Bengals were determined to unload Ochocinco before camp opened

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Three years ago, receiver Chad Ochocinco tried everything he could to get traded out of Cincinnati.  Owner Mike Brown wouldn’t budge, even though the Redskins offered a first-round pick in 2008 and a third-rounder that could have become a first-rounder in 2009.

This time around, Chad never made a peep about getting out.  Instead, he insisted that he wanted to stay.

And he got what he wanted three years ago.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bengals were determined to move Ochocinco before camp opens Friday, and that the team didn’t want him anywhere near practice.

They actually got more than the Redskins will get for Donovan McNabb.  Per Schefter, the Pats sent to Cincy a fifth-round pick in 2012 and a sixth-round pick in 2013.

And so, for a fifth-round pick in 2012 and a fifth-round pick and sixth-round pick in 2013, the Pats got Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth.  And for Ochocinco, the Bengals got a lot less than they would have gotten if they’d shipped him to Washington.

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  1. Mike Brown does realize that Ochocinco was Cincy’s only “global” player, right?

    Like him or not, his value as a player extends beyond his production on the field.

    And Mike Brown traded him for a 5th and a 6th, wow.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike Brown traded him at this time just to be a jerk to Carson Palmer.

  3. As a Cleveland Browns fan, id have to say the Mike Brown has been to most constant reason to be happy. As bad as the Browns have been, as poorly run as they have been, I could always say,”it ain’t so bad, there’s always next year., and atleast we ain’t the bengals with Mime Brown running the show.”
    Good grief Mike, retire, sell the team, the game and has passed you by. And you are beginning to sound as senile as Al Davis.
    Trade Carson.

  4. Maybe Carson Palmer should fire up a Twitter account, ride some bulls and film a trashy reality show. Then he could get free from Cincinnati.

  5. This is mind numbing to most, but as a Bengal fan, another day at the office. I wonder if Mike Brown could be clinically diagnosed with mental retardation? He’s like a soccer or hockey player that scores on his own goal, like the guy who intercepts the ball and runs the wrong way, like the guy who dunks on his own rim – and thinks he’s friggin awesome for doing so. FACE PALM!

  6. Bring on all the pats/BB haters who will say that this will blow up in NE’s faces.

    Haters gonna hate.


    spygate/cheaters/tuck rule/field goal super bowls ahhhhh na na na na na na !!!!

    chika chika yeahhhhhhhhhh

  7. The one thing I’m grateful for with this trade is that perhaps finally I’ll stop hearing about that would-be Redskins trade which is only presented completely out of context.

    The thing that’s forgotten about that great deal is that it would have accelerated the cap hit for Ocho’s signing bonus, bringing something like an $8 million dollar cap charge in 2008.

    Again, for emphasis – the trade would not have occurred in a vacuum. There were real costs to moving him in 2008. Costs that would’ve possibly led to us losing other players.

    As it stands, they kept him. They won a division title in 2009 with the guy.

    Here’s a post on a message board back in ’08 that explains what the cap hit would’ve been from of all places a 49ers board:


  8. Did the Bengals not shop around at all? No team was willing to give a 3rd OR a 4th rounder for Ochocinco? I find that hard to believe.

  9. Nice work Mike Brown. I totally forgot about the 1st and 3rd that the Skins offered. Yeah, the owners really deserved to get more money than the players, it’s clear that they really know how to spend what they have responsibly.

  10. The Bengals ARE the dumbest team in football..ALLLLLL THAT CAP SPACE and they wont use it..WHY? It just doesnt make sense to me whatsoever. However, I LOVE what the Saints have done and are doing…Darren Sproles is going to kill it..Would LOVE to see the Saints make a move after Malcolm Floyd who is HIGHLY underrated b/c they need another outside speedster as Colston is not as fast b/c of injuries.. A line up of Brees, P.Thomas/Ingram/Sproles, Colston, Meachem, Moore, Graham, and Floyd would be UNSTOPPABLE…WHODAT!!

  11. I’ll take the 2009 AFC North title over Harry Douglas, Sam Baker, and an 8 million dollar cap hit anyday. Baker and Douglas are the players taken in the first and third that year btw. Looks like Mike Brown actually made the right decision!

  12. Carson’s problem is that he didn’t show up.

    If he showed up and Randy Moss’d it, he’d be traded instantly.

  13. @jrfrom508, You realize that not one word was mentioned about the Pats or BB by anyone in this post. It is way more fun and interesting to discuss the dysfunctional Bengals.

  14. Bengals the dungeon of the NFL! Chads lucky he got out on good behavior! Carson got a life sentence! LOL We could trade Carson and get some draft picks, hell no let him rot! Thats what my grandpa calls cutting your nose off to spite you face! We’ve got a lot of money we can be as dumb as we want! LOL sometimes it makes you wonder how some idiots make it through the day!

  15. If I were palmer id show up on Sunday and just loaf around…make that stubborn old goat pay me 12 mill…id just walk around in house slippers and a bathrobe big lebowski style

  16. “Bring on all the pats/BB haters who will say that this will blow up in NE’s faces.

    Haters gonna hate.


    spygate/cheaters/tuck rule/field goal super bowls ahhhhh na na na na na na !!!!

    chika chika yeahhhhhhhhhh”

    Sounds like an inner-city pats fan, if you catch my drift.

  17. Remember if you will that Palmer said MONTHS AGO that he was financially secure and was going to retire unless Brown traded him to a team that was a contender.

    Given the deal with NE, given that Cincy was recently named the worst organization in pro sports – could Palmer actually have MEANT WHAT HE SAID?

