Steelers cut Antwaan Randle El


The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced that wide receiver Antwaan Randle El has been released.

Randle El’s release comes as no surprise; we noted a week ago that he was a veteran likely to be cut because he’s no longer necessary in Pittsburgh with so many young options.

It’s safe to assume Randle El will catch on somewhere, but it’s tough to see him making much of a difference. Randle El turns 32 next month and is coming off a season in which he had career lows in catches (22) and yards (253).

There may be some talk now that releasing one veteran receiver makes it more likely that another — Plaxico Burress — will come to Pittsburgh, although any decision the Steelers make on Burress likely doesn’t have anything to do with the decision to release Randle El.

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  1. I always have appreciated what Randle El has done in the league. He has actually salvaged a fairly decent career for being a converted college QB. I’m sure someone will pick him up on a short term deal.

  2. “It’s safe to assume Randle El will catch on somewhere, but it’s tough to see him making much of a difference”…..yeah jus like when he was wit the Steelers last yr

  3. The next Steeler cut should be Hinds Ward. The guy WAS a great but has lost more than a few steps. This would free up Cap Money to sign Plex. Plex would give Ben his first tall receiver and improve the Steelers abysmal red zone offense

  4. Randle El def made most of his career, cashed in with Mr Checkbook daniel synder after SB XL, & just all around good guy, & being an alumni of IU, guessing he’s got a decent head on his shoulders. Steeler Nation wish him the best

  5. I wish Hines would retire…not get cut. You dont ever want to talk about a guy like Hines in a negative way because he has done so much for our team. Like him or hate him he think hes done more than enough to gain a ton of respect around the NFL. But im sorry…. i almost puked in my own hands when i watched him crying on Dancing with the stars. I mean…pull yourself together man. Are you a football player or a fairy dancer? And Hines has lost a step…well a few. HE IS SOOOOO slowwwww. It just erks me so bad. Hines is good for these young guys though so its definatley a positive for us and he isnt a total waste of cap room.

  6. Hines Ward was good in his childhood acting days.. Little Webster, mam & George! He looks like a tall Emmanuel Lewis! hahaha

  7. @ steelerssmack4u – Ward’s still very productive. He had four 100 yard games and 59 catches for 755 yards. He only counts $4 million against the cap, which is less than Plax is offered from the G-men – this for a person who just spent two years in jail.

    Yeah, Hines isn’t as fast as he used to be, but in ’09 he had 95 catches for 1167 yards.

    I think he still has some gas left in the tank.

  8. Hines may be slowing down, but as I recall, he was the only receiver doing anything noteworthy in the Super Bowl. He still knows how to step up when he’s needed … like on short-yardage and red-zone plays. And to block.

    As for cutting him … maybe you guys should have watched a little more of Dancing With the Stars. They did a little tribute to him on the show and Art II, Tomlin, Cowher, Polamalu all taped segments praising him and his value to the team. If they thought he needed to go, they’d let him retire.

    Cut Hines … dude, you are a jerk.

    And I’ll always remember Randle El for being a playmaker in the run to SBXL. Thanks for the memories. Glad you got to come home for a while. Best of luck wherever you land!

  9. Steeler Nation will always remember Randle El’s pass to Hines in Super Bowl XL.

    Good Luck 82!

  10. Hines is not going to be cut. I was suprized to see Max let go, but I guess they need cap room. Randle El contributed a lot for the Steelers over the years.

    Go Steelers!

  11. Make a couple more moves Steelers. Rework Smith, and Ward’s contracts. Cut Batch, Leftwich (Dixon can take over), cut Foote, and McFadden, then make a play for Joseph or Clements.

  12. @steelforce43 …

    Whoa!! Dixon can take over??? It would be nice to have a backup who understands our playbook. Leave Leftwich right where he is. And leave Batch alone. Girl needs a lil eye candy … nice beard, Charlie 😉

  13. Randle El is a nice guy met him @ Cleveland Hopkins a couple of years back following a Steelers/Browns game.

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