With Orton in camp, trade to Miami not “imminent”

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Kyle Orton is continuing his life as a Denver Bronco as if nothing is happening. He’s going to meetings at Broncos training camp, and he’s expected to be on the field with the team Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, a potential trade to the Dolphins seems likely but not “imminent” just yet.  Mike Klis of the Denver Post says Orton, not Tim Tebow, will likely take first-team reps at camp Thursday.  Bizarre.

So what’s the hold up? ESPN’s John Clayton says the Broncos want a second- or third-round pick for Orton, while the Dolphins are offering a “four or five.”  We thought the contract for Orton was the bigger issue.

Either way, that’s not a big bridge to gap considering what’s at stake.  We’ve learned from labor talks, though: We won’t call it “close.”

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  1. If Miami doesn’t make this trade they are a sub 500 team again.

    Henne is not and will not be the answer. Orton in the right situation can be a playoff caliber QB. They are dumb if they won’t give a 2nd or 3rd for him to make their team better.

  2. If the Broncos do want to move him, they better hope he doesn’t get seriously injured while practicing, or they’re going to be paying out 9 mill this year for Tebow’s backup.

  3. Sounds like Elway is trying to overplay his hand here. Pretty much every other QB-needy team has gotten their guy. If the Broncos don’t watch themselves, they’ll end up with 2 disgruntled backups to Timmy.

    As for the Dolphins… DO NOT give up a 2nd for Orton! I’d rather roll with Henne again, then take a shot at a young QB next year than waste another 2nd round pick on a QB.

  4. Don’t forget about their great defense too. The key for Miami won’t even be Marshall, it’ll be Fasano. If you haven’t had your fantasy draft yet, pick him up….unless Greg Olsen comes back home….

  5. If Orton will not come for a 4th or 5th sign Vince Young. Vince had the best completion percentage on deep balls (over 20 yards) and Orton had the lowest int percentage on deep balls (over 20 yards). Either will really improve the Dolphins Offense. I am ecstatic to see that the Dolphins are not willing to send a high draft pick like they did for Feeley – who sucked or Culpepper – who sucked.

  6. I say a third rounder sounds about right. Orton is under-appreciated. He was a beast at Purdue. He was better than any other QB Chicago had until Cutler ( which is still debatable). Orton needs to go to a team that wants him to be their starter,not just a stop gap player. I’d rather take a decent proven commodity than try my luck in the draft.

  7. @ruggerlad
    Vince Young is trash!!!!!!!!! what does everyone see in him? Hes nothing more then average the reason he even has a name in the NFL is because of colliagate hype If the Titans are so desprate to get rid of him why would you want him on your team? KO for 10 years worth of first rounds>>>>Vince Young for free

  8. A 4th or 5th is a joke. Broncos need to hold their ground. Clearly Orton is clearly better than any of the other scrub Fins QBs that have been brought in the last several years.

  9. A 2nd rounder is too much, I can’t see the Broncos having leverage to force that. A 3rd is as high as I would go if I’m Jeff Ireland, and I think he’s being smart to push for a 4th. There is nobody else bidding on Orton.

    The other part of this equation is what is MIA giving up for Reggie Bush? That could change what they are able to offer the Broncos.

    For MIA, you are either upgrading your starting QB, or you are getting the best backup in the league. Likely Orton would start for the Phins, but if Henne holds him off it would speak volumes about his development.

  10. I realize this has nothing to do with Kyle Orton, but every time I refresh PFT since free agency started and don’t see a new headline, I get kind of sad.

    This story has been at the top for 30 minutes now! Something new must have happened in the last half hour!

    FEED ME!

  11. Look at what Orten can do with a Sub-Par receiving group, on paper that is. Give him Marshall, Bess, Hartline, Fasano, and possibly Bush, and he could easily put up the same numbers this year, except he has a D that can hold up their end of the bargain as well. Miami would be stupid to ot throw a 2 or a 3 and a player the Broncos way. I mean, they have wasted secound round picks before, but this one may just pan out.

