Bears bag Roy Williams

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Wide receiver Roy Williams is on his way to Chicago.

Days after the Dallas Cowboys told him he’ll be cut, Williams has reached a deal to join the Bears, Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting.

Williams and Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz worked together in Detroit in 2006 and 2007, when Martz was the Lions’ offensive coordinator. Those were by far Williams’ two best seasons in the NFL; he had 82 catches for 1,310 yards and seven touchdowns in 2006 and 64 catches for 838 yards and five touchdowns despite missing four games in 2007.

The Bears would kill to get those kinds of numbers from Williams. The Cowboys would have, too.

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  1. Wow… Da Bears can have him. All he did in Dallas was act like he was the savior and then under perform on the field. I can’t really figure this one out but who knows, maybe Martz will get something out of him again. Hopefully this is a cheap contract for Chicago though…

  2. maybe Roy will revert to his pre-Cowboys days and return to that luster of the NFC North, before the Cowboys thought he was a beast

  3. What was the difference maker between the play in detroit and the play in dallas? Was it just system or chemistry? A little help on this? didn’t see enough of him play in detroit and wasn’t thrown to all that much in D when I watched, with a few game exceptions..

  4. This is a good pickup for Chicago, automatically becomes the #1 WR. It will be interesting to see what the contract numbers look like. Given Williams’ past couple seasons, and relative age, he shouldn’t be commanding that much. However, given that he’ll be the #1, he may have pushed for more.

    In the end, how much Chicago pays him may determine whether or not this was a good move.

  5. People aren’t considering that he’s not going to be a #1 or #2 receiver. He’s a decent role-player. I still think he has some serious explosive ability.

  6. I know we really need a WR. But this guy, c’mon. Him and Martz reunited, yippy. In 06 the Lambs went 3-133 and in 07 they went 7-9. yeah, that is what I want to try and achieve after losing the NFC Championship…. Great job guys.

    Could be worse, at least we didn’t wind up with Chad Johnson or T.O.

    Why is it we can’t go after somebody good??? Our number one reciever is a DB, I just don’t get it. Sure he return game is crazy, let him go back to doing that.

  7. He dropped passes in Detroit too. Looked good until Calvin came along and showed Detroit what a real receiver looks like. Won’t catch a pass in traffic.

  8. Really Jerry!!!??? This is what you give us, this is what we’ve waited for?? I would’ve prefered Malcom Floyd or James Johnson, they have more upside than good ol’Roy! Cant trust a self-proclaimed #1 that lets a rookie outplay him the entire season!

  9. What was the difference maker between the play in detroit and the play in dallas? Was it just system or chemistry?


    Roy Williams is not a bad WR, he’s just not better than TO, Austin or Witten. Williams got there in the middle of the season which is a huge disadvantage for any player from a system standpoint as well as chemistry, then the following season Austin had his big breakout year. I think he’d do well somewhere else where he’s not the 3rd or 4th best receiving option.

  10. Meh….I guess it’s a good pickup since the Bears are void of any real talent at the position. Before the season is over though, UDFA Dane Sazenbacher will emerge as Cutler’s best option in the passing game. If only they can keep Captain Pouty Face upright.

  11. So we trade Greg Olsen who was actually good and sign Roy Williams. They could have put Olsen at WR and had someone with better speed and hands at WR. Sorry fellow Bears fans…..I don’t get it.

  12. At least as Bears fans we can look forward to the most exciting 1st down celebrations when we are down 20 in the 4th quarter. But I do love the Legend.

  13. Now bag Mike Sims-Walker and you’ll have “better” WR’s than you’ve had in a while, and that’s not saying a whole lot…

  14. As a Eagle fan I’m sorry to see him not with the Cowboys
    He’s was awful. Now he can complain that
    he and Cutler are not on the same page.

  15. They wanted a big receiver. He is the best big receiver left. Braylon Edwards would be a better but possibly suspended and has drop ballitis. Kitna threw to him last year and he lit it up.

  16. Love the cowboys fans who aren’t real cowboy fans on here and say all Williams did was act like the savior and not preform. Did you watch anything about Dallas the man never acted or even hinted he was the savior he was traded mid season which is always a recipe for disaster and romo and him never got on the same page any pass thrown to him was way off the mark never trying to work with him until camp great qb’s spend endless amounts of time throwing to wideouts in the offseason like manning and Harrison and Wayne romo try’s to play in the masters

  17. Awesome. This works out great for me. I just ditched the Eagles for being terrible at making decisions. I liked the Bears before, but this makes them much more legitimate. So, now I’m a Bears fan.

  18. I think we have to wait on the salary numbers to determine if this was a good deal or not. The Bears did need a big, downfield receiver to throw jump balls to. He’s still got the raw athleticism that intrigued people, but he’s gun-shy in traffic and has inconsistent hands. If he comes cheaper than say, a Braylon Edwards, this is probably a decent deal.

  19. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever had a Friday as ruined as quickly as today.

    Alligator-armed and so bad he has to celebrate first downs like they’re touchdowns.

    I thought Martz lost all rights to lobby for someone after that whole Todd Collins cluster****.

  20. He improves the Bears. Good move by Chicago. What you are getting is a guy who can and will make some spectacular catches. He will also drop a lot of easy catches, which seem to happen a lot on third down. He is a decent guy who just goes through the motions. Nobody has ever been able to light a fire under him. He is worth picking up at this price.

  21. He’s not going to be a difference maker, but really, how can this hurt the Bears? It’s not like they gave up two first rounders for the guy like Dallas did — he was never going to be that good anyhow. At least he’s big and strong and capable of tackling DBs after Cutler’s INTs.

  22. He’s not going to be a difference maker, but really, how can this hurt the Bears? It’s not like they gave up two first rounders for the guy like Dallas did


    Oh lordy, next year it’ll be 3 first rounders.

  23. Huh??? Wait…what? Dammit! I saw that headline and I was hoping that at least it was Roy “Horse Collar” Williams! OMG, just another lunkhead move by the organization. Since we are into signing big a$$ receivers with issues, why not sign TO? At least he blocks on running plays!!! Ugggh! Although he would probably make Cutler cry everytime they come back to the huddle when he didn’t get the ball thrown his way……and yes, I am a Bears fan!

  24. Well said, purpleguy.

    Bears didn’t trade him, the picked him up off waivers. Assuming they don’t overpay him, decent pick-up for a guy who has performed well in Martz’s system in the past.

    Still… can we get another WR, Jerry? Please?

  25. purpleguy,

    Funny stuff – typical ribbing of the bears players from a Vikes fan. However, Roy would also miss the tackle as much as he drops balls. Martz won’t be able to get $**t out of Williams if he can’t get more than 5 Td’s and 51 catches out of Knox, who is much speedier than Roy Williams. How, exactly, as Rotoworld reported, is Martz going to be able to get separation between Roy and the DB’s in that division when Roy sucks like he does? I am a Cowboy fan, and I was willing to see him stay a cowboy for depth, but he was not needed on the team. Miles, Bryant, and Ogletree will likely be the 3 WR’s, and I am perfectly fine with that. Roy was a liability, and he will be for the bears as well.

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