Saints, Dolphins agree to terms on Reggie Bush trade

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For the second time in two days, a deal has been worked out for a high-profile player.  And, for the second time in two days, the trade now hinges on the player working out an acceptable deal with his new team.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the Saints have agreed to the terms of a trade that would send running back Reggie Bush to the Dolphins.

The deal hinges on the Dolphins working out an acceptable contract with Bush.  Due to earn a base salary of $11.8 million in 2011, Bush will have to take a pay cut.  (Of course, if he agrees to a long-term deal with the Dolphins, he could actually pocket $11.8 million in salary and bonuses in 2011, or more.)

There’s also a chance that Bush will stay put in New Orleans, if he agrees to accept a reduced rate of pay.

The move makes plenty of sense for the Saints, who would have had no choice but to cut Bush ASAP.  If he tears an ACL or busts an Achilles’ tendon in training camp, New Orleans will owe him the full $11.8 million.

Also, by trading him the Saints will be able to ensure that he ended up out of their division — and out of their conference.

In the end, Bush’s place of employment for 2011 will come down to whether he wants to stay with the Saints or move on.  Lately, he has been saying all the right things about New Orleans.  His chance to prove that he means it has now arrived.

35 responses to “Saints, Dolphins agree to terms on Reggie Bush trade

  1. Who says that reporters and fans that stay up after midnight aren’t rewarded? Jay Glazer is the man.

  2. It is remarkable how Jay Glazer ALWAYS has the scoop (first to report Rice’s deal with the Seahawks)… laid low whole summer(besides the constant gibberish about MMA) but was first to report the labor deal!

  3. I have mixed feeling about this. Bush has been in New Orleans the entirety of Sean Payton’s tenure. And he contributed a lot during the Saints’ Super Bowl run. But he was basically absent all of last season with injury and even when he played, he wasn’t very effective. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye.

  4. With Edmund Gates, this is an addition of a lot of speed for Miami.

    Good news for Chad Hen…errr…Kyle Orton.

  5. Smells of desperation Miami. Not worth trading picks for. Over-hyped and too injury prone. Just wait for them to cut him if you want him that bad.

  6. wakey wakey guy who questioned whether this means theyre out of the running for Bradshaw…….duh. I think thats a resounding yes.
    La Canfora may be a good guy but his so called scoups are wearing thin on credibilty….basically at the same time he was saying the Fins were the front runners for Bradshaw, numerous other sources were saying he was out of their price range and Bradshaw was almost certainly re-signing with the Gmen….and now this news about Bush. Man, stop trying to make up news and give us the cold hard facts……sloppy reporting only makes this whole crazy situation an extension of the frustration fans had during the lockout.

  7. It’s a good deal for Bush & a bad deal for Miami. Miami is built around the Wildcat which fits his tallent & they will gain in the short term, however, he’s a one dimensional player who doesn’t carry the stock on his bones to endure a full season uninjured. Look at his availability the last 3 years in the playoffs. Talented? Yes. Available when needed? Nope. He’s simply over hyped & over paid.

  8. It seems pretty unlikely that Bush goes back to N.O. after substantially being traded. Once he starts talking terms to another team that door closes. He either works things out with the Dolphins (likely) or ends up somewhere else altogether.

  9. Bush? cant see how he’s a significant upgrade…. big trades and money need to go to QB…. end of story

    Phins blow another off season….

  10. Reggie needs a fresh start and Miami needs speed looks like a good match for us.

    I want to know what miami offered for his services, couldnt be more then a 5th or 6th rounder considering he was going to be cut for free.

    Smart move by Ireland, If he went to a bidding war he would have lost bush to some team with more cap space..

    Now sign Orton and it is a hell of an offseason for us.

  11. This is weird… You have quaility RB’s like jason snelling, tashard choice or darren sproles available and cheaper. But they rather trade away picks and throw money @ bush. Doesmt male sense

  12. Glazer wasn’t the first to report the labor deal; Bill Burt of the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune reported it 6 1/2 weeks earlier!

  13. he never really developed into what he could have been. oh well, adios reggie. we have a real heisman winner on the team now, anyway.

  14. If anything, all these moves show that Miami is serious about making the effort to become a winner. Whether their moves actually pay off or not remains to be seen.

  15. What is it with Miami taking flakey underachieving running backs off of New Orleans’ hands? I wonder if they will give up two first rounders for Bush like they did Rickey Williams. Bizarre move as the Saints would almost certainly have cut him.

  16. They are reporting locally that GM Jeff Ireland wants to “sleep on the terms of the deal before making a decision in the morning”.

    Sounds like a “crap or get off the throne” message to Ahmad Bradshaw and agent… who’ve been using Miami to get his price up with the Giants (who are fairly tight up against the cap I believe) .

  17. If I were a Dolphin fan I would like this. Bush is an electric player and could help any franchise. But Miami really should focus on getting a decent quarterback instead.

  18. Thanks for the memories Reggie… No matter if you haven’t been turned out as projected, you’ve made your money and contributed to New Orleans’ 1st Superbowl.

    Good times.

    I guess I need a new handle now…

  19. Deja vu.

    Haven’t we seen this before? An over rated running back drafted high by the Saints and traded to the Dolphins.

  20. Not sure what to think of this. Would still like to see that Orton trade completed and for the phins to make a run at Aso. Spend the money and win, phins.

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