Tomlin didn’t like James Harrison’s comments, Steelers teammates didn’t care

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When James Harrison unleashed a tirade in the direction of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a magazine interview during the lockout, it raised the ire of Harrison’s bosses. But even though Harrison made pointed comments at his teammates in the same interview, the men who share a locker room with Harrison don’t seem to mind.

Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said today that he has talked to Harrison and made clear he didn’t like what Harrison had to say.

What he said regarding the commissioner is inappropriate,” Tomlin said.

But while Tomlin didn’t like what Harrison said, and Steelers President Art Rooney II also gave Harrison a talking-to, Harrison’s teammates don’t seem to mind.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and running back Rashard Mendenhall, both of whom were singled out by Harrison, have already said they aren’t upset. And Steelers safety Ryan Clark told reporters today that it doesn’t matter how the media portray Harrison.

“He’s not worried about y’all anyway,” Clark said, “or the perception that people have of him. He’s a great teammate. I wouldn’t rather go to war with any other guy. That’s over.”

We don’t know whether it’s over as far as Goodell is concerned. But it seems to be over in the Steelers’ locker room.

23 responses to “Tomlin didn’t like James Harrison’s comments, Steelers teammates didn’t care

  1. Clark wants to go to war with Egregious. “Man, you see the armaments that guy has? That’s just what he carries with him to the grocery store, you should see what he has at home!”.

  2. who cares? I’m just looking forward to the steeler’s home games so I can laugh at all their fans(even the men) sing to def leppard’s song Pour some sugar on me!

  3. This guy should be suspended, without question. Put this guy on another team he wouldn’t be as good as he is in PIT. Tomlin or Goodell need to show they’re not gonna let him walk all over them. How do you make those comments about your own Qb how he’s trying to be like Manning when he’s BETTER! Big Ben is the most clutch QB in the NFL right now. Out of Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Big Ben…Big Ben is the guy u take. He’s too much of a threat. Give him an OL he’d be even better. Harrison (Mr. 1 tackle in the SB) needs to be disciplined for making crude comments and being a jackass. Don’t let this dude of that easy. This guy should be penalized, period.

  4. Talk was cheap during the lock out. Half of these guys like to hear themselves. A lot was said about God-del, he has big shoulders, he may have said some words towards Harrison himself behind closed doors. That is the human way isn’t it? Sure the Rooney’s will take care of it.

  5. meh non story, save goodell doing something to him…slap on the wrist, he’ll keep his mouth shut and he’ll get back to hunting flacco and co. in the fall…long may that particular sport continue 🙂 looking forward to some big hitting ravens-steeler games. F**kin lockout….

  6. The other players have done what they should–put the good of the team ahead of getting into a war of words with Harrison. I’m glad Tomlin and Rooney addressed it with him. I’d have preferred they had put a little more bite in the reprimand, but if it’s over, it’s over. Given that it happened during the lockout, I don’t think Goodell can do anything–and would be surprised if the commissioner would punish a guy for calling him names.

    I’ve always liked James, but was furious at the negative way he represented the team in the article. I hope he’s learned something from the fallout and will handle himself better in future interviews. He’s said he won’t discuss it further, so let’s move on.

  7. The guy voiced his opinion and spoke out about it while everyone is hush hush about it. He just had the balls to do what most players wont.
    Sad thing is he’s right. I feel the same way about GOD-DELL and I said the same thing long before James Harrison did.

  8. Good for Tomlin, some people need to know or in this case be told when to shut their mouth. I’m sure Harrison’s a good teammate and a solid player but he’s also a moron who took what little opportunity he had to publicly show he’s a standup guy and instead talked crap about his teammates and the commish, which ultimately makes himself look like a douche bag.

  9. i love how almost every one of you morons commenting on here are just haters. “whaaaahhhhh….the steelers dominate my team every year so i’m gonna bash them on every article i can find.” don’t hate the player, hate the game…or lack thereof with most of your putz teams…

  10. If Goodell can’t take the venom, then maybe he shouldn’t be the Commish.

    GO STEELERS!!!!!!

  11. I said Harrison was completely wrong in making comments about his teammates outside of the lockerroom, and was totally off base bashing Godell with the specific things he said. Very glad Tomlin made the flat out statement he did. And I am sure Rooney didn’t mince words either. I am sure more words were said behind closed doors. If Harrison got some type of internal fine that won’t be announced, he deserved it.

    But at this point, I assume it is over and done with. I sincerely hope Harrison keeps his mouth shut and just plays proper football and let’s his actions do his talking. And, when Ben and Rashard make exceptional plays to help the team, when Ben has to run for his life and throws a big completion, etc, I hope Harrison has the balls to say something positive about them in public. Wake up Harrison, quit bringing the negative attention to yourself and the team. He is a dynamic old school football player who is a major asset to the defense but that needs to have more self-control over what he says.


  12. Thank God this cursed lock-out is over. I was REALLY worried that my favorite time of the year was going to be taken from me, which was I why I pretty much ignored all things football once the stupid lock-out began. Now I’m more than ready to talk football!!!

    Speaking of football, if your a Steelers fan you hope and pray that your best defensive playmaker, Harrison and the rest of the Steelers put this behind them. I don’t know what he said about the Commish, Big Ben and RM but it must have been pretty serious, bad enough for Tomlin and Rooney to verbally reprimand Harrison for it. Stuff like this can fester and ruin the locker room environment, which will effect play on the field if not dealt with properly. In the worst case scenario he gets traded if the lockeroom environment is poisoned permanently (I think his contract runs through 2015)

  13. Calling Goodell a gay slur is insulting to gays everywhere. I doubt that gays want to be associated with that loser.

  14. who gives a crap what Goodell thinks! Him and the owners have ruined the game with the new rules. now records will be broke and games will be won by the wrong teams. who ever cries the loudest wins! they just need to get the flags out for the Qb’s! Damn I miss the days of LT running through the line hopped up on cocaine ripping the qb’s head off! Keep hitting J Harrison you still got fans! Not like a bunch of politicaly correct idoits on all the sports talk shows!

  15. peterfeldersnatch and merc13,

    The stadium actually goes nuts and sings “Renegade” by Styx. It’s the anthem of the defense.

    Tommy Shaw has come to Pittsburgh many times to perform it for games.

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