ready for the NFL. THESE are the type of guys I want on my team.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved Chad since we drafted him in 2001. He’s been a star, an all-pro, and set many franchise receiving records while he’s been here. At this point, he deserves to have a chance at winning a Super Bowl. That chance aint going to happen here.

    Good luck, #85.

  36. What single factor in going to the Patriots do you think Chad Ochocinco is happiest about?

    Finally getting to play for a legit SB contender? No.

    Having a QB who isn’t washed up? Nope, that ain’t it.

    Finally getting out of a uniform that looks like it was designed by the cast of “Glee”? Bingo!

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