Texans bag a cornerback not named Nnamdi

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The bad news for Houston fans?  The Texans are out of the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes.

The good news?  They don’t need him.

Adam Schefter of ESPN and Mark Berman of MyFOXHouston.com report that the Texans have agreed to terms on a five-year deal with former Bengals cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

Joseph presumably had been waiting for Asomugha to set the new high-water mark for corners before doing a deal.  It could be that Joseph’s people realized that Asomugha could be taking a below-market deal, which then could have potentially depressed Joseph’s earnings in comparison to Asomugha.

With the Texans out of the running for Asomugha, it comes down to the Niners, Jets, and whoever else gets into the running.

Or whoever else is already in the running.  We’d recommend not going to sleep on the possibility that the Raiders will find a way to keep him around.

53 responses to “Texans bag a cornerback not named Nnamdi

  1. SO I’m going to draft guys in the first round.. Sign them to rookie deals.. and when they are elite in the NFL (like I hoped they’d become hence the reason I drafted them in the 1rst round) I’m going to let them walk to other teams because I’m too DAMN CHEAP to keep them around! All the while we have like 40 MILLION to spend this year in cap space.. WHAT AND IDIOT!..

  2. As a Bengals fan, I can’t decide if I’m pissed that we didn’t sign him or think it is smart to not pay two corners big money. I like him more than Hall, but let’s see who they bring in. I wouldn’t mind a Nate Clemens level CB.

    With a young off in transition, seems like we need the def to really step up.

    In the end though, I think we should invest in pass rushers instead of dbacks.

  3. The Forty Niners are a joke, and will always be a joke until that snot nosed entitled ignorant 27 year old isn’t calling the shots.

  4. Thank GOD for the Texans doing something helpful. Hopefully it helps them reach the playoffs, but with a new Def cord in Wade Phillips and a new scheme with a very short off-season, my guess is that they just miss it.

  5. Will prove to be a much better value (cost/talent ratio) than Nnamdi. Great move by the Texans in Kubiak’s last stand in 2011 to make the playoffs

  6. its gotta be between the Jets, the 9ers and the Raiders. i cant really see him going back to Oakland only because of their salary cap situation. i think he might stay if they could afford him.

    the 9ers will probably offer the most $ with the Jets giving him the best opportunity. he is a CA guy and went to Cal so he has been in the Bay Area for about 11 years now.

    maybe im just wishful thinking but i can see him going to SF…

    on another note, good signing for Houston, they needed a very good CB and they got 1.

  7. i still dont get the love for Nate Clements. he gets burned by crap receivers and lit up by elite ones. why does anyone want this player again?

    he literally gave up the most yards through the air of any CB in the last 3 years. they target Nate Clements.

  8. Look out for the Texans this year.

    Maybe Johnathan Joseph won’t bat down balls right into opposing players’ hands on Hail Mary passes to give the game away. Maybe that means they’ll actually win the AFC South.

  9. I love that Rick Smith didnt wait around to see what Aso was going to do. If we would of waited we might of lost out on both. GREAT job Rick.

  10. very good move for the texans, joseph will bring a much needed step up to the texans defensive backfield.

  11. Sux. The thing that made the Bengals D go was their CBs. Pacman will be out for a while, or forever, so someone needs to step up.

    If you weren’t going to pony up Mike, why didn’t you draft a CB in the top rounds or trade Ocho for Talib or something?

    Brown the Clown, bringin us down.

  12. Finally a lil Splash…Rick and Gary you might just get to keep your jobs just a lil longer, now give me Landry at the safety position.

  13. i would of took john joseph on the jets…. he might not shut ya down.. but he is overalll a complete CB

    my jets just going for the cream of the crop… cant get mad at them… its nice seeing the jets soo active and wanting to win…. especially after the 70’s 80’s 90’s and the Pennington years

  14. Just like Human Nature, trip all over yourself thinking your getting Nnamdi. End up on the short end and we always wanted Joe Blow instead. Nnamdi cannot cover and on and on.

    The Oakland Raiders have been in on this from day one and they have been the ONLY ONES that have been able to be in direct contact with him which they have been.

    No big signings by the Raiders yet, not even Miller?, ever wonder why? Mr. Davis likes to have all his cards on the table should he see he can bring Nnamdi Home.

  15. Why is Mike Williams great? He catches that ball in the picture with Joseph draped all over him to seal the win.

  16. This sucks! I was really hoping the Lions would land this dude since we’re no longer in the Asomugha sweepstakes.

  17. I’m crying over here as a Texans fan finally we get it I’m excited. I think this was the better move money wise. Now sign a safety & Vonta Leach I’m the happiest man alive

  18. “Considering the Raiders just cut a decent CB in Chris Johnson”—
    CJ wasn’t even decent. Unless you enjoy watching a CB turn the wrong way and get burned. Opposing QBs liked him…

  19. I have no words for what has happened. There is no explanation for the Bengals not signing Joseph. This is the lowest point the Bengals have ever reached. Millions of dollars to spend and you let one of the best DB’s in the nfl go because why????? Im so angry right now I cant make rational thought on the subject!!!!!!!!!! Are you F’ing kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. @marcsasharc – Raiders never have cap issues and can easily find ways to get the players they want and fit them all under the cap. They’re usually one of the more gifted teams at managing the salary cap with creative contracts. Their problem is that they usually take chances on the wrong players for their schemes.

  21. I am glad to see owners are thinking long term and with their minds and not their ****.

    This is a great signing for the Texans and if the switch to the 3-4 gives them a better rush with the backers they drafted the Texans may finally make their move in the AFC south.

    At this point i really do hope the Jets over pay for a 31 not so far from 32 year old corner who realisticly though he is still top 3 his skills will begin to decline.

    The jets are acting much like the Redskins this offseason with this Nnamdi thing. They are going for the biggest name and not the best value. They are trying to have the best corners so what they can sell shirts or something? What about the pass rush ??? You could have D. Sanders and D. Green at corner in their prime if you don’t have a pass rush they will still get burned. And more so if you don’t have an offense you will still lose.

    I am proud of my Eagles for going and getting the best value at corner when many in Philly wanted Nnamdi and i am also proud of the Texans for doing the same.

    Though I must say i would rather have J. Jospeh than DRC but i am not going to complain.

  22. Aw man! J-Joe was one of my favorites! I’d hoped the Bengals could have found a way to keep him. Still, I wish him all the best in Houston. He wore the stripes well while he was here.

  23. Are raiders fans in a cloud. Aso isn’t coming back. What makes raider fans think he’s coming back to a team that goes 6-0 in there own division and still misses the playoffs, a team that has Jason Campbell as a starter, a team that gets decent then fires the head coach. Ur organization is terrible, it won’t ever improve.

  24. A good signing for the Texans. Nnambi will be a better CB next season and maybe the season after that, but you’re not getting Asomugha without committing at least 5 years. I’d rather commit the 5 years to Joseph. He stands a much better chance of contributing the last three years of his contract.

  25. It doesn’t matter. The Texans are only good for 8-8 or 9-7 every year and always will be.

  26. @jgrange- the Raiders are currently over the salary cap of $120 million. they are making cuts to try to get under that figure but they still must sign their draft picks plus other free agents. so essentially they need to cut another $20 million that wont be counted toward dead money for this year. thats a large feat to accomplish. i mean unless Nnamdi will play this season for like 5-7 million that looks almost impossible.

    so you can blow all the smoke you want, tell me how creative they are but facts are facts.

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