Patriots expect Albert Haynesworth to be a good teammate

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A year ago, one of the biggest stories in the NFL was Albert Haynesworth’s status as a malcontent and distraction who couldn’t pass the Washington Redskins’ conditioning test. Today one of the biggest stories in the NFL is that Haynesworth finally got his wish, got out of Washington and is heading to New England.

So will he be a malcontent and distraction again?

Not according to some of his new teammates, who said today that Haynesworth’s problems were specific to Washington, and that in New England, there’s really no option of being anything other than a team player.

You can see that Albert wasn’t really happy in his situation,” Patriots defensive end Ty Warren said. “I don’t think it’s going to be a problem, with the structure of this locker room, the guys that’s in this locker room.”

Defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, who may be the player most affected by the arrival of Haynesworth, says the two of them will both be willing to play either end or tackle — whatever the coaches want.

“It’s always team first. That’s ‘The Patriot Way.’ If you can’t put the team first you won’t be here,” Wilfork said.

So Haynesworth’s fellow New England defensive linemen are sure that he’ll fit in, or else he won’t last. What we still don’t know is what kind of shape Haynesworth is in.

But we do know that Bill Belichick, like Mike Shanahan, expects his players to pass their conditioning tests. Fortunately, the test Belichick requires is one that even one of the slowest players in league history can pass.

Bernie Kosar took that conditioning test five years, and he passed it every time,” Belichick told Peter King in 2002.

Kosar, for those who don’t recall, was one of the slowest players the NFL has ever seen. If Haynesworth can’t pass a running test that Kosar aced, he may not be a Patriot for long.

44 responses to “Patriots expect Albert Haynesworth to be a good teammate

  1. Hahaha good luck w that patriots. Thanks for giving us a draft pick when we were gonna release him anyways. Plus he is a butthole.

  2. Ol’ Albert is just a misunderstood kindly man. He may just commit another attempted manslaughter on the field next year. His desire for the money and his indecorous behavior are just reactions to how he has been mistreated in the past.

  3. It’s a solid pickup….can’t blame the Pats for taking him.

    As a fan of a small-market team, it does irritate me that my team had no chance of signing the guy at the same price.

  4. Expecting Haynesworth, who is a piece of garbage, to be a good teammate is like expecting Ocho Stinko to keep his mouth shut. Not gonna happen.

  5. If anyone can straighten this guy out, it’s Belichick. Same goes for Ochocinco, but he’s not really a problem. He’s just a big talker.

  6. A more probable expectation would for him to hurt his knee taking a crap during a conditioning test timeout.

  7. Pats got two players who 1. hasn’t played to his potential in years, and 2. has concerns in terms of his speed, which is very important at WR.

    Hopefully it works out for them, but these are two players who have on the field questions (Haynesworth has both on and off the field issues – OchoCinco is an excellent person off the field).

  8. I expect a million dollars to fall out of the sky into my lap. Expecting it doesn’t make it happen.

  9. Albert will be fine until he is told he will not play unless he practices with the team, is scolded for being late for team meetings or is simply not praised and lauded for being the most super-awesome guy in the locker room, with a fantastic smile.

    He’s just an asshat.

  10. Low risk / high reward deal for the Pats….just like Cory Dillon and Randy Moss. If he doesn’t “get his mind right”……he’s gone….no big deal. It would only cost the Pats a 5th round pick 2 years from now. If he DOES “get his mind right”….he’s an absolute beast. Albert Haynesworth has shown when he was with the Titans that he can be absolutely dominant. It’s really worth the risk because the risk is so small. How did it work out with Dillon and Moss???…..Dillon rushed for over 1600 yards and won a Superbowl ring. Moss produced multiple records and came within a millimeter of winning a Superbowl and a perfect season.

    Smart business decision again by the Pats. Very low risk…HUGE upside if Belichick and the Patriots locker room can get Haynesworth to “get his mind right”. He’s done it before with Dillion and Moss….we shall see.

  11. i actually think this is going to work for one year . . . fat albert’s salary isn’t guaranteed (skins paid all that) and this is his last legit shot. he’ll bust his ass and be a model citizen this year, get paid, and go back to being his usual idiot self. See also: Moss, Randy; Dillon, Corey

  12. On behalf of my fellow Turds, I have to protest this association with Albert Haynesworth, who, in fact has no Turdish blood, and all his past attrocities.

