Bengals still trying to bring back Cedric Benson


The running back market has been somewhat slow to develop.

Ahmad Bradshaw remains out there.  We haven’t heard anything about Ronnie Brown or Joseph Addai. And the Bengals have been engaged in “slow negotiations” with Cedric Benson according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Frankly, Benson should be happy someone is offering him a starting job.

If the Bengals wised up and looked at Bradshaw (or Brown), Benson would struggle to find a good gig coming off his latest legal troubles.

14 responses to “Bengals still trying to bring back Cedric Benson

  1. Really?

    Ronnie over benson?

    In the last 2 years which would you rather have on your team?

    It has to be benson. Yeah Ronnie produced more after their draft, but not now.

    Oh… And injuries….

  2. So that’s how Joseph slipped away. They were concentrating on Benson.
    Makes all the sense in the world now..,

  3. The Bengals are the only team that has to work hard to land a guy like Benson. He would probably sign with any other team in exchange for a few hot meals.

  4. Breaking News on ESPN:

    To Mike Brown’s request, Bengals sign Cedric Benson to a 1 year, $47 million dollar contract, using up the rest of their cap space.

    You guys think I’m kidding….

  5. Good team leader. Leads by example. “Where’s the keys to the boat? I wanna go for a six-pack and a ride.”

  6. Roster rundown:
    Bernard Scott. Outside the tackles please.
    Brian Leonard. Better 3rd down back.
    Peerman. Who knows.
    Pressley. Who knows.
    Fui Vakapuna. He’s coming back from IR.


    Wonder if the Giants will sign Bradshaw; he could be the instant #1 in this lineup.

  7. The Bengals are pursuing a certified turd…..

    ……yup, business as usual and standard operating procedure.

    The Bengals will always suck and be a perpetual embarrassment, not only to the unfortunate people of Cincinnati, but to the entirety of football nation for as long as Mike Brown owns the team. He’s a disgrace and shouldn’t be trusted with zipping his own fly never mind owning and operating an NFL franchise.

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