Report: Vince Young joining Eagles a “virtual certainty”


What Vince Young wants Vince Young will apparently get.

Just hours after Young was finally cut loose by the Titans, Clark Judge of reports Young is “expected” to join the Eagles. Young is a “virtual certainty” to be Michael Vick’s backup.

That sentence would have sounded nuts a few years ago.  Or 12 months ago.

But things change fast in the NFL, and Vick is suddenly thrust into the entrenched veteran starter/mentor role.  Young smartly wants to go through the Andy Reid quarterback car wash, where guys like Kevin Kolb and A.J. Feeley come out looking brand new.

In Young, the Eagles would pick up the most talented backup quarterback in the league.  He’s produced at a high level before, but serious questions remain about his work ethic and ability to handle pressure.

Odds are that Vick misses a start or four in 2011.  If Judge’s report is correct, Young is bound to feel plenty of pressure before this suddenly insane-looking 2011 season ends.

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  1. “Odds are that Vick misses a start or four in 2011.”

    Gosh, I must be the only one who expects Vick to be smarter this year, rarely take off running like a raw CFB quarterback and actually stay relatively healthy.

  2. Good for the eagles. He will have a couple mediocre games, Andy Reid will leak bs to his laptop sap pal who will report on ESPN how great vy is and next season vy will be traded for 14 first round picks and then flop for his new team.

  3. Take the guy with the thinnest skin and the least ability to cope and toss him into pressure situations in front of the worst fans in American sports. Great idea.

  4. “Young smartly wants to go through the Eagles quarterback car wash, where guys like Kevin Kolb and A.J. Feeley come out looking brand new.”

    That was GREAT stuff Greg. Still laughing at that.

  5. He can’t handle adversity and wants to go to Philly? Those fans will be brutal when he breaks down

  6. as long as VY can learn the playbook they’re good. VY is probably the best option to stand in for vick ( as long as VY actually gives a crap ) and beware…… I know how philly fans are….. VY might thrown helmets or cleats into the stands lol.

  7. Andy Reed is the polar opposite of Jeff Fisher, so this doesn’t surprise me, even if he won’t get much time on the field. Unless they get in the wildcat. And they would be STUPID not to.

    Vince Young + Andy Reed could = magic.

  8. It can go two ways. He can fill in when Vick goes down….and he will, play well like Feely, Detmer, and Kolb and redeem his career. The second is he stinks in up in a home game while filling in and the Philly crowd destroys his fragile psyche and he done as a pro. Time will tell.

  9. I’ll say one thing for the Eagles, they are making aggressive moves to make a championship run. I’m not an Eagles fan but I have always respected Andy Reid. Now they just need to get Desean Jackson in camp and they are going to be one tough team.

  10. A year or so under Andy Reid & vy might be able to reach his full potential. Just watch…..

  11. So we just upgraded our backup QB by taking DRC and a second round pick? not bad for a days work Howie.

  12. DRC is overrated he depends on his speed ….wake up call speed diminishes with age. DRC got burned all last year and he had a better secondary in Arizona.

  13. goawayeverybody says:Jul 28, 2011 10:23 PM

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a quarterback of Vince Young’s caliber actively seek out a non-starting role. Bizarre.

    Or maybe he’s just realistic. I seriously doubt any team out there was going to give him a starting job. Or even a chance at a starting job. So given that, going to a team with a proven history of turning around the careers of QBs in a backup situation is a pretty good choice. Especially since the starting QB there tends to be injury-prone.

  14. you would think at a rare time like this with so many teams desperate for competition at STARTER, that these guys whom were successful college qbs and felt like they never had their fair chance to take over a nfl team and be starting qb would be chomping at the bit to take this opprutunity. I thought thats what it was all about. I guess no responsibility of being a leader and cashing checks to hold a clipboard means more to these guys.

  15. People call Vick a moron because he made some bad decisions but a little known fact is that he scored a 20 on his Wonderlic. No, not groundbreaking, but that’s more than McNabb, Marino, Jim Kelly, and Terry Bradshaw. Newport News isn’t a town filled with scholars, so it’s possible if he grew up in a different environment people would look at him a lot differently.

  16. I think it says something that a starting QB, at his age, is willing to accept an obvious backup role…and what it says is not good IMO.

  17. for the last week or so, every time i break out that sock full of vaseline that’s leaning against the corner, i’ve been thinking of vince young and cedric benson 69ing. oh you sexy sexy nflers, i can see your feet sticking out from inside that closet.

