Panthers lock up Jon Beason

The Carolina Panthers continue to spend money like proverbial drunken sailors.

After rounding up a slew of free agents, the Panthers turned their attention to linebacker Jon Beason.  Per a league source, Beason agreed to terms on a five-year, $50 million extension.  The deal includes $25 million guaranteed.

Beason joins defensive end Charles Johnson, running back DeAngelo Williams, linebackers Thomas Davis and James Anderson, kicker Olindo Mare, and probably five or six guys we’re forgetting as the recipients of new money in Carolina.

Next up?  Center Ryan Kalil, the team’s franchise player.

They may not be able to compete in the ultra-competitive NFC South, but it’ll be fun to watch what they do.

21 responses to “Panthers lock up Jon Beason

  1. For a team that won 2 games last season, they sure seem to be spending a lot of money on wrapping up their own players (that won them 2 games last season).

  2. I’m shocked. I’ve got nothing against Beason because he is actually good, but the way they are signing their own guys you’d feel like they think they were only a Cam away from winning last year. Actually, the more I think about it, they had pretty much the same team as two years ago and maybe they were only a QB and a coach away from being competitive.

  3. Go Jerry!!! Let’s just get a veteran WR and QB that know what they are doing, so we dont have to worry about Andrew Luck being avail in the draft.

  4. to compare last years team to this year’s team merely by the coincidence it has most of the same players is asinine. jeff Davis and the QB situation along with not having jeff otah was last years issue along with lame duck fox…..this difference? a motivated coaching staff, otah back. a freak of nature cam newton, thomas davis back, and j richardson actually wanting to pay his players this year, along with a offensive coordinator that knows what they are doing…big differences IMO…i’m not saying they are going to win the NFC south but to say they are the same team is a very ill informed comment

  5. Last year’s team was gutted, riddled with injuries at key postions, and extremely young. They had a lame duck coaching staff. Morale was terrible. This year, Coaches are fired up. The defense and offense will attack. The cats are better at LB, TE, DL, and WR through upgrades and experience. This team only needs a QB. Clausen learned a lot last year and the QB has not really lost an important game in years. He is raw, but he is getting coached up. This team could make the playoffs with average QBs. When the light comes on in Camland, it will get darker in 31 other cities. Do not underestimate what is happening in Charlotte.

  6. As I mentioned on a previous post, they may have only won 2 games last year – but that was with a rash of injuries, Clausen at QB and Fox as a lame duck. Keeping the core intact and healthy, with a new QB and coach – and a new tight end – will go a long way toward contending once again in a difficult division.

  7. Love what the Panthers are doing. In addition to the new contracts, they also picked up a good young tightend in Greg Olsen from the Bears. It’s not like they are signing slouches. That 2-14 record was the product of tons of injuries to key players and lack of production out of the passing game. Because of that, the defense was on the field way too much. The defense is much better than the stats showed last year. Could be a surprise team this year depending on the offense’s production.

  8. why complain about paying for probowlers, its not ur $- texanfan is jealous@@!!! we should go for ur QB to back up CAM!!! ha ha – Malcom Floyd is next, then some backup beef on the OL-& cullen jenkins- maybe Julius Peppers in another trade – and ASUUMGA @ corner with a revitalized chris GAMBLE – we suffered thru the BS last year for this spending spree- OMG!!!Panthers are suddenly contenders, YES! what are the vegas odds now???? place ur bets! @ the hardrock in vegas –

  9. See guys, your logic says Jon Beason, Deangelo Williams and Charles Johnson should have walked because of the Panthers record.. Yes 2 it..saw all the horror for 16 weeks and pre season when it looked even worse!

    As top 3 free agents at their positions and having a young core these contract have all been neglected last two seasons(minimizing contracts in case of an extended lockout)…with the excess in cap room they are in a position to do this. Its been overdue..Kalil, Beason and DeAngelo would have been extended already if not for the Jerry Richardson owner”Alpha Dog experience”

    None of them were the QB, injured offensive line or lame duck coach with a tired scheme that avoided the usual Steve Smith plays..they got a new coach with real assistants and drafted a new Qb who can see over the line.

    To only win 2 games you have to be bad..its just the offense was terrible..the young core is boarderline elite and in their prime.

    As long as Cam isnt a disappoinmtnet they are on track for an NFC South title within two years…

    And yes they still have cap room.

  10. The players the Panthers are locking up long term are primarily a part of the Defense that ranked in the top half of the league in most categories last year. The major problem with that team was a combination of being ravaged by injuries and ABYSMAL play at the QB position. They may have slightly over paid Williams but for the most part these are core players that would have certainly commanded top dollars elsewhere.

  11. @brasho These are also the core players that carried them to a 12-4 record a couple years back.( other than mare). If they would’ve let everyone go you would’ve criticized that too. Riveras done great things with less talented defenses.

  12. Jasonfinfan point blank you’re a bonafide idiot, then again your a Dolphins fan.. This same team went 12-4 with Jake Delhomme at the helm and he was awful, that just shows you how bad Jimmy was and how significant the injuries were.. Go wander off in the ocean and make sure to cut yourself before you get in the water you uninformed chump..

    “I don’t know if y’all can, but Cam Can!”

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