The Browns get in the game, sign Usama Young

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We haven’t had a lot of Browns transactions to talk about in these frenzied first days of free agency.

We still don’t have a lot of them to talk about, but the team has signed unrestricted free agent defensive back Usama Young. Young played for the Saints after they picked him out of Kent State in the third round of the 2007 draft. He only started five games in that period for New Orleans, but he’s expected to challenge for the safety job left open with Abram Elam leaving Cleveland for parts still unknown.

The Browns bid for safety Eric Weddle and others in the last few days, but couldn’t close the deal. Those misses left some wondering if the Browns were being aggressive enough to get the players they need. Young probably isn’t the kind of signing that will do much to change those minds but every team needs a first one to break the ice.

That said, the Browns are a team with money to spend and plenty of holes to plug on their roster. We expect we’ll be hearing a lot more from the Browns in the days to come.

21 responses to “The Browns get in the game, sign Usama Young

  1. Stop the presses!!!! The Browns signed a free agent. Print the Superbowl tickets and start lining up boys and girls. The Clowns are going to the playoffs. Hell, they just signed Usama Bin Laden… I mean Barak Usama….. I mean Usama Young. Yeah that’s it… Usama Young.

  2. After working Young out, Holmgren realized why Tennessee cut him. “Kid’s got the worst throwing motion I’ve ever seen!”, growled Mike in disgust, “we’ll have to keep looking for another quarterback.”.

  3. Just as I predicted the Browns sign and 3rd and 4th. tier players for discount instead of some impact players. Same ole same ole. Let me know when they sign some one other than other teams scrub backup players who have starte less than 10 games in 3 years in the Nfl..Blah Blah

  4. Both Holmgren and Heckert have said that they aren’t going to be very active in Free Agency.

    This will be the biggest splash we make in FA. We needed a FS more than any other positon (Sheard/Marcus Bernard to play DE, were got a ton of WRs). The only thing left is to sign a RT.

    This year is very much an evaluative year. Why sign a big FA when you don’t know what you have already? We’ll probably make bigger plays in the 2012 season, and even more so in 2013.

  5. ummmm, hobartbaker, yeah, that was dumb. Nice try at humor, but that would have to be classified as a FAIL.

  6. Someone…anyone…DO SOMETHING!!! Burress, Bush, Nandma, defense, offense, Santonio. Now is the time, we have the 2nd most cap space in the league and if Learner doesn’t make a move he should seriously reconsider the entire “owning” a football team thing. Hologram where you at?

  7. Yawn!

    This why after so many years back, I have lost almost all hope.

    Lerner is saving his money because he has his eyes on another soccer team instead.

  8. @nothingmovesahillis – i might be an idiot, but I cheer for a team that makes the playoffs on a regular basis. in case your IQ is below 80 (which given you are a Clowns fan is no surprise), I WAS MAKING A JOKE!!!!

  9. Sweet, we signed Mike Jenkins backup. I know were more than a few guys from being winners in the North, but this is a snoozefest. With the 1st pick Cleveland selects…….

  10. Now they have 2 players with superbowl rings ……………….Yay ………..In other news Their uniforms are still ugly their team still sucks and they have a fresh off the tit quarterback….Maybe

  11. @ppdoc13. It might have been a joke, but it was a terrible one. And I might support a perennially (that means consistent, if you can’t understand that word) team, but at least I support them, while not ripping other teams like a classless moron.

  12. @dotwav

    I’m just a casual observer of the Browns who thinks most Browns fans are idiots for supporting Mangini as long as they did, but I think you hit the nail on the head

    The Browns of old would make a move and spend money simply to appease an understandably frustrated fan base, but it never amounted to much

    I’m not sure what Holmgren’s plan is, but it seems like he’s got one – it’s worthwhile to let him play it out, assemble “his” team and see what that gets you

  13. Rashard Mendenhall just tweeted that we should not be celebrating the death of Usama’s career.

    The Browns are going to get into their first huddle of the season and be asking, “Wait a minute, where’s the QB? We signed a QB didn’t we? WTF? Can anybody here throw a football?”

  14. for those saying who is young. well on the first play he was in the superbowl payton manning threw his way and 6 points were added to the colts. bye young have a great day

  15. Ok couple quick hits… First the browns are building through the DRAFT! Just like all the other successful teams: steelers, ravens, packers, giants, new england…the list goes on and on. NO Team has “won it big in the FA” and went on to a super bowl. Now for an example because all of you will doubt it. Lets look at the Browns under phil savage, and butch davis calling the shots. Bunch of over priced players who didnt do anything (examples again for the slow learners) Shaun Rodgers Gary Baxter, Earl Holmes, Brain Russell, the list goes on and on. Teams that use the FA are a player or two away. If you want more proof watch the Seahawks this year and over the next 3 years. Very active wont get wins. Unless they draft luck because they went 1-15 this year. I mean come on browns fans … do you want to become Dallas… you cant rebuild a team with duct tape.

  16. Sorry, Browns’ fans. Usama’s a special teams player at best. If not for him the Colts would’ve only scored one TD in Super Bowl XLIV.

    Glad to see him leave N.O.

    Don’t feel too bad though. Peyton Hillis is a freaking monster. I never wanna see him again.

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