Steelers bring back Willie Colon and Jonathan Scott

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When news broke that the Steelers were set to release Max Starks, we noted that the Steelers desperately needed offensive tackles.

They wound up bringing back two guys they are very familiar with.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the team agreed to terms with Willie Colon and Jonathan Scott.  That’s good, because they probably will be the team’s Week 1 starters.  (Colon surely will.)

Bouchette also notes that Starks could be brought back at a lower salary.

UPDATE: Colon will get $29 million over five years.  The Bears offered $3 million more according to Colon, but he didn’t want to leave.

15 responses to “Steelers bring back Willie Colon and Jonathan Scott

  1. Jonathan Scott is horrible Suggs ate him up last year, I wish I could post a link from pft earlier in the year when Scott thought he could challenge Suggs

  2. What about Flozell Adams? He’s still on the team. Im surprised he wasnt’t cut or asked to take a pay cut, since he’s due to make too much this year. If the season started today I would assume it would be Adams and Colon sarting (your guess is as good as mine which side which would be at though).

  3. You gotta love Ravens fans looking for anything they can to feel better about the STEELERS ownership of their franchise.

  4. Ahhh come on. Im ok with the Willie Colon signing. But Jonathan Scott too. Not a good move from the front office on this one IMO.
    This is an obvious move to sign a cheap tackle.

  5. Nice to see a player looking at the big picture rather than putting the almighty dollar first. Alright Big Willie!

  6. 1 thing Steelers have almost every year in free agency that almost no other teams get out of there FAs they give the Steelers the home town discount! Says a lot about how the organization treats their players!

  7. It is only appropriate that Colon prefers to stay close to the A-hole Qb. he has been attached to for the past few years. And what does a Colon and an A-hole produce. A big stinky pile of excrement that is the Steeler Organization.

  8. The Scott signing was purely for depth. The guy has no business starting. I am sure Colon — who’s positioned to become a good T, if he can stay healthy — will flip sides and you will have both Adams and Colon starting, seeing that Adams thrived by switching to the right side.

    These signings may also mean that the Tony Hills experiment is finally over. Look for the Steelers to cut him very soon.

  9. MASSIVE credit to Colon (and Ike) for them becoming the latest two examples in the Steeler Family who give multi-million dollar “discounts” to the Pittsburgh out of respect, affection and admiration for the players, coaches, ownership, the city and yes, many mention Steeler Nation itself.

    Gotta love that … especially in this day and age where only the dollar sign matters to so many!

  10. Wasn’t Willie’s agent saying a few months ago that he had one foot out the door? If he did turn down a better offer from the Bears, good for him. Larry Foote learned the hard way that the money isn’t as important when you’re miserable.

    I’ve always felt Willie was overrated by those who claim he’s among the league’s best, but he’s a good tackle. Maybe shifting sides would do for him what it’s done for Flozell. Like cup1981, I’m not sure Scott’s ready to start.

  11. There is soooo much money structured in these contracts that is driven by success. Teams that win & make it too the playoffs make MORE than those players that don’t. A guy’s contract could be 5 years for $60 Mil…but that doesn’t mean that’s what he gets paid. He can…if he performs at the top of the league level. Guess how they gauge that? Simple…success = wins = playoffs = championships = $$$$$!!! These media guys can try to sell thier articles with the big headlines “So & So GETS PAID!!!”.

    What ever, We ALL know the Steelers get paid…after 7 trips to the playoffs in 10 years, AFC Divisional champs 6 of those, AFC Conference champs 3 of those & Superbowl WINNERS 2 of Those!!!!!! Lets just say thier contracts PERFORM!!! Not all do…


    Go Steelers!!!

  12. @ Deb:

    Agreed that a number of sources tend to overrate Colon a bit.

    More concerning is that a blown Achilles is a very tricky and difficult injury to overcome — particularly for an overweight player like Colon who needs to contain quick twitch edge rushers to prevent them from lighting up a QB who extends plays in or out of the pocket. Of course, I hope my concerns are unfounded, but we’ll see.

    Having said that, Colon figures to be better than our other current options at OT — and again, I do appreciate him choosing millions less money to stay in the ‘Burgh. Colon also brings some nasty, and that’s a real plus too!

  13. @paulieorkid …

    Achilles? Thought it was his ACL. Yes, that is a more worrisome injury. I really wish we’d make an interesting free agent move on that line … and at corner. But I’m not holding my breath 🙂

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