A quick free agency reset

Getty Images

It’s hard to imagine any day getting crazier than Thursday when we saw trades including Reggie Bush, Albert Haynesworth, Kevin Kolb, and Chad Ochocinco.

While the big-name trades should slow down, it’s worth noting that free agency has a long way to go.

Four of our top ten ranked free agents are still available, including the top guy.  24 of our top 50 have agreed to terms, and only 33 of our top 80 are gone.

We’ve heard it suggested that there aren’t many quality players left in the market, but our acquisition tracker is really just getting started.  That list doesn’t even include all the players released over the last week.  (Or the hundreds of free agents that didn’t make the list.)

Translation: We are going to be cranking a while.  And things will probably get even crazier Friday night.

(I’m starting to worry Florio won’t let me go to my race on Sunday.  Or that my wife has stopped talking to me and I just don’t know it.)