  18. scudbot says: Jul 28, 2011 10:24 PM

    Take the guy with the thinnest skin and the least ability to cope and toss him into pressure situations in front of the worst fans in American sports. Great idea.


    Define worst fans? Oh you mean the most passionit fanbase in all of sports? Hmmm it might be considered worst by other fans that dare attend our stadium but to our Eagles they love us!!! Whether we were 13-3 or 3-13 we had the same attendance percentage because we are loyal. We aint some fairwhether fans.

  19. I wish that my team was as aggressive each year as the Eagles are each season.

    Even though my team has over 30 mil available, and last year was a freaking mirage, they’re big pickup was a punter.

    I hope my team goes 0-16, and they FINALLY clean house.

  20. When will the Eagles learn … you need a QB with a brain … not a running back at the QB position. I guess that’s why they will never win the SB.

  21. Please stop hating on the Eagles cause your team can not run a smooth operation. The Eagles turn ish into gold, time after time, after time… after time. Billacheat is good but billacheat can’t even do what Andy does with developing talent. Guess which poor sap of a orgization will be taken for their draft picks… again??? We’re looking at you racistskins. HAHAHA

  22. He just wants to hide behind someone.. he doesn’t want to start.. physically amazing.. but a mental turd.. he’ll never be good b/c of that

  23. Imagine if the Eagles suck this year. Reid gets canned. Who’s the first candidate to replace him? Jeff Fisher meet Vince Young?

  24. The same Eagles fans who are gleefully celebrating the screwing of the Cardinals tonight because they got Kolb were on here last year at this same time blasting everybody who took a shot at him.

  25. Conventional wisdom says this is a good move… get says VY is a mental midget, and it really doesn’t matter.

    Philly”s D is VERY suspect, and just not intimidating since Johnson passed away.So, Philly needs to plug holes on the d side in a big way, especially in the linebacker area.

    I just think Philly lost there defensive aggressiveness a few years ago.

  26. At least when he does get on the field after Vick gets hurt (again) he’ll have a go to receiver in Philly. Something he NEVER had in Tenn. Prove the sorry Eagle fans wrong and show some maturity now. GO VINCE!

  27. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a quarterback of Vince Young’s caliber actively seek out a non-starting role. Bizarre.

    The worst thing that could happen to his career right now is to step into a starting job (if there were even any teams offering) and struggle, or be brought in to compete for a starting job right away and not win it. And he only has 5-6 weeks to get up to speed given the compressed offseason.

    It’s not a scenario that maximizes his chances for success.

    He can’t fail to win the starting job in Philly when he’s not competing for it. It’s the low-risk, low-pressure way to start rebuilding his stock. Great gig, as long as Vick doesn’t suffer a major injury and thrust Young onto the hotseat before he’s ready.

  28. “get the stick out of Desean’s arse ”

    …you mean the stick where he makes less than half of the punters in the league despite being a Pro Bowler at 2 positions???

  29. “….wake up call speed diminishes with age.” HAHAHA yeah 25 is really f#ckin old. MORON.

  30. Reid and Young both know no doubt Vick will miss a portion of the season. Young isn’t going to Philly to be a backup..hes going to Michael Vick..well Michael Vick.

  31. Really, I am not so sure I would Vince Young as a mentor or in that role… He is a headcase and if he evver did play at all…and did not do well.. the Philly fans would be 10 times worse than the Tenn fans were. He may have some talent, but when your head is gone.. doesnt really matter.

  32. This makes me question Young’s commitment to football because any QB will tell you they want to start and he’s not gonna start over Vick….He could easily start in miami, DC, or buffalo but no he wants to be a back up?!?! Dude must not want the responsibility and just wants to hit the strip joints and party till dawn every night

  33. This would be a very good pickup for the Eagles. VY is a mobile, strong armed QB. Reid succeeded with two mobile QBs with big arms and questionable accuracy in McNabb and Vick. I have to believe VY is the next guy whose career can take off thanks to Reid.

