Tyson Clabo returns to Atlanta


Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff said this week that reconstructing his offensive line was absolutely his No. 1 priority.

Now he’s been able to get his No. 1 priority on the offensive line under contract. The Falcons reached an undisclosed agreement with right tackle Tyson Clabo Thursday night, according to just about about every national reporter.

All offseason, we’ve written about how Atlanta had three key offensive line starters hitting free agency.  Clabo figured to be the toughest piece to keep and replace, so the Falcons have to be feeling a sigh of relief.

With Clabo and Jermon Bushrod signed, we see Matt Light and Jared Gaither as the two best tackles left in free agency.

12 responses to “Tyson Clabo returns to Atlanta

  1. anytime you mention Gaither you have to put an asterisk beside it because it depends upon whether he wants to play that week or would he rather stay at home, nurse some mysterious injury, and smoke some dope.

  2. @dirtybird70
    What did you have in mind to trade for Osi? The Falcons don’t have much for draft picks that would cover the value.

  3. Bills offered him more money and he turned them down, that is like the 4,235 time they have come in second. Tough day to be a Bills Fan. Great Day to a be a Falcons fan.

  4. I’d give a 5th for Osi. He’s not as good as he once was. He’s getting old. And even though he had a good season last year with the Giants line and Tuck on the other side who knows how he does with less talent.

    Besides the Giants may end up outright releasing him to resign other oline parts

  5. I hear the Bills might go back & offer him $5 Million a year more with big money down, we’ll see which way it goes then.

  6. The Falcons are making me oh so happy. They are already made the risky en devour with the trade for Julio Jones (which I hope to god pays off). I am so glad they are bringing back Falcon free agents that know the team and set instead of letting them go and trying to pick up other free agents that might not work as well in Atlanta. Now just pick Blalock back up so we can keep Ryan healthy and playing at the top of his game. Then turn our sights on fleshing out a fuller defense with a FS, a DE for Abraham to train to one day replace him, and another young LB to grow alongside Lofton and Weatherspoon. Then call it a week.

  7. Love buffalo, but nobody comes here, gets depressing, when we do people we have to overpay, it sucks

  8. Andyreidisfat:

    Yea your team would release one of the best pass rushers in the league, coming off a ten sack and 8 forced fumble season, who is under contract for 3.25 mill a year right? They would also be happy to give him away for a fifth? Sure thing bro, maybe you can ride your unicorn to the stadium and watch the Osi lead vaunted falcons defense. Or maybe come back to reality and realize that your team is good, doesn’t have cap room for Osi’s contract, or pieces to trade for him and just hope you find a diamond in the rough as a pass rushing end n hopefully make a run at a title.

  9. A comment that I think every fan should read:

    When you think of a trade please consider the situation from the other teams perspective before commenting it’s going to happen. When you don’t do that, you sound ignorant.

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