  18. @ quizzguy66. The Bengals are one of the teams that was consistently under the cap and a major reason why the players wanted to negotiate in a hard salary floor. I’m sure that though they would have taken that cap hit to trade Ochocinco that they had more than enough cap room to absorb it. Mike Brown just does not do good sound business in what is not his father’s NFL.

  19. I have been a Steelers fan for many years, back before the championships. Living close to Cincinnati people ask me why I am not a Bengals fan. Well there were no Bengals when I became a Steelers fan. Then they ask me why I don’t root for my local team now. Read the comments above. Take a look at how Mike Brown runs a team. Compare the Bengals organization to the Steelers. There is my anwser to them! I have to answer this question less and less every year. Most people here now are fans of the Browns or Colts. Most could care less if the Bengals moved out.

  20. Either I’m missing something, or Bill Belicheck really can work magic.

    I don’t blame the bengals one bit for wanting Ocho gone & away from camp. I don’t care about the man’s skills, he is a cancer. What more proof is needed? I think the Bengals are being smart to tack in a new direction…the only problem is that Mike Brown is a cheapskate and will mess up whatever direction they move…

    On the other hand, I like the Pats moves because they are no risk…a couple late round draft choices…who cares? I think Belicheck is guilty of buying into his own genius mystique. I don’t think Haynesworth & Ocho will work out at all…I just credit the moves because they have nothing to lose, and lots to gain if morons like me are wrong!

  21. Mike Brown’s plan is to put mannequins in Bengals uniforms and give them contracts that he’ll never have to pay in order to skirt the salary cap floor rules.

  22. I want to believe that Belichick’s a genius, but I need to see him win a Super Bowl without cheating before I believe it.

  23. I didn’t think anyone could beat the diaper wearing, undead Al Davis for title of worst owner/GM in the history of sports, but I was wrong.
    Mike Brown has wrested the much coveted title of cluess, drooling idiot, moron GM who coudln’t manage the 3rd shift at 7-11. How did this tool get this job anyway?

  24. I can’t believe all the people here who think BB got the better end of this deal and is so smart for doing it.

    You do realize that quality wide receivers are a dime a dozen, right? And that trading draft picks for an elderly one is a massive waste? BB just got scammed. He overpaid for a shiny hood ornament. Nice work, Bengals.

    Sure you can point to the Moss trade – what did that get you? Some Tecmo-style records and no ring. He mailed it in during the SB. Instead, take a look at the GM who WOULDN’T overpay for Moss and drafted his own receivers….his team has a Lombardi trophy.

    Belichick needs a year off.

  25. I agree that the Bengals should have traded Chad to the Skins when they had the chance. However, the nondeal did not turn out quite as poorly as you’re making it sound. They also got three years of Chad’s services. In that time they did win a division title, only their second in 20 years. When you use up an asset, it naturally becomes worth less down the road.

  26. A low 5th round pick, and a low 6th round pick for Chad … and nothing for Carson. More quality moves by the Bengal front office. These moves will undoubtedly push them ever closer to the Steelers and Ravens.

    And yet – thanks to the television contract … they still make money.

    If Paul Brown were suddenly resurrected, his first move would be to slap his kid … and his second move would be to take the franchise away from him.

  27. Well I was just going to post on the bengals when I got distracted by
    a jackass New England fan writing about haters when no one has mentioned them. It’s just another no risk play by the pats, big deal. anyway, mike brown sure did teach ocho about not whining for a trade didn’t he? only cost himself 2 first rounders… another jackass

  28. It’s not a bad thing when players (Ochocinco and Palmer) say they want out of Cincy. That shows they have half a brain. It’s the free agent that willingly signs with the Bengals who is the problem.

  29. No wonder the Bungals are looked at with some humor. They are going backwards not forwards. They may as well become Steeler fans, after all the Cincy paper even have pictures of Ben’s wedding.

  30. @mswravens
    you posted
    “On the other hand, I like the Pats moves because they are no risk…a couple late round draft choices…who cares”

    Tom Brady was a 6th round draft pick.
    Terrell Davis was a 6th round draft pick.
    Ben Coates was a 5th round draft pick
    Bryan Cox 5th round
    Merton Hanks 5th round
    Michael Sinclair 6th round
    Larry Center 5th round

    There are plenty more examples but if you believe giving away a 5th and a 6th round draft pick doesn’t have any risk you are mistaken.

  31. @ Billygoat: Yeah, but you’re talking like BB and the Pats don’t have a bazillion draft picks, beyond the 3 they gave up.

  32. Who cares…two highly overrated POS me-first players. One of these days, the crap hitting the fan is going to get spit right back in Belichick’s face…and I’m hoping this is it. F the Patsies!!

  33. This would have been the Ocho’s last year on his deal. Can’t blame Cincy for trading him for whatever they could get. To me, this is like the Moss trade in one respect: BOTH of the old teams HAD to deal the guy because he was not going to buy in where he was. I stuck up for the Raiders then and I will stick up for the Bengals on this one.

    And since they got more for Chad than Wash did for McNabb, does that mean that McNabb gets ANOTHER “financial apology”??? 😀

  34. I don’t think this is like the Moss deal. Johnson still had a very good year last year and gave an honest effort. Moss was a dog in Oakland last year and got that way with New England last year. I give Johnson credit. He probably could have punched his ticket out of their sooner if he had dogged it like Moss did in Oakland.

    As far as the Patriots are concerned, it’s no secret that Belichick has always liked Johnson and I’m only surprised that the Bengals didn’t hold out for a 3rd or a 4th. The Patriots need Johnson. The Jets were pushing the little WRs around a bit in the playoff game. This was a trade for a need.

  35. To be fair, the Cinci paper only has pics of “Big Ben’s” wedding because he’s originally from that area, and also played college football around there.

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