The 49ers have signed all their draft picks


At 10 players, the 49ers had the league’s biggest one of the league’s biggest draft classes but that didn’t stop them from signing all of them before the start of camp.

The team finished up the contract of first rounder Aldon Smith just before starting training camp on Thursday morning. The linebacker was the seventh overall selection in April and the team hopes he provides a boost to their pass rush from day one.

They also have high hopes for quarterback Colin Kapernick. The second-round pick will get a leg up on Alex Smith in their battle for the starting quarterback job as Smith is barred from stepping onto the practice field until August 4th because of a rule in the CBA governing when unrestricted free agents can start practicing after signing a new deal.That means a week of reps with the first team for Kaepernick and a big chance to grab the attention of the coaching staff.

The rest of the newly signed draftees are third-round pick cornerback Chris Culliver, fourth-round pick running back Kendall Hunter, fifth-round pick guard Daniel Kilgore, sixth-round pick wide receiver Ronald Johnson, sixth-round pick safety Colin Jones, seventh-round pick defensive end Bruce Miller, seventh-round pick tackle Michael Person and seventh-round pick cornerback Curtis Holcomb.

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  1. I guess that’s one advantage of drafting a bunch of guys higher than they should have been…

  2. How refreshing to read a story about all draft picks being signed before training camp begins. The rookie cap alone has made the lockout aggravation worth it in the long run.

  3. Kaepernick the Camel also has the advantage of being able to go long periods without water in this heat.

  4. flik44 says:
    Jul 28, 2011 11:41 AM
    I guess that’s one advantage of drafting a bunch of guys higher than they should have been…

    Not really…

    Aldon Smith was picked 2 or 3 slots higher but when it is down to that number you really can’t apply that statement to him.

    Colin Kaepernick was picked right around where he was projected.

    Chris Culliver was picked at the high for his projection.(One person had him as a sixth round prospect but he was put at 3-4)

    Kendall Hunter was picked a full round after the latest he was expected to go.

    Kilgore was picked higher than expected.

    Ronald Johnson was picked at the latest round he was expected to go but more than a few had him as high as round 4.

    Colin Jones had a projection of 6th-7th round and he was late 6th round.

    Bruce Miller was a 7th round projection, Mike Person had a range of 6th to udfa, Curtis Holcomb was picked high.

    Oh yea though a bunch of guys who were picked high indeed.(nfldraftscout was my basis for the averages)

  5. “flik44 says:
    Jul 28, 2011 11:41 AM
    I guess that’s one advantage of drafting a bunch of guys higher than they should have been…”

    This is always the biggest crock of doo doo whenever people write this. You’re basing their “projected” postion on……. Mel Kiper? Some fantasy football geek who proclaims himself an expert because he read the mock draft based on…. Mel Kiper or McShay? I respect these guys’ OPINION, but that’s what it comes down to in reality. Teams know what they need and their position in the draft, have actaully talked to the potential draftees, interviewed college coaches, watched hours of tape, etc.

    Let’s not embarass ourselves quoting the OPINION of some self-proclaimed expert media analyst over the real experts on football teams.

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