Bengals apparently planned to have Johnathan Joseph in camp

Though the Cincinnati Bengals lost cornerback Johnathan Joseph to the Texans, it looks like the Bengals possibly tried to keep him.  Or, at a minimum, whoever makes the training-camp accommodations arrangements assumed they would.

In a reel of 31 training camp photos posted at the WLWT website, photo No. 11 shows a sheet of paper attached to the door of apartment 214, welcoming the four players who’ll be staying there:  Brian Lainhart, Chris Crocker, Leon Hall.

And Johnathan Joseph.

Sure, someone may have simply gotten their wires crossed.  But Joseph doesn’t get a lodging assignment for training camp unless someone put him on a list of players who would be there.  So someone thought he would be there.

The easy explanation?  It’s the Bengals.

Sometimes, it makes sense to stop at the easy explanation.

Photo credit:  WLWT

19 responses to “Bengals apparently planned to have Johnathan Joseph in camp

  1. The easy explanation? It’s the Bengals.
    Damn. Even the article beat me to it.

  2. Come on Mike, I really respect you and your work usually, but this was a BS cheap shot.

    You’re better than that, ask Dan Patrick.

  3. OR…the sheets were made up long ago. Would interesting to see if 85 others were given assignments also. If not….it’s the Bengals

  4. It will be fun to watch the Bungles reach the league minimum ‘Spending Cap”. There is no current free agent who wants to go to the league’s most irrelevant team

  5. urfinished says:
    Jul 29, 2011 3:31 PM
    At least they are the favorite to land Andrew Luck right now.
    At which point he’ll be the first overall number one draft pick to immediately retire.

  6. Read Zimmer was told he would be back, I’m assuming J Joe told him he would be back. And as a Bengal player, apparently your word is as good as a contract you sign.

    I know you guys like to poke fun at the poor ol’ bengals, its like Tee Ball, very easy to do, But seriously, before you start bashing the bengals get your facts straight…

    Jus Sayin’

  7. How does this get worse for us dedicated few (Bengals fans, that is)?!? Have franchise QB decide to throw in the towel, trade #1 receiver for wasteful picks, have best corner sign elsewhere without informing team, and free agent running back and signed corner having run ins with the law……
    Who is rated 1st in next year’s draft? This is what it has come to as a Bengals fan…..

  8. But seriously, before you start bashing the bengals get your facts straight

    Fact: Mike Brown fastest owner to 200 losses.

  9. Coach Zimmer is not too happy with the “front office” based on his comments on the Bengals own website. Only a matter of time before he bolts too.

    “I’m upset, disappointed, frustrated. It’s disappointing. You get good guys off the field, they work hard in the weight room and on the practice field and you kind of mold them what you want them to look like and they get out of here. I was under the assumption in the conversations I’ve had since before the lockout that we were going to get him back. I was pretty much told we were going to get him back.”

  10. And for the Browns fans out there that like to say “with the first pick overall the bengals select andrew luck” probably the worst/dumbest thing you can say.. your not too far ahead of the bengals, after the season then you can talk but 5-11 doesn’t put you in a situation to talk trash, after the season and hopefully you do have a better record for your sake… then you can try to talk..

    Jus Sayin’

  11. Notice how no Bengal free agent that matters has signed with the team yet: not starting center Kyle Cook, LG Nate Livings, RT Dennis Roland, RB Cedric Benson, FB…Bengals don’t need no stinking fullback…(but they want to power run the football-figure that one out…) and a great Cover CB (Joseph)-this is Mike Brown at his best (or worst).

    Truly, Cincinnati is a place where our local professional sports teams are national embarrassments to our city!

  12. Brian Lainhart? Do they mean Brian Leonard? Is someone on the Bungals so stupid as to misspell the name of a person on the team or team free agent?

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