    The people of Turdsmania deserve better than this. All of Turdsmadic descent were good people of healthy stock. They were tall,with long straight hair;the men robust,the women bold and beautiful.

    The first Turds arrived on these shores in fifteen eighty-nine,one year after the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

    Even back then they were unjustly blamed for the defeat of the Spanish Fleet when a Spanish admiral remarked,”No wonder we lost,we had a bunch of turds managing our cannons!”

    When finally in America, they also had trouble with lodgings. Most boarding houses had a sign on the front, “No Turds.” The Turdsmen naturally interpreted it to mean, “No people from Turdsmania, please.” They consequently felt rejected, as would any turd.

    Even those who decided to return to Turdsmania had a rough time going back. Once on the bother, they would ask, “Where do the turds stay?” And a mate would innocently reply, “Why, in the can, sir,” thinking it was some kind of Navy test. The Turdsmen would spend the rest of the voyage huddled in the men’s room. Once back in the homeland, however, their lot became a happier one. Each man and woman could pass each other on the street and proudly say, “I’m a Turd!”

    So please – go easy with the Turd references. My people have been through so much without adding this.

  13. Yes haters the Patriots were taken!

    OchoCinco cost a late round draft pick 2012 and in 2013.

    Haynesworth a 5th round pick in 2013.


    your team paid him over 50 mill the past two years. Enjoy the 5th in two years for that rental !

  14. Love seeing ‘skins fans chime in. Just the fact that the Redskins are on the other side of the trade virtually assures, probability wise, that it will work out better for the Pats. Enjoy the draft, losers.

  15. The Pats don’t get taken. Somehow they’ll end up with thirty picks over the next two years.

  16. Haynesworth will be the perfect player/teamate & Bill will flip him for 2nd & 5th rounders in 2013 (the same year when we lose the 5th rounder we gave to get him)…..Bill is a visionary!!!!!

  17. jpmelon says:
    Jul 28, 2011 9:14 PM
    It’s a solid pickup….can’t blame the Pats for taking him.

    As a fan of a small-market team, it does irritate me that my team had no chance of signing the guy at the same price.

    WHAT??? You do realize that there is a salary cap in football.. yes? And that there is a minimum that each team must spend… yes?

    Next, you do realize that the Patriots are on the hook for only about $5 million, right?All the rest of this year’s money has already been paid out by the Redskins.

    If your “small market” team wanted him, they would have gotten him.

    Your argument might work in baseball, but not for the most part in football.

  18. Belichick doesn’t perceive guys who are acting up for good reasons as a problem.

    Moss wasn’t a “problem”, his situation in Al Davis Land sucked.

    Same with Dillon. He acted up because the people running the team were inept.

    Haynesworth was being asked to play a position he doesn’t play well on yet another dysfunctional franchise.

    And Ocho is also on a new version of a dysfunctional Bengals.

    Belichick actually likes guys that get out of sorts because the team they are on is not being smart about becoming a winner.

    There is a pattern.

  19. we dropped a 5th-rounder on this guy.. low risk, high potential for reward. on another note, antwan harris (patriots’ 2000 5th round draft pick) just delivered my pizza.

  20. Bill does it again! big Al will have at least 8-10 sacks this year and will resurrect his self as a great D linemen. Al remember crow is best served cold, to all the haters!

  21. al will devour the crow, or hamburger or beef a roni, or waitress or innocent motorist, you guys got a real class act there. he will have 8 to 10 tough guy faces from the sideline a game

  22. All the haters had better be right.

    Maybe Haynesworth is, at this juncture in his career, a complete dog; a no-hustle washout. He certainly dogged it plenty in Washington. Hated his coach and had no interest in complying with what was going on.
    And maybe there is nothing left in his tank after all.
    Flip side is you better hope that this complete change of scenery, in every way imaginable, from the outhouse of the NFL to the penthouse, doesn’t get him re-motivated, reinvigorated and refocused on his career.

    Because the guy just turned 30.
    And if you’re wrong….

  23. Ocho I don’t think will be a problem.
    But Dillon and Moss PUT TOGETHER didn’t have as low of “football character” on their old teams as Haynesworth does.
    Dillon had never played on a winner. Moss was ok when his team was winning and he made enough bank. Haynesworth has always been a turd as a teammate and off the field. Period.

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