  12. a 4th with a chance of it becoming a 3rd if he plays and gets them to playoffs. nothing more

  13. “If Miami doesn’t make this trade they are a sub 500 team again.”

    in 2009 orton was 8-8 with Marshall on the team
    (thats 500 for all you orton fans out there)

    in 2010 broncos went 4- 12. with Tebow having marginal playing time.

    How exactly is this guy who has won 11 games in two years an upgrade over Henne?
    and Henne still has the potential to get better, orton has peaked

  14. Them not being willing to give up even a third for Orton makes me think they have a back-up plan. That back-up plan I doubt is just staying with Chad Henne by himself because the owner doesn’t want that, which only leaves Vince Young.

    Quite frankly, Vince Young might be a better option. At the very least, he has greater potential.

  15. this will work out….lots of possibilities

    Denver gives Orton and a 4 for Miami’s 2nd
    Denver gets a solid starter
    Denver gets 4th this year and a 5 in 2013

  16. please dont start the vince young talk. once again if hes so good why is he available? the guy is worthless. look at the stats last year hes a “winner” handing the ball off to c jhonson. anyone can do that

  17. Holy Schneikes.

    Arizona should gladly offer the 3rd round pick and avoid the douchery that will be Kevin Kolb…


  18. dwnhillwhaler says:
    Jul 28, 2011 9:15 AM
    “If Miami doesn’t make this trade they are a sub 500 team again.”

    in 2009 orton was 8-8 with Marshall on the team
    (thats 500 for all you orton fans out there)

    in 2010 broncos went 4- 12. with Tebow having marginal playing time.

    How exactly is this guy who has won 11 games in two years an upgrade over Henne?
    and Henne still has the potential to get better, orton has peaked

    How has Orton peaked? If you’re talking just on paper, then don’t forget about Orton’s previous two years as as starter: 10-5 and 9-7 respectively. Both of those teams either did, or should’ve, gone to the postseason. However, it wasn’t all Orton’s fault in Denver the last two years. They had NO defense. NO running game. Horrible O line last year. Orton would’ve bested his ’09 numbers had he not been injured and Stupidesville put Tebow in there for the remaining three games.

    Chad Henne is nowhere near Orton’s league as a QB. Orton never lost a starting job, he’s just had it taken from him. Henne was benched midseason.

  19. I am a Broncos fan, but Orton isn’t worth a 2nd. I would say a late round 3rd, & I like Orton, I just think his level of play is worth about a 3rd rounder. I wish him the best, because he has been a real team player, & the Bronco’s problems are clearly defensive & poor special teams play. Sadly, the def. is about to get worse!

  20. Ireland and Sparano are fighting for their jobs. The deal will get done. If they don’t win this year, they won’t be around to worry about not having draft picks next year……

  21. @captain
    Because Orton was on a team that had the WORST defense in the NFL, no running game, and a bad staff. That’s why the broncos went 4-12. It’s more than just the QB.

  22. If Miami waits to see if Denver waives Orton, then Arizona has priority in Free Agency and would certainly prefer Orton for free, over Kolb for big money. Therefore Miami has to make a move as long as Kolb is still an Eagle. but if AZ and Philly complete a deal, Orton will probably get cut.

  23. skoobyfl says: Jul 28, 2011 9:01 AM

    Orton = Griese.

    Greise took the Dolphins to 3 straight Super Bowls, winning the last two, he is in the Hall Of Fame, and he was a Monster at Purdue.

    Orton was a monster at Purdue, can he do the other two as well? We’ll see.

  24. Orton is just a slight upgrade over what is on the roster right now. Stop mortgaging the future looking for the “one” and go with Henne and Brandstater and sign one of the vets out there to be a backup.

    I would rather be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes then watch a piddling 7-9 team again

  25. If Miami passes on this guy they deserve to lose. I’m a Bills fan, so I hope they let Henne continue to play. Orton had awesome numbers last year…Henne did not. What’s the hold-up??

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