    I was actually surprised he didn’t get more interest as a starter. Even though he’s pretty much bipolar and is very sensitive, he has starting QB talent. The right coaching staff could have gotten him as a steal as a starter (if he managed to grow up). Maybe the Eagles will manage to trade him for a first round pick one day haha

  34. *Get a cornerback [x]
    *Steal a draft pick [x]
    *Get a backup quarterback [ ]
    *Give Jackson a new deal [ ]
    *Sign remaining draftees [ ]
    *Get some linebackers [ ]

  35. “In Young, the Eagles would pick up the most talented backup quarterback in the league.”
    I hope that is sarcasm or you must have already been a victim of the “Andy Reid quarterback car wash”

  36. We can sit here and bad-mouth VY all we want, or we could be optimistic the truth is as a starter Young has a 30-17 record so instead of talking about how sensitive he is and how he’ll broken down let’s talk about how he can move the team forward. Although I’m not an eagles fan, I wish them the best. NFC East is tough so they’ll need all the luck and cooperation *coughdeseanjackson* they can get!

  37. I got it! Kill two birds with one stone. VY signs, wants his number 10, pays DeSean for it, DeSean no longer needs to hold out for more money and BOOM we’re ready for training camp…If only it were that easy..

  38. The Eagles need a QB who can scramble out of the pocket with that weak offensive line and Young fits that description. Besides, none of the other backup possibilties are very exciting (other than Favre). We’ll see how Young handles the Philly boo-birds when he’s misfiring all over the field.

  39. The Eagles just got a lot better having Vince on the roster. Vince is a much better alternative than Kolb. Reid knows exactly what he is doing, you know he had a plan all along.

  40. I was kinda hoping VY would go to the Skins, but now knowing this guy would really WANT to be a backup that tells me all I need to know. Pass

  41. Vick may have done a mediocre job on the Wonderlic, but he also had a freaking dog-fighting stable AND a bunch of dead pit bulls in his backyard. One can assume that great intelligence was not the driving force behind that operation.

    Vick’s a changed man now, of course. Can’t wait to see him carted off the field so Vince can take his rightful place as the darling of the Iggles’ faithful.

  42. Sigh… Vince will have another meltdown once the lovely Philly fans start booing him and calling for his head. Most talented back up? More like biggest liability at back up…

  43. OMG is this great or what? I couldnt have written this script any better if i tried being a eagle HATER and all!! Maybe the eagles can add TO again!! Another season will go by and another season the eagles will still have not won a SB RING!! HAHAHHAHAHA

  44. People are making so much out of the turn around for Michael Vick and are crediting Andy Reid. Yes Andy Reid deserves some credit, but Michael Vick was desperate and financially motivated to do well again. He spent two years a federal supermax prison. That will motivate you not to go back. He is millions in debt that would also motivate you to do well. VY?? He has been cut. If he wasn’t foolish with his money he still has some. He doesn’t come across as desperate. He is a player who will be fine as a back up but will never really be a great starter. He doesn’t read defenses and relies on his mobility far too much to a consistent player in this league.

  45. There’s no doubt that that a lot of the things that happened in Tennessee don’t make Young look good, but i don’t know that you can just assume he’ll wilt under pressure. He did play QB at the marquee program in the most football-crazy state in the country. Have to imagine some pressure comes with that.

    and in the biggest game of his life (to that point), all he did was turn in one of the greatest Championship game performances in sports history.

  46. Define worst fans? Oh you mean the most passionit fanbase in all of sports?


    Hey you could be an Eagles QB, too!

  47. mad5555 writes:
    Billacheat is good but billacheat can’t even do what Andy does with developing talent.
    Quite possibly the funniest/stupidest thing I have ever read on PFT. How many people have I heard say “Tom Brady wouldn’t be anything if he was in another system. Put Peyton Manning in Belichick’s system and he wins 10 SB rings.”

    I’ll take “Billacheat”s development of a SB winning dynasty over Andy Reids development of perennial runners-up any day of the week.

  48. Skins loading up! Looks like Dallas and Philly on the decline! Looking real good for Skins fans. Young a horrible pickup but I’m glad!

  49. I don’t understand how this is a bad signing. Y’all can bad mouth him all you want & say he is a “headcase” “unstable” or crumbles under scrutiny.. but the fact remains he was 30-17 as a starter with a head coach that looked for every excuse to take him out & who didnt want him for the beginning… Im not defending his actions throughout his career.. he has displayed a sense of self-entitlement since he got drafted #3 overall.. but maybe this is a sign that he is determine to get better.. he seeks help to improve as a QB because he NEEDS help.. & who better to help QBs than Andy Reid & Marty M.. There is not a better BACKUP QB option